Rubber Restriction (Part3 continued)

It was while Miranda was looking at a page of a woman in a long tight Hobble skirt , she had a sudden flash of inspiration. Miranda remeberd that she had a pair of magenta jogging bottoms in the wardrobe. they had a rip in them from when she went out (The only time she wore anything like trousers) running and had snagged one of the legs on some barbed wire while trying to step over a fence. They were quite new aswell and she had intended on repairing them at some point. Miranda pulled them out of the wardrobe where they were just left and looked at the legs of them, althought they were quite narrow the material had a slight give to it, being of a cotton/lycra type. Miranda took them and sat on her bed she then bent over and put both feet into the one leg that was still in good order, then she pulled the waist band up. The effect was quite intersting as Mirandas legs were sqeezed into the tight sheath up over her thighs and she pulled the waist band up to her tiny waist. She'd left the leg that had been ripped to the rear of her then atempted to stand up, the effect was deffinately strange, as when she tried to take a walk forwards she could only just make about a three inch step, her thighs rubbed together where it was so tight and even down to her calves and to her ankles the material was stretched to it's limit, from there down to her feet the material very slightly flared out . Miranda went to the mirror and took a look at the results. She'd taken he night dress off and turned taking a step or so watching the tightness of the material as she tried to move one foot infront of the other. The effect was some what erotic she found, though she had to cut the rest of the ripped leg off, but this lead to a dilema, she'd have a whole where the other leg was to. Never mind miranda thought to her self and shuffling over to her bed , she retrived some sissors she kept in her sewing case, the feeling of the restriction of her legs was having some kind of an effect on her, she slowly pulled the leg down and pulled the jogging bottoms off, she was feeling rather wet again between her legs, this was going to have to take all of her concentration. Miranda held the jogging bottoms up and carefully decided where the leg would have to be cut from, if she cut it away carefully she could tidy the hole that was left, she smiled to herself as she thought about her bum sticking out of the hole.And so with the sissors she left about four inches of material down from the waist band and cut the remainder down to where her crotch would be . Miranda inspected the, now gaping hole, then trimmed it up just enough, she then took a needle and cotton and went about carfully sewing the material to stop it fraying around the edges and to make sure that where the hole came to under the cheeks of her bum that it was strengthend, she also had to re cut the materail in a vertical to the wasit band and re-sew it so it looked neater. Finally she held the one legged sheath up, a satisfactory job, she thought to herself, though it's not rubber it will do for the time being.
Miranda looked at her alarm clock, it was nearly 10.00 pm. Hopefully the girls shouldn't be back yet. Just some time to spend in self bondage in her new hobble skirt, Miranda thought to herslef mischievously. Miranda was careful to but the book back, just after quickly looking at the section on self bondage and how to tie your own hands behind your back using cord, this would come very usefull in her self bondage tonight, and with that she safetly put the book in the envelope into her chest of drawers. Next Miranda pulled out a medium sized case from under her bed , she unlocked it and pulled some white braided cord from it, one long length and a shorter length. She tied the longer length tightly around her waist, leaving a longer lenght at the front where she tied it off, then at the frontsh pulled the long end and passed it under herself and back through where the rope was wrapped around her wasit then she passed it back to the front deep in between her libia making sure that the, now two cords were cutting deep into the cleft of her buttox and into her crotch, and with this she had enough to pull up under the wasit rope again up around the back of her neck in a halter, then back down to the wasit rope where she tied it tightly off. This was going to be a challenge. Next she picked up the sheath made from the single leg of her jogging bottoms and pulled it slowly up her legs feeling as she did the confining material smoothly rubbing againsted her skin. Miranda was already feeling a bit giddy with extacy as the crotch rope caught short as she tried to stand in her hobble skirt, she had to steady herself , she minced over to her wardrobe and pulled out her highest heels that she had a pair of 4 inch high black leather shoes with quite a pointed toe to them, o.k she thought, not the highest and spindly of sharp poited stilletos that were in the book but they had the effect she wanted, for now, anyway. Miranda caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, her hair down and her legs in this tight sheath from her waist all the way down to her feet. she turned