Rubber Restriction part 2

Miranda looked up at the shelf to where the lady pointed out the book she was looking for, 'curious' she thought 'I've never noticed that book on the shelves before?' She went over to the ladder used to retrieve books from the top shelves and carefully lifted it down. She opened the cover and to her surprise noticed that it did not have the stamp of the library or the place where the books get stamped in and out.
"I-I don't understand?" Miranda looked puzzled
"What is it my dear ?" the woman said
"This book doesn't seem to belong here at all, I always check and cross reference the books in this library and I-I'm usually fairly thorough!"
"I'm sure you are my dear but please can we look inside it" the lady asked in anticipation "is there anywhere where we can authenticate that it's the book I'm looking for ?"
"Um yes we could go to the reading room at the back the way what is your name ?"
"Oh I am sorry did I not tell you?" Miranda shook her head and looked at her a bit pensive " I'm Vanessa - Vanessa Steele, I have a great interest in erotic and Fetish artwork and photography.... Um well where is the reading room ?"
Miranda looked at her questioningly "Um yes this way, It's got a private area where you can look at it without being disturbed"
"Oh well aren't you the least bit intreged ?, I was hoping you'd take a look with me" Vanessa asked with a slight glint and a smile
"W-well I am a bit busy!" Miranda replied ...
"Oh please do come and look for yourself, I wouldn't want you to think that I'd take the book without you knowing, and besides aren't you the slightest bit curious to where this book might have come from ?!
Miranda was a little more than intreged and curious "O-O.K" she said follow me", the woman followed close behind, Miranda could hear the clicking of those incredible heels as Vanessa walked behind her.
the reading room was a fair size with tables and chairs where people were reading at them , there were also a few leather arm chairs, worn with the age of people sitting in them over the years, the reading room was also full of shelves crammed with books and magazines. Miranda led Vanessa to a small room at the back of the reading room , lucky to be no one was using it at the moment. Carefully Miranda laid the leather bound book on the table and stood aside for Vanessa to seat herself before it.
"Isn't this exciting?" Vanessa expressed with glee in her eyes. She turned the cover over to the first page ,'last printed and published in July 1974' it said on the first page inside first published in 1971.
"It's rather an old book" Miranda exclaimed "from back in the 1970s that's nearly 40 years old ?!"
"Ah yes!" Vanessa replied opening the book to the index at the back with earnest, but also being careful, because even though the book was past the middle of the 20th century , the pages were starting to yellow slightly from being viewed quite alot it seemed "Illustrated Bondage, Leather, Monogloves (armbinders) Hmmm that should be interesting, rubber wear latex pages 143 - 167 sound like a good place to start" Vanessa looked up to Miranda with a grin on her face,flipping the pages over carefully until she reached a really exellent illustration of a girl having her arms laced tightly behind her back into a monoglove.
"What on earth.....?" Miranda looked surprised and a little shocked at the picture.
"Smiling with an eyebrow raised vanessa looked up "That is what is called a monoglove or Armbinder, see the girl is having her arms laced up into a leather kind of sheath with a single sort of mitt to keep her arms behind her back, Note how her elbows are drawn together so that they meet behind her, lets find a photo!" Vanessa said excitedly and there on a couple of pages further on, was a photographic depiction of a girl being laced into a monoglove from start to finish in a series of pictures.
"Th-that looks very uncomfortable to wear!" Miranda exclaimed,mistified and what's that she's wearing her waist looks tiny and she looks like she couldn't hardly walk in that skirt she is wearing !" the girl in the monoglove was wearing an extremely tight corsett and a long hobble skirt right down to her ankles
" Oh it takes a while to get used to wearing an Armbinder and the skirt is made of rubber and wht is called a 'Hobble skirt it means that sje can only take very little steps because of how the material restricts her legs, I expect that the corsett is made of rubber aswell of k** skin leather. Tell me something Miranda , have you ever been tied up?"
Miranda Blushed hotly and looked shocked at the question being asked, Miranda smile knowingly "Well?"
"U-um I-I did once have my hands tied behind my back, I-i was sixteen t-the time and went to a party at this boys house ......" she trailed off
"And ?" Vanessa persued her stare penetrating Mirandas eyes, she looked away coyly
"W-Well it was nothing really , it was just a bit of a game , the boy had to catch one of us and kiss the one he caught, he was blindfolded and all the girls had to move around trying not to get caught, the other boys were cheering him on and the next minute I was sort of pushed his way" Miranda explained nervously "Well he took off his blindfold and explained that if he caught a girl he'd have to tie her hands up before kissing her, Well at first I relented , they called me a spoil sport and promised nothing else would happen, even the girls were starting to join in with the jeering, but my friend promised that if I did this then she'd make sure nothing else would happen, so I gave in , it was only a kiss after all and my friend insisted on tying my hands to make it fair...."
