Rubber Restriction Part 6 The tour continues

After leaving the prone Josie in such tormenting and tortuous strappado position. Vanessa led Miranda, trailing behind her lifting the hem of her long leather dress as high as she could while trying to watch her own footings, to the next workshop in the vast estate. Vanessa stopped suddenly , causing Miranda almost to bump into her from behind, Vanessa smirked and turned and let a salacious wry smile turn from the corners of her mouth, "Careful Miranda, you wouldn't want me to do to you what i did to poor little Josie now would you my dear!" her smile lingered leeringly at Miranda.
"N-n-no" Miranda replied nervously "um S-s-so sorry mist" ....what was she saying ?! the words nearly tripped off her tongue
"go on ....what were you about to say?" one of Vanessas eyebrows arched and her smile became a quizical grin
" Err Um Nothing miss Vanessa nothing at all, it was , I just....Errr !!!"
Miranda was flushed with embaressment and a cold shiver ran up her spine
" You were just going to what? ....Speak up girl , don't be shy !!" Vanessa chided miranda hoping that she might just give in and be tempted by the situation
"i-i just wanted to appologise ....f-for nearly bumping in to you like that Vanessa, that's all" she said meekly
"Hmmm yes .... very well , of course if you wish to," Vanessa pressed in case miranda had any intentions to
"intend to what ?!" Miranda reproached in what she hoped would prevent the conversation going any further
"Never mind my girl" Vanessa replied.....'your time will come sooner or later' she said under her breath.... 'sooner rather than later I think !'....she smiled to herself knowingly.
the next