Rubber Restriction (Part 5 Coninued)

The meeting-

Miranda sat there nervously and slightly fidgety and trying to avoid Vanessas staring eyes when suddenly "Tell me Miranda, a little thing I just noticed, those marks around your wrist !" It was a bolt right out of the blue, Miranda just looked at her and stared like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car, Vanessa smiled that knowing smile from the corner of her mouth as her left eyebrow arched. Her heart racing, Miranda tried in vien to pull the sleeves down of her blouse to cover the, not quite so faded red rope marks from the night before, she was now blushing very hotly and squirming in Venessas steeley gaze "Well?.... Now don't tell me you could hide a thing like that away from me, I noticed while you were placing the cup and saucer on the coffee table, I just thought I might bring the subject up now, as you've decided to play it coy with me, so How did you get those marks Miranda?, a boyfriend who likes to see you tied up perhaps ?!
"Err Well Um aren't we g-going t-t look..... Miranda tried desperately to change the subject, what a fool she'd been, of course Vanessa would have noticed them she was sat right across the coffee table from her right now.
"But of course, how rude of me!" Vanessa interupted, Miranda almost breathed a sigh of relief, But Vanessa interluded "What an exellent idea, I'll show you around my grounds now and you can tell me all about it Detail along the way !"..... Miranda was stumped she just looked at Vanessa in disbelief, then Vanessa raised from the settee opposite, the folds of her long black leather dress gliding over her long legs as she stood, she held a hand out to Miranda and said in a kind of syrupy sweet vioce " Do come my dear, and tell me all about it !" Miranda tried to keep her arms by her sides as she stood to follow Vanessa, but Vanessa took hold of her right hand and lifted it and pulled the sleeve back, while Miranda tried desperately to pull it back, Vanessa held it tight and took a closer inspection of the rope marks stil left from the night before, "Well well, still so vivid, still so red, Now tell me all about it , my dear Miranda.... I can't see you have much choice, do you ?!"
Miranda tried to look deffiantly at Vanessa but she just could not match that steeley gaze, even if Vanessa was trying to smile warmly at her, she knew that she had been caught out like a naughty little school girl. Vanessa kept hold of Mirandas hand and started leading her through a long passage through to the kitchens, the clicking of stilletos on stone tiles, Vaness stopped "One of You two girls!" Vanessa barked her order to two girls tidying up in the kitchen again they were both dressed in short maids outfits manacled at ankles and wrist as they did their work, " You Josie, here NOW!" Josie the shorter of the two girls hobbled over to Vanessa "Amber get on with what you're doing!"
"Yes Mam !" came the reply from Amber a tall slender blonde, about twenty years in age her bare ass showing under the short skirt of her maids dress was criss crossed with vivid red lines that were starting to briuse.
"Joisie lift the hem of my skirt off the floor and don't you DARE let it drop or drag!" Vanessa said sternly while picking up a riding crop from a stand by the back door "Understand? you wreched little slut, I'm taking Miranda here outside to show her around, you let the skirt of this dress drop, just once to the floor and I'll whip you like there's no tomorrow !" and with that Vanessa swished it right near Josie making her flinch.
"N-no Mam I-I won't Mam !" Josie's startled little elfin like face was blushing red as she grabbed the hem at the back of the dress in her hands and lifted it as high as she could. Josie was nineteen with short red hair and a feathery fringe that framed her pretty face, her eyes were grass green and her small frame and delicate breast suited her perfectly.
With a tug at her skirt, to make sure Josie had a good grip Vanessa marched outside into the vast courtyard in the back of her house, Josie was scurrying to keep up and doing her very best not to let the hem of vanessas long leather skirt, even graze the stoney floor outside, the clinking of her ankle fetters making it difficult for Josie to keep up "Now where were we, Ah yes !" Vanessa said still clutching hold of Mirandas right hand in a tight grip "The rope marks around your wrist, I'm sure you can't wait to tell me about them, my dear Miranda, you must have been up to something Very interesting last night ?!
