Rubber Restriction (Part 5) The Deal

The Meeting with Vanessa Steele

Miranda left the charity shop in her new outfit, the skirt , that the kind gentleman at the shop, had bought for her, was a bit more revealing than Miranda had expected or ever worn, as the split up the front came above her knee and as she walked she was showing off rather alot of leg, which got some rather adimiring glances from some builders working on a scaffold near by, one of them wolf whistling and shouting "Oi Darlin', Lovely pair of pins you're showing there love !" this made Miranda blush as she tried in vain to cover her legs in modesty and shyly looking away from the builders she shuffled off to find her car in the car park. She eventually found her car and steppd in , atleast one thing , having this slit made it easier for her to entre her car, even though her legs were still visibly on show from the split, there was no time to worry about that now, so Miranda drove off to find Venessas house. It was quite a drive and still Miranda was getting admiring glances, this time from lorry drivers and coach and bus drivers,taking a glance through the sun roof of her mini, in some ways she was flattered but still very embarrest at the same time 'I think i'm going to have to sew the split up on this skirt some time' she sid to herself with a smile 'I wouldn't want to be responsible for any accidents' she smiled red faced. after a drive of some 40 minutes she finally found the long narrow windy road that led to Vanessas house, Brimpton Lane she drove along the lane for atleast 200 yards then came across a large set of wrought iron double gates with the words scrolled into them also in wrought iron 'The Sycamore Mansion', Oh my God, though Miranda as the gates swung open automatically inwards revealing a long driveway of south serny stone that crunched under the wheels of her, car as she drove along cautiously. It was 2.55pm when Miranda finally pulled up outside the large , as it said Mansion , made from Bath stone, it looked spectacular. A lady on a large chestnut brown horse pulled up beside her "Ahh Miranda my dear girl, Just in time, how Marvellous" it was Vanessa in full riding gear, she dismounted the horse in her tight riding jodpurs, mauve polo shirt, riding boots and riding hat, her figure was amazing the tight jodpurs showing her slender but muscular legs off beautifully. A man came across and grabbed the reins from Vanessa " Ah there's a good man George, take Astro-boy to the stables, my good man and give him a good rub down. Miranda please do park up and come with me, you have the book I take it ?!" Vanessa said with a smile. Miranda got out of her car , book in her arms "What a quaint little car you have there, and oh I see you've come dressed for Business buy the looks of it?" Vanessas eyebrows raised in admiration,looking her up and down, well Miranda was hoping that was what it was "come I'll go get changed you can sit in the lounge, I'll take you for a tour around my humble abode if you like ?" Vanessa said with her usual arched eyebrow and corner of the mouth smile, "I'll get one of the girls to bring you some tea"
"Oh-h thanks that would be nice" Miranda said politely as she entred the large lounge with it's plush three piece sweet and large arm chairs,walnut coffee tables and oak book shelves, Miranda was totally in awe this wasn't just a Mansion it was a luxury estate House, she thought to herself, the furnishings were plush and there were some antique around the room of some considerble value. Miranda seated herself on a double sofa placing the book on a coffee table in front of her. A girl came in dressed in a maids outfit teetering on stilletos carrying a tray with a silver tea pot and fine bone china cup and saucer, Miranda noticed something strange , the girl could only take small steps as she had a stout chain between the ankle straps of her high heels also she had leather cuffs around her wrists which were also connected by a stout stainless steel chain the chinking noise as the girl entred and placed the tray on a hostess trolley alarmed Miranda "H-Hello" Miranda said, the girl remained silent and looked nervously at Miranda
"y-your tea miss , sugar ?, milk?"
"Milk no sugar please" Miranda gazed at the girl as she perfomed the pouring of the tea with great care and added the milk, the girl teetered over to Miranda, the chink of the fetter chains making their eirie sound as she then stood in front of her and just as Miranda was about to take the cup and saucer, the girl proceeded to kneel, the cup wobbled slightly and the girl winced and then down on her knees with her eyes down cast she offered the cup and saucer to Miranda, "Th-thank you" Miranda said as she took the cup and saucer in her own hands, "But why the ......?"
