Alive and Kicking

So,its a nice evening bit cold but oke ,toninght i wil meet a new friend i have meet her through a chat programme.
I live now 4 years in Romania its a nice country with beautifull girls i will meet her in the centrum of Bucharest a place that i dont now yet we will see.
Its evening about 9 o clock its already dark i take a taxi than i can drink something thats better ,after 10 min the taxi arrive i tell him the place were i have to go,he look a little straints and ask me your sure,why i ask,now no reason he say its oke i will bring you there.
The whole time the men dont say nothing only look me sometimes ,i think let him maybe he have a bad hairday or something,after a half hour we arrive by the place were i will meet the girl, i hope because it look here like shit only a old building ,i ask the taxi driver are we good here ,yes this is the place its a old building there is a type of discotheek inside little straints place i think but you have to be here,its 35 lei, oke i pay him and go out of the taxi .
I standing before a big oak door i cant look inside because the windows are black and i here now music nothing,wait i hear something its a car that comes to me the lights are shining in my eyes i see nothing ,the car stops next to me the motor stops and a beautifull girl comes out of the car and ask you are Luca? Yes i`m and you are Helena ? Yes ,so nice to meet you in person Luca ,me to Helena,so this place ,you come more times here i ask,sometimes she says its a nice place to go out i like it here,and you,no i dont now this place but who nows maybe i like it to ,lets go inside oke,and dont forget your lights of the car.
She closes the door of the car and take my hand ,my god so cold her hand like ice you dont have heating in your car i ask,yes but i have always cold hands i dont now why ,we go on the stars to the big oak door she knocks 4 times on the door we wait the door goes open now i hear the music its nice music ,we go in its a huge place so dark people dancing everyone has nice clothes ,we go further inside between the dancing people we go step by step so that we touch no one ,in the back are sofa`s we take a place there .
I look around and i see more because my eyes are used to the dark i look Helena and she look me and ask you like it here ,yes its nice music and i see happy dancing people i like that,what you want to drink ask a girl whit nice long hair ,i look Helena ,a what shall i take mmm ,for me a rumcola please ,and for me the same please.
You like dancing Luca? yes i like you want to go,no wait maybe later lets talk a little more to now each other better,first you look good Luca and what we speak on internet al for a while i like you, i hope that i dont disappoint you,o now Helena i feel already good with you ,and you look very good realy good.
A there are the drinks ,cheers on us after she take a drink of the glass and put the glass back on the table,she take my hand and pull me to her she looks in my eyes ,i feel like i`m melting in her eyes they are shining in to my soul i`s like they can read my mind i feel lost ,her lips are coming closer to my lips they touch and they are so cold but i dont care i am hers i feel her tongue passing my lips ,she touch my tongue we turn around and around our tongues so wild she make me grazy i cant stop,her hand glide slowly between the buttens of my shirt she opens them she go inside and touch my nipple this nipple is right up in a second i cant think anymore i dont care there are other people who can see us,i feel a hand open the zipper of my jeans i am in trance i like it all take me i think ,what is this there is again a tongue that touching my ear her tongue is in my mouth i look again a woman i see i am dreaming but i enjoyyy i feel tongues everywhere and hands that are touching my dick its so nice i let go all ,i kiss and kiss my hands touch what they can touch and thats much i tell you ,i feel my dick going inside a woman i look there are i dont no hou much woman enjoy my body i coming and coming i cant anymore i am empty,and i past out its silent i wake up and open my eyes whas this a dream,no its real i am again in the place but its empty and i am naked my dick feel like fire i try to get up, my head is turning around slowly i get on my feet, i look for my clothes there they are i put theme on i look around the place is empty every one is go ,i walk to the door open it and sunlight shining in my eyes for a moment i see nothing after a couple of seconds i see the street outside there to nothing ,i walk empty down the street there is a other street thats going to a mean street there i take a taxi home .
At home i am thinking is this a dream or am i alive and kicking yes i am alive and kicking this was great thxxxx Helena and others.

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4 years ago
not a good place to pass out in & that was more than rum & coke cola
4 years ago
I kept thinking she was going to be a vampire or something. With the cold hands/lips and all.

So you pass out during/after fucking her? What kind of place was this, that you were passed out naked in all night?

Romania sound cool!