Miranda looked down on the floor, she was no match for Vanessa, so she confessed to her escapades of the night before telling Vanessa about the things she found in the book about self bondage and how she made a hobble skirt from a pair of jogging bottoms "I-I've been trying self bondage since I was a teenager" Miranda confessed "So you see I was intrigued by what I saw in the book, I experimented with some of the things that were in there , like how to tie your own hands behind your back"
"I see" Vanessa said with that knowing of smiles again "Ah here we are at the first building !" Vanessa said airily, it was one of many out buildings and workshops, there were some stable blocks aswell one was obviouly for Vanessas Horse or Horses, but another one seemed to be for a very different kind of.... as Miranda noticed with a quick glance "Come along Miranda, yes we have stables for Horses and Pony girls aswell but I'll show you around them later... JOSIE !! I'm warning you !!!"
Josie looked startled "No Mam , Honest Mam the hem of your skirt hasn't touched the floor once !" She blurted lifting the hem as high as she could, Vanessa yanked at it again to make sure that she did have a good grip on it, Josie held on tight, she knew if it fell from her grasp she'd get a beating from the vicious riding crop in Vanessas hand
"Keep it up higher you sluvenly Bitch, we're going down some steps now!" and they decended some steps into the first of the workshops, inside there were men working with leather, making all kinds of gear and not all of it just for Horses, there was a whole collection of leather bondage items either being made, hung up on racks being fitted to submissive girls all custom made. The smell was intoxicating, Mirandas mouth was open in awe "This is our finest leather workshop !" Vanessa held out a hand in a matter of displaying to Miranda the industrius goings on "You'll find only the best quality equestrian equipment and bondage and fetish gear made in these complexes right on the grounds of my estate, this is mostly all leatherwork in this one , but we have our very own black smiths, metalwork shops and woodwork shops. every man and woman that works here, is speacialised in his or her trade and get payed a very handsome wage, We'll have a look at some of the other workshops in a moment, We have our very own self contained equestrian and fetish bondage cottage industry and plenty of the work that is produced here is either sold in this country or exported abroad" As Vanessa gave her speech, Josies arms were becoming tired and she accidently let the hem of Vanessas skirt drop just grazing the floor as Vanessa turned to see her doing so "Josie, You FUCKING little WHORE !!!Arms getting tired are they ?!
"Uh What? O-oh Sorry mam S-sorry !" there was a swish then a thwack as the leather riding crop bit into the tender flesh of Josies thigh "YEEOW!" she screamed out dropping the hem completely as she felt the sting , then another one slashed across her buttocks !" Josie winced in agony
"You Little Fucking Slut ....I warned you ! lets see if we can do something with those tired little arms of yours !!!" Vanessa hissed , Miranda looked on in horror as Vanessa haulled Josie by her arm and hauled her over to were some garments were being finished "Ah here we are just the thing" Vanessa grabbed at a leather sheath "Is this one finished?!" she glared at one of the workers
"Yes mam I've got the lacings here to thread ......"