"Please miss , I'm not allowed to talk to you only to serve you" the girl said hastily the girl was a strawberry blonde 5 ft 4inches tall apart from her heels from what Miranda could tell and quite nervous , but very attractive. The girl carefully got up making sure not to knock against Miranda or the furniture as she did so. How strange, Miranda thought to herself as the girl took the tray with the teapot and milk away the chains clinking as she did so ,then there was a CRASH as the girl tripped
"MELLISA!!" a voice shouted and Miranda was awestruck as she saw Vanessa push her way into the lounge and grab the girl, Melissa by her arm and start shouting at her "Get this mess cleared up you clumsy little bitch, I've warned you enough about this, you know what to do now get to it !!"
"Y-yes Mam, sorry Mam I-I'm....." Melllisa scurried around clearing up the mess she'd made
"Just get on with it you slovenly whore, I'll deal with you later !!" and quickly as she could in her fetters she scampered off
Miranda looked in shock as she saw Vanessa all in leather wearing a floor length mermaid dress, the hem trailing behind her 3 to 4 feet, her hair sc****d back into a ponytail, and the usual sound of stilleto heels clicking on the oak flooring "As this is a more formal affair I thought I might dress for the occasion ! Vanessa smiled salaciously from the corner of her mouth
"B-but what about that poor girl Melis.......?" Miranda was just about to say
"Oh that little tart, she'll be punished as per usual !"
"Now now Miranda you don't have to worry about a useless little whore like that, your here for business, don't let a little thing like that interfere with what we have to do this minute , now would you like to do the transaction first or would you like to look at what i've managed to build up around here?, my own little fetish emporium so to speak !" again Vanessas eyes glinted with all that Miranda remebered of this curiously Fatal looking woman, dressed in her long leather dress she commanded presence, her features striking and her dark red lips as dangerous as the smokey blue grey steeley eyes, with the blue black eyeshadow that enhanced them, "Before you answer lets have a little talk, I want to know more about yourself, I tell you what we can have the tour of my industrious complex first if you like and you can tell me all about yourself on the way , Oh but how rude of me, you haven't finished your tea yet, please take your time" Vanessa sat on the double setee opposite Miranda facing her over the coffee table crossing her long legs with the folds of the leather skirt to her dress dr****g over her long legs and the pointed toe of one of the boots visible with it's crome tip glinting like the blade of a sword, Vanessa relaxed back putting her arms, one along the back and one down the armrest of the sofa " Now my dear Miranda, I'm very curious, remeber our conversation about you being tied up we had yesterday ?" Obviously Vanessa was one for getting straight to the very point.
"Errr well yes I do remember telling you something along those lines Um , where is this going ?!" Miranda asked nervously
"Oh come come now Miranda, there's no need to be shy we're both adults here and there's something that's been intreguing me about you, I take it you've had a peek at the book last night ?!" Vanessa smiled her eyes fixed on Miranda
"Well -um .....well " Oh God now Miranda was really suqirming, she just couldn't look vanessa in the eye's, especially knowing herself what exactly she had done the night before "Well Y-Yes I have browsed quickly through the book !"
"Anything take your fancy ?! Vanessa was quick on the uptake , that was for sure, Miranda put the cup and saucer on the coffee table and sat there like a c***d with her hands in her lap "Well did you find something there that had any effect on you, interested you even?!"
Miranda just blushed bright red, talk about being put right in the spot light, "L-Look I-I'd rather we ....."
"Oh Miranda !..... Am I being a bit to precotious for you my dear? look I'm just interested in who the real Miranda is , that's all !"
(to be continued)
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very good
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There's a lot more to both of these women than meets the eye!