Rubber Restriction (Part 4 )

Mirandas alarm clock went off at 8.00 am, she looked up eye's all blurry at first then tried to focus on what time it was , she hit the button to turn the alarm off '5 more minutes ' she thought to herself all sl**py then rested her head back down on the pillow. She had to be at the library at 9.30 surely five more minutes wouldn't make a difference, after all she was exausted by her late night activity of self bondage and then the girls kept her awake(an excuse she could use later if needed). She was woken up again with some giggling and laughter and Dionne tryig to shush Raymond who was already horny and ready for some more action of the athletic bump and grind, 'My god doesn't that bloke ever stop?' Miranda thought to herself then as she looked up at her alarm clock again "OH SHIT!" it was 8.55. Miranda jumped out of bed quickly and made for the , shared, bathroom. Dionne must have heard her in the middle of her sexual encounter with Raymond "You o.K babe? , you better get a move on girl you're gonna be late!" she shouted with a giggle as Raymond was busying himself with some oral stimulation while fondling Dionnes ample breast and teasing her nipples "S-Stoppit You bad boy !"Dionne Giggled "Ahhh OOOOooh that's Sooo Good !"
"Oh I'm going to bad alright!" Raymond lifted his head up and licked Dionne all the way up her taut belly and down to her engorged sex agin !
"OOOOoooooooooh You is BAD !!!! Dionne let out a long very lustful sigh
"I-I'm alright !" Miranda shouted. She sat on the toilet and peed and noticed the Weil marks around her wrist were redder than she had first though from the dim light of the side lamp in her room 'Oh my God' she thought to herslf, she toched the braided marks indented around each wrist almost like they were tattoed there , she quickly brought herself back to reality as she heard somebody heading for the bathroom "Wont be a minute !" she shouted and quickly cleaned herself up from the wash basin making sure her still sodden sex was clean , then she quickly cleaned her teeth as fast as she could , there was a knock at the door...
"Miranda ish that you?......, OW my thumping head ! there??"....It was Tereasa , the last person Miranda wanted to see her in this state, luckily she still sounded very groggy from the night before "Hurry up babe I need to have a Piss and I'm feelin' a bit queezy !!" Miranda opened the door holding the sleeves of her night dress down so Tereasa wouldn't notice the vivid red rope marks around her wrist "Thanks Darlin'.....Phew whatta night we had last night....!" Tereasa tried to say still enebriated
"Haven't got time right now Tereasa!" Miranda butted in politely as she could "Late for work, I got to get dressed and get going sorry hun !"
"A good morning to you aswell" Tereasa said sarcastically and stumbled into the bathroom herself.
"Awww sorry Hun , got to go !" Miranda shouted as the door closed , then she winced as she heard Tereasa hurl into the toilet " Are you alright in there?" she said as caringly as possible
"Yeah , you get going 'cough!' Eeeeugh , I'm alright babe see ya later ....OoH God Never Again !" Tereasa splutterd between puking
Miranda rushed into her room and quickly got dressed,underwear,tights, pulling on a long skirt, as per usual ,white blouse , long sleeved and a bracelet and her wrist watch, but this time opting to wear her 4 inch heels grabbed her handbag then went out the door, got to her car then though'DAMN the book the book !!' she rushed back in as Dionne was making herway to the bathroom this time, Miranda rushed up stairs and nearly bumped into her "Sorry !" Miranda squealed in a panic "Forgot to.....Errr... pick something up !" and darted back into her room
Dionne just looked bewildered for a few seconds then thought 'this house just gets crazier all the time!' and then "Don't worry babe, You get a move on !" ... 'I got one girlfriend puking up from last night, like she is some sort of fountain and one running around the house like some blue assed butterfly, Oh and a Horny hunk in my bed who's determinned to fuck me into oblivion' She shook her head laughed to herself in that usual Jamcian laid back 'what the fuck'type laugh then proceeded to the bathroom as Miranda fled back down the stairs agian to her car. That was a close shave , Miranda didn't want to drive halfway back across town to go and pick the book up and if she'd left it in her drawer no doubt that the girls would have, accidently on purposely gone looking for it, as they seen her with the package last night. It was coming up to 9.20 when Miranda reached the carpark , she shoved the envelope with the book in under the passenger front seat , then rushed into the Library, Stephany looked up from the main desk "Blimey miranda you're cutting it a bit fine love!" she said pointing to her wrist watch
"S-sorry Steph , got a bit way laid and the other two girls went out last night and.....!"
"Yeah alright, enough of the excuses, what , did you go out with them ? you look shattered !"
Miranda blushed "Errrr no I stayed in ,I just had a busy day yesterday and...."
"Well just hurry up and get started will you , customers are coming in !" Stephany was another one of the Head Librarians , who was on the saturday shift , she was tall, with dark wavey hair, attractive in her mid forties, but sometimes a bit bossy. Dressed in a smart knee length pencil skirt and crisp white blouse and always wearing high heels, she could well be a Dominatrix , Miranda thought to herself wryly , while not working here, why that thought should possibly come to mind, Miranda wasn't quite sure, then again, Miranda seemed to be looking at things from a very different prospective since seeing the book. and despite her adventures into self bondage she was starting to think that mabe she, herself was more submissive than she had first thought.
Miranda went about her duties in the library as usual , helping people find the right places and shelves to find the books they were looking for , checking in and out books and re-stacking books that had been returned, she kept herself busy and Caroline one of the other girls on that day helped her aswell. Miranda had a bit of a far away look in her eyes for a moment.
"are you alright ?!" Caroline asked "You're not going to flake out on me or anything, you look like you didn't get much sl**p last night !"
Miranda blushed at this remark "Um - No, err sorry I'm fine, just got a bit disturbed last night from a couple of friends I share the house with, they were out last night 'till the early hours of the morning and woke me up" Well it wasn't entirely a lie
"Why don't you go get yourself a coffee Miranda I'll finish putting these books away, you've only got an hour and Sally will be here to take over from you" Caroline was a red haired girl a bit shorter than Miranda and in her 20s she had peirced eyebrow and bottom lip , sort of a Goth girl who wore black eyliner and dark eyeshadow all the time , but she was smart in appearance with her tiered long black skirt , fishnet stockings and black pumps, she was also quite curvy with 36DD breast and a tight black blouse streching the material of the blouse to it's limit.
"Thanks Caroline, I think I will, I wont be too long , I could do with a pick me up " Miranda smiled as she went to a coffee machine and went and sat down in the rest room for a while.
"Where's Miranda to !" Stephany found Caroline adjusting some books on a shelf "She's supposed to be on the front desk by now, helping me with some of these customers !!"
"Err well she's just gone to get a coffee at the machine, she said she'll be back in a minute " caroline quickly tried to explain
"Is she in the rest room ?" Stephany said scornfully,"She better not be I need her up on the desk with me!" Miranda suddenly poked her head out just in time to see Stephany marching her way "Ahh There you are, can't you see that we're busy here while you swan off to have a break !" Stephany's face wasn't exactly a picture of happiness
"But I-i Just....." Miranda spluttered and Caroline rushed up to try and explain it was her who had told Miranda to go get a coffee
"Get to that desk NOW my girl and Caroline I don't want you trying to stick up for her . it's not your fault that little miss 'I'll come in when ever I feel like it'tries to wrangle out of doing her work !"
"Heyyy that's not fair , it's nothing ,...." Caroline retorted, but Stephany seemed to have it in for Miranda today and miranda knew it
"Just get back to what you were doing Caroline , and YOU up on the front desk where I can keep an eye on you !"Stephany sounded even more unusually furious than usual, Caroline appologised to Miranda
"Don't worry Caroline, I know you tried to stick up for me thanks" Miranda smiled t her and then rushed to the front desk
"You can sort these lables out before you go Miranda!" Stephany ordered "I've got a good mind to let Sally have the rest of the day off and make you stay here 'till closing time !" Oh Boy Stephany was in a real mood today, Miranda just got to work and didn't even comment , she couldn't afford to work on this afternoon, not when she had her meeting with Vanessa at 3.00pm , Meliciously Stephany purposely knocked a box of labels on the floor "Oh pick those up and sort them out, Miranda !" She made it sound like it was Mirandas fault that shed hit them off the filing cabinet" Again Miranda ,just shook her head and got on with it, she finally finished, it was 12.00 and was glad to see Sally walk in to take over from her Miranda looked greatful but, Stephany still hadn't finished with her yet "Before you go Miranda there's these books to put back on the shelves, Oh hello Sally i'm glad atleast somebody can make it hear on time !"
"But I wasn't late.... !" Miranda protested "And I finish at twelve today !"
"You finish when I tell you too and you were Five minutes late by my watch. Put those books away then you can get going !"
Miranda looked at Stephany defiantly, why was she behaving like this, Stephany just gave her a look of complete contempt then hissed "NOW Miranda, or I'll Make you stay longer or cut your pay, it's up to you !"