"Good give them to me, I'll check the fitting of this one on this errand slut here" Hitching up the long skirt of her dress, Vanessa took a bunch of keys she had attatched to a clip hanging from her corsett she was wearing under her dress, the keys were on a large ring , she selected one and unlocked the cuffs around Josies wrist, she then threw the cuffs to the floor "Hands behind your back NOW!!! Vanessa shouted, Josie did as se was told without saying a word, Miranda looked on petrified at the poor girls fate, as Vanessa took hold of the sheath and started pulling it up Josies arms then she adjusted strap that passed around the back of Josies neck to a leather 'T' strap, from the straps either side that went over her shoulders to the front of the sheath where they were sturdily stitched, the end of the tea strap was fed into a roller buckle set into the middle of the sheath, just between the shoulder blades. Josies hands where f***ed into a taperd mit that covered both her hands and with the adjustment of the 'T' strap at the buckle with a wrench, her hands were f***ed even further into the tight confines of the tapered mitt, squeezing josies fingers together behind her. Next Vanessa grabbed the lacings and started threading them through the small brass eyeletts like she was lacing up a corsett and as she was threading the lacing she was pulling and tugging making sure that either side of the sheath was meeting in the middle forcing Josies arms back. Vanessa seemed to be in a frenzy as she even made sure that Josies elbows were f***ed together in the middle of her back, Josie was wincing at the extreme preassure on her arms even her shoulder blades were pulled right back, her small but firm breast thrust forwards, the top of her maids dress had been ripped down exposing them, "Fetch me a collar and leash !" Vanessa shouted at one of the workers, then she looked at Miranda with a glint and pronounced "See this, what I've laced this slut into, it's a monoglove, you probably seen a couple of pictures in the book, doesn't it hold her arms back so tightly behind her back" Miranda nodded mostly with fright, but also she felt sorry for poor Josie and what was, or was about to, Happen to her. "If she thought her arms were tired when she was holding the hem of my dress as I told her too, then she's going to find out just how tired they're going to get in a moment !!" Vanessa sneered. One of the workers profered a collar with a leash attached and Vanessa took it in her hand and ordered Josie to lift her head, tearfully Josie did as she was told and Vanessa buckled the collar around Josies neck then taking hold of the leash she turned to Miranda, "Grab the hem of my dress will you please Miranda !"
"B-b-but I-I'm not re........"
"Oh stop spluttering girl "Vanessa glared "Josie was the useless bitch who dropped the hem in the first place I trust you wont do the same !" she leered at Miranda with one of her more wicked smiles, then yanked on the leash attached to the collar around Josies neck "Come on you I've got just the thing for your 'tired' arms!" josie stummbled as Vanessa tugged at the leash and literally dragged the poor girl along out side of the leather workshop. Miranda was even trying to keep up herself holding the hem of Vanessas long lether dress as high as she could. Eventually they came to the middle of a courtyard, where on a raised dias of rough stone walling with grass covered in the middle, was what looked like a gallows in the centre, made of stout six by six timber upright braced at the bottom with a cross member braced at the top, the upright was atleast 9-10 feet tall while the cross member was around 8ft across, 5ft hanging over one end where it was braced diagonally underneath, and on the end of the 5ft section there was a pulley with a stout rope passing over it and tied off to a clete mid way on the upright section. Josie was ordered to get up onto the grassy dias and stand under the pulley, the expression on her face showed that she was none too leased about what was about to happen to her, she looked pittifully at Miranda "Is this really necessary ?" Miranda tried to exclaim
"Necessary?'re asking me if this is necessary?, this little brat nearly ruined a perfectly good dress, I have rules around this establishment and all the girls who come to me know the rules, don't you Slut ?!" this was at josie, who nodded sagely "And what are those rules ....Spit them out Girl !"
"To obey Mistress Steele at all times and to take our punishment for what ever crime is comitted Mam !" Josie sobbed
"You see, my dear miss Miranda, these Girls know they're here to serve me of their own accord,their own free will, I didn't f***e them to be here, they're here because I give them a roof over their fucking little heads, they're here because they like to be Dominated and to serve, Josie here came to me a year ago she wanted a career, she saw my ad in a local paper, she was vetted like all the girls are who come here, she could have left when ever she wanted, but she wanted to stay, no matter what the rules, no matter how harshe I am with her, she's like all the other submissive sluts, she wants somebody to treat her for what she is and that is a Fucking Slave !" Miranda just gaped in astonishment as Vanessa tied the end of the rope from the pulley to the ring set into the tip of the monoglove that Josie was now wearing, then Vanessa untied the rope from the cleat at the other end and started pulling. Miranda looked up as she heard the purr of the rope over the pulley then she looked at Josie who's arms wer now being pulled up behind her over her back, she had to bend over as her arms were pulled up at more than a 50 degree angle, still not satisfied and with Josie grimacing Vanessa tugged again, the wrench on Josies arms as they were pulled up behind her back looked excruciating, her eye's were tearstained, mascarra dribbling down her cheeks as she tried to hold her head up
"Stoppit-Stoppit NOW!" Miranda cried out, as she tried to wrestle the rope from Vanessas grip, but Vanessa was stronger than Miranda thought and shoved her away
"Foolish Girl what d'you think you're doing?, trying to save her from what she loves having done anyway?!!" Vanessa glared at miranda while she tied the other end of the rope off at the cleat leaving Josie in her prone position, her monogloved arms pulled up almost vertically, in the strappado position "D'you think this is just me being some psychopathic Bitch, do you think this is just for my own kicks?! let her tell you herself, this little slut gets turned on by being subjigated to this sort of punishment, that's why she's here !.....Put your hand between her thighs , go on !!"
Miranda looked at Josie "is this true , tell me this isn't true Josie , tell me you want to be freed from all of this !"
Josie sobbed and looked up as best she could "You don't understand, unless you are like me or any other of the girls here you just wont understand, we live for this kind of treatment, it's our own choice " she smiled at Miranda then dropped her head down as the pressure on her arms was becoming to uncomfortable. This wasn't enough for Vanessa and she grabbed a handfull of josies hair in her fist and pulled her head back, Josie winced
"Why don't you let our guest here feel what you really do like about being here !" Josie nodded as best she could "Put your hand between her thighs , go on DO IT !" Miranda slowly knelt in front of Josies legs and as Josie widened her legs as much as the chain between her shackles allowed her, she slipped her hand up between Josie's thigh and moved it up towards her sex, it was dripping wet, juices were flowing from her naked bold cliterous and staining her stockings she was wearing. Miranda removed her hand and held it, glistening sodden to her cheek tears streaming down her own face and a dampness between her own thighs..... This was for real, this was not just a game, this girl was being punished through choice but what next !
Vanessa let Josies head drop then holding her riding crop she went around to the rear of Josie, Miranda just gazed in tearstained horror as Vanessa slashed the crop across Josies buttox, one after anohter after another and Josie whailed with pain as each blow sent shockwaves through her body. Vanessa stopped after what seemed like ages, then suddenly produced a ball gag from out under the skirts of her dress, "what do you say ?!"
Josie crying and sobbing, whispered "Th-th-thnk you my mistress !" and with that she willingly opened her mouth and accepted the red rubber ball into her mouth where Vanessa deftly strapped it into place, Miranda just looked on astonished by what she had just seen.
"There's a good little slave, now let this be a lesson to you" and with that Vanessa stood up stepped down off the dias and said to Miranda with a smile, while holding out her arm "Shall we continue with our tour"
"B-but aren't y-you going to even let her d-down !" Miranda retorted
"Oh she'll be quite happy to stay like that for a while yet, like I said, you no need to worry about any of the girls here, they live to serve, as I'm sure you'll soon understand !". And with that "Oh do be so kind Miranda, keep the hem of my dress off the floor will you?.....There's a good girl !" and wordlessly Miranda did as she was told and dutifully lifted the hem of Vanessas dress while they walked to the next workshop, leaving the prone form of Josie in monogloved strappado in the middle of the courtyard on the grassy dias.
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2 years ago
great series so far
2 years ago
Thanks Slave Ariana I will continue and hope that you will like what Miranda is letting herself in for !!
3 years ago
I'm really enjoying this story :D
4 years ago
Errrr.... I'll try that again . Sorry for moy Spellin' and Grammar, but Oi only got a C.S.E grade 4 in english lit when oi were at school some, ahem thirty year ago, So you just 'as to put up wiv it for now, I'll do me best to try and rectify the situation but don't build yer 'opes up too much loik ! ;-)