and saw the hole where her bum stuck out, experimentally she put her hands behind her back, her 34"B breast jutting out nipples errect, they weren't the largest of tits but more than a handful was wasted , miranda thought to herslf with a smile. She imagined somebody forcing her to dress this way and holding her captive f***ed to walk in tiny steps in towering heels, o.k not quite so towering, but in her fantasy as a hobble skirted slave girl..... Oh my god! , she stumbled slightly as she thought about the senario, she thought she was going to come and she hadn't even got her hands bound behind her back yet ! ....Miranda half hobbled , half staggered back to the bed, this was too good to be true , her make shift hobble skirt and the crotch rope were having such an effect on her she took the shorter rope from her case out and what she could remember from the book she set about looping it until there were about three coils of the rope then with a hair band (and elastic band was used in the illustration) she past it over the loops of rope and with a couple of turns it held the rope in the middle, with this, after slipping the loops of rope over her wrist in front of her, she was able to adjust the cord tight enough around her wrist then slipping her hands out she cinched the looped cord in the middle with a square Knot passing the ends of the cord in opposite directions in the middle and tying off tightly. Miranda decided to go the whole hog and gag herself aswell using a folded hankerchief she wadded up into her mouth then with a silk scarf she cleeve gagged herself tightly as possible forcing the wadded hankercheif deep into her mouth and pulling hard with the scarf at the corners of her mouth she tied the scarf under her hair, "MMmmmmmmmph, Oh nfff not yeff!" she gasped into her gag , she sat on the bed and composed herself as much as possible, should she tie her ankles together, No she had no time for that now she needed to experience having her hands tied behind her back, this was going to be the most difficult part and not trying to get the ropes in place with her hands behind her either, but she was almost on the brink again. First Miranda slipped her lefft hand into the coils of rope, Not to hard she thought, next she brought her hands behind her back, this was going to be the tricky bit, she tried to slip her right hand into the coils on the other side where the ropes were cinched in the middle, by pushing her fingertips up to her knuckels she then sqeezed her hand to make it as slender as possible while forcing it into the coils of rope, this had the effect of tightening the not against her left wrist, she continued to twist and push as much as she could while still tring to gain control over what her body was doing. Her thighs and legs were rubbing in the confines of the tight sheath and the crotch rope was playing havoc rubbing just in the right place at the knub at the hood of her cliterous and up the cleft of her exposed buttocks, "GNNNNNNNNGHHH", Miranda cried out , she had rolled on to the bed her right hand suddenly slipped past over her palm and the cord was tight around her wrist. Miranda scrunched up her eyes, she lay as still as possible, now with her hands tied behind her back. It had worked she lay there still for a while prespiring with all the effort it took and with trying to control an orgasm, then she tried to move her legs to the edge of the bed, "OOOOOOOOOHGH NOOOOooooooooo!!" she cried out, her hips writhing her bound wrist twisting behind her back her legs rubbing frantically together in the confines of her hobble skirt, everytime she jerked her head back the crotch rope dug deeper "GNNNNNNNNNNNPH" Miranda cursed to herself as an orgasm flowed through her like a torrent.
Miranda must have drifted off to sl**p , because when she awoke, with a start, it was 2.30 a.m , she heard a key at the front door and some muffled giggling, Oh shit, she thought in a panic. Damn! the ropes had tightend around her wrist ..... ( it hadn't explained that in the book ?) "Shhhhhh" Miranda heard one of the girls, she thought, "Mirandas asl**p go up stairs quietly!" there was some giggling , Miranda lay as still as possible one thing she had forgot was her side lamp was still on and all her things were still out, the case with her self bondage kit, luckily she'd had the forefront to close her own door to her room, but what if somebody saw that there was a light in her room from down stairs ....SHIT ! why didn't she think of these things. Luckily nobody disturbed her door , it sounded like Dionne had brought a bloke back from her night out. there was more giggling and Dionnes voice , "I'm glad Mirandas asl**p babe"
"Why's that then? , we could always have a threesome!" it was a mans vioce and there was some deep laughter and the giggling of Dionne
"Oh No Babe You's all mine tonight , you come here and give me some of that cock of yours, Maa pussy's all wet for you babe !" Typical Dionne she was never the one for beating around the bush or her pussie for that matter, there was more giggling and the sound of bed springs as Dionne and her fella went at it, groaning and grunting and Dionne off on one of her extatic sexual encouters.
Meanwhile, Miranda had to think quickly, she stuggled with her bound wrist, it wouldn't be too soon when Tereasa would be back, unless of course she'd found someplace to stay the night. Miranda sqeezed her hand as much as possible and tried in vane to get her hands free from behind her back , it took a great deal of effort and the next thing she was thinking .....Oh know not now !.... Miranda pulled herself together, she had to get free, her right hand was just over the palm one last jerk was all she needed "Tereasa, is that you babe?"
Damn .....Miranda lay quiet her right hand now free from it's bonds
"Aww Come on my dusky beauty I haven't gotten started yet !"
"Sorry babe", Dionne laughed " I thought it was Tereasa, though that Alley cat,s probably still out , maybe I should just check in on Miranda !"
OH Shit No ! .....If Dionne catches her like this, So much for the quiet ones are always the ones you've got to watch!
"Oh Baby leave the girl alone , you said she's asl**p and anyway, I still got a hard dick that needs to do some burrowing, she'll be alright come on back in bed babe !"
Dionne giggled then said "My your dick does need a place to burrow, well Dionnes got a hole hear you can let your bunny burrow into !" .....Pheew that was a close one, Miranda pulled the rope from her left wrist and quickly but quietly ungagged herself, then she untied the rope around her waist and from under her crotch, it was wet and very sticky, no time to clean that off now, she quickly stuffed her bondage gear back in the case and slid it under the bed. She had thought of keeping the home made hobble skirt on , but had second thoughts and carefully chucked it in the wardrobe, she'd have to wash it when the girls were out. She was just back into her night dress when she heard the front door again. Tereasa had just stummbled d***kingly in "DIONNE, MIRANDA I'm HOME!! she giggled , Dionne came to her door ,
"SSHHHHHH !!! .....Mirandas asl**p you d***ken old Tart !" Dionne again ever the one for words "You know she got to work in the morning !" she tried to stiffel a laugh while Tereasa, clumsily tried to climb the stairs holding a finger to her lips and going "Must be quiet shhhhhhhhhh!" and giggling
to herself.
"Is this the alley cat you were talking about ?" Raymond, the guy that Dionne had bought back whispered "Is she always like this ?"
" got a man Dionne, fancy a threeshome?!" Tereasa said with a lopsided d***ken grin
"You better be going to your own room babe , we not sharing tonight , especially not in your state !!"Dionne said with a laugh as she guided tereasa across the hall into her own room
"AWWWW Sno Fair , my pussey needs attention!" Tereasa tried to hold a hand out to Raymonds engorged cock that was clearly on display as Dionne took her by the arm
"OH No you don't , you little alley cat you go play with one of your toys, Raymonds mine tonight !"
Tereasa collapsed on the bed giggled then was snoring like a kitten , Dionne heaved her onto the bed and chucked a blanket over her.
Dionne came back out of the room while Raymond looked a bit disgruntled "Damn , another chance of a threesome foiled !" he laughed
"I Told you Babe , you's allll mine tonight !" Dionne grinned like a cheshire cat
"Finally, Miranda thought to herself, then just before she was about to shut her side light off she noticed her wrists, there were red weil marks form the braided cord , a sure sign she'd been up to some mischieve of her own, she inspected them for a few seconds then thought to herself, Looks like I'm going to have to wear a long sleave blouse or cardigan tomorrow! .....She sighed then turned the side light off then snuggled down to catch what remainder of sl**p she could get until the morning .

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I'm enjoying this, but I really need some sleep, will read more tomorrow
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thanks areola, much appreciated, there's still more to come yet though ;-) !!
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A good read - thank you.