Crestfallen Miranda pushed the trolley of the books back to the shelves. She began replacing the books then started thinking of last night , strangely she started thinking that she was being f***ed by Stephany to put these books back while she was wearing her hobble skirt , she imagined herself mincing about trying to climb the steps to the upper shelves with Stephany watching over her, the task was made more of an effort as she could only take the smallest of steps in the tight sheath around her legs. Miranda couldn't believe it but she was becoming turned on by this senario, like the one she did last night about being f***ed to hobble about in a long tight restricting skirt, She had to shake herself back to the real world , she finally put the last of the books away then went and seen Stephany "I-I've done what you've asked me to do , can I g-go now ?" ..... Why hadn't she just left, she was entitled too, but no she was asking permission, it just felt so right to do so
"I thought you'd gone ages ago!" Stephany said "Look I'm sorry Miranda I was just annoyed this morning you go on my dear, Don't be late Monday mind you!" , she said with a smile from the corner of her mouth and an arched eyebrow, Miranda was gobsmacked , one minute she couldn't do anything right for the woman , now she was talking to her as sweet as honey and appologising for her behaviour aswell ?!
"O-o.k ....W-well I'll be off then err bye !" Miranda looked totally puzzled
"Yes well off you go , bye for now and remeber , don't be late on Monday!"
"I-I wont" Miranda took her handbag from under the desk and left ,it was 1.15 now so Miranda still had time to grab a bite to eat and look in her favourite Charity shop before she drove to Vanessas house.
Miranda stopped at a cafe and had a sandwich with a tea and scone with strawberry jam , she muddled over in her mind of this mornings activities in the Library. Did all that really happen or was she just dreaming, she thought to herself, Stephany could deffinately be a Bossy cow at times but this seemed a bit unreal,"Are you alright?" the waitress in the cafe asked.
Miranda blushed slightly and replied "Sorry, Oh yes I'm fine thanks sorry I was miles away" she smiled then asked for her bill then left some change for the waitress as a tip then ventured to the charity shop. When she got there she looked into the window of the shop and saw a nice long black pencil skirt, she walked in and went to the counter "Hello Miranda" Mrs Sandford smiled at her "Always nice to see our favourite customer, isn't it Audery?" mrs Sandford ran the Charity shop with her friend Audery Tilford, it was a place where Miranda found alot of her dresses and skirts "Looking for anything special my dear?"
"Um yes mrs Sandford that pencil skirt you have in the window,can I try it on?"
"Of course you can my dear , you know where the changing room is" mrs Sandford said cheerfully eyes sparkling at another sale. She retrieved it from the shop window along with the blouse they had with it "Try them both on dear , I think they go together really well , let us see what you look like, it's a good quality skirt and the blouse is satin and what a change for you to pick something so fitting !" Mrs Sandford always got a bit chatty at times, miranda smiled as she was handed the skirt and blouse and went and tried them both on, the blouse was a nice purple colour and fitted very well , while the skirt was just what miranda liked it was tight fitting over her hips and down to her knees then straigth down, past her ankles to her high heels, there was a split up the front to her knee for ease of walking, she stepped out in to the shop a bit nervously "Oh well will you look at Miranda Audery doesn't she look smashing?" miranda smiled , a man looking at some books near by looked round and noticed her, he smiled and winked at her
"Now that's what I call a very smart looking lady " He said his smile braodening "Very Classy that looks on you my lass!" Miranda blushed
"Yes"Audery replied , "much classier than some of the trollops you get around these days ,I can tell ya , you look lovely my dear !"
"She does at that, Mrs Sanford added with a smile as big as a piece of watermelon "and I got to agree with this gentleman here you look something speacial in that my girl !" again Mirandas face went redder "Going anywhere speacial are we today ?" Ever the nosey sort mrs Sanford was straight to the point
"Well I'd love to take the young lady dressed like that, out !" the man said
"Miranda didn't know where to look , she just replied ,"Well I do have to meet a lady this afternoon , only a bit of business that's all !" she said shyly
"Well that's just the outfit for a bit of business, I can tell you my girl, she's probably got some comission work to do I expect !"Audery added
"But how much s it for both the skirt and blouse ?" asked miranda
"Well lets see if we can do you a good deal my dear" Mrs Sandford replied "How about lets see £10.00 for the both?, cheap as chips , what d'you say
"O.K that's fine" Miranda replied with a smile, Miranda was surprised when the man handed Mrs Sanford £20.00 "Here let me get that for you my love , don't worry no strings attached , just nice to see a smart young lady !" he said smiling
"Oh I can't ....please"
"Well I never !" Mrs Sandford said quickly putting the twenty pound note into the cash rigister "Now there is a gentleman !"
"Th-thanks but you shouldn't have !" Miranda smiled coyly
" You can put your other clothes in this bag Miranda you look very smart" Audery proffered a bag to her and Miranda retrieved the clothes she was wearing this morning and put them in the bag .
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2 years ago
Thanks Mikey

Well Slave Ariana.....I guess you do get some generous strangers around ....even if it does sound a bit strange .....But it's just how the story is going on in My head !!!
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What a strange man buying a stranger clothes!!!