"Do go on I'm intreged" Vanessa said with a look of seriousness
"Well my friend tied my hands behind my back with a scarf she'd worn to the party and I stood there in the middle while this boy kissed me, he seemed just as embarrest as me with his friends egging him on, it was just a kiss on the lips he looked a bit ashamed then told my friend to untie me seemd quite strange at the time, my friend though kept me tied up a while longer, I didn't protest I just excepted it as a bit of fun, I admit I'd had some alcahol to drink, not alot mind you but I guess I was just a bit squiffy......She eventually untied me when we got home "
"Hmmmm not such a wall flower after all, sounds like your friend had the hots for you !"
"NO it was nothing like that, I-i mean she never fancied me or anyhting , infact she used to complain about the way I dressed saying i'd never get a boy friend like that ....."
"Hmmmmm unless your hands were tied behind your back" Vanessa laughed jokingly "Sorry Miranda, that was a bit cheap of me" Vanessa looked at her for a moment and smiled, more of a warm smile "Is that your only time?" she said looking seriously at Miranda
"Well I-I um Well it's difficult to explain , but I've ......I'm sorry"
"Oh don't worry Miranda, I'm prying aren't I ...... Sorry my dear I shouldn't have!" then suddenly she opened a page in the book , Self bondage was the title at the top of the page with a woman in a series of pictures tying herslf up, Miranda quickly looked away embarrest especially when she saw the knowing smile on Vanessas face, Vanessa closed the book up "I tell you what Miranda, I like you, I've got a propersition to make to you, I'd like to buy the book off you!"
"Miranda was a bit taken aback "B-but Well I'll have to ask ....!"
"Now really Miranda!" Vanessa exclaimed "Look this book doesn't seem to belong to the library, you said yourself it has no Library stamp in it , perhaps somebody brought it hear by accident or maybe thought it might be the best way to get rid of it, perhaps it was stolen" Vanessa was looking at Miranda expectantly
"But the head librarian should know about this !" she tried to explain
"Miranda Darling no this is between me and you,I pay you good money for it and no ones none the wiser, No strings just a bit of business between two professional people !"
"But what if the owner......!!"
"Oh Miranda ....Look my dear you didn't even know the book exsisted until I pointed it out to you, who's going to know, think about it , I bet you could do with the extra cash" Vanessa was very convincing at that point and yes Miranda could do with some extra cash "Is that a deal ?"
"W-Well alright then" Mirnda said shyly and looking slightly nervous
"Look, everything will be alright I haven't got the cash on me at the moment but tomorrow is saturday , do you work on a weekend ?"
"Well up until 12.00 I do yes then one of the other girls takes over from me"
"Good well I'll have the cash tomorrow , Uh would you mind delivering it personally to my house say 3.00 in the afternoon then you can stop for a cup of tea if you want and a chat and be on your way , Nobody else has to know a thing and we can negotiate a good price together , what d'you say ?!
Miranda looked a bit worried then thought for a moment "Look don't Fret my dear there's no harm in business and I promise i'll give you a good price for the book !"
"O-O.k I'll bring it around at three tomorrow afternoon" Miranda looked shyly at Vanessa "I can take books out myself so there wont be a problem aslong as Patricia doesn't get wind, because she can be so nosey at times!"
"Look you're not stealing anything that doesn't belong to the library, keep it somewhere safe until you leave , I tell you what do you have any sealable envelopes to put books in put it in one of those with my address on it tell her I must have left it behind if she asks and then you can deliver it to me"
Miranda was quite surprised by the way Vanessa comanded business, there was deffinately an air of authority about her "Y-Yes i-m sure we have evelopes to return books or send them to other libraries that shouldn't be a problem, Just wait here a minute and I'll go get one !"
And with that Miranda hastilly wisked out of the room and to the stores cupboard where the staionairy was kept. she retrieved an envelope when suddenly ....."Where have you been ?!" Damn, it was Patricia "We've got to lock up soon, have you finished putting those books away ? what do you want that envelope for ?" One thing Patricia was good at , asking the most awkward questions right when you least expected it
"I-I'm just borrowing it for some documents, I've nearly finished I just remeberd I need to send something off " Please don't ask what , lucky to be Patricia was destracted by another customer.
"Well don't be too long Miranda, we're locking up in about ten minutes!"
"O.K I wont be " and Miranda rushed back to where Vanessa was waiting patiently, browsing through some of the book while she was "Ah there you are great lets put the book in the envelope and I'll write the address on for you" ' 41 The Sycamore Mansion, Brimpton Lane, Croxley nr Bath' "There that's the address it's about 15-20 minutes drive from here, I'll see you tomorrow afternoon with the money" Vanessa held out her hand and cautiously Miranda shook it "It will be a pleasure doing business with you um miss ?!
"Preston , Miss Preston" Miranda replied .

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I'm liking the way you take the time to set the scene before anything saucy happens
4 years ago
It does get better as it goes along ..... Honest !! ;-)
4 years ago
Errr yeah and I am a bloke !! ?;-}
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Errrr well that was my weak point at school, tusker, I'm better at illustrating than writing, but I was just enjoying a bit of a different challenge ! ;-)
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lovely, spelling could improve miss, see me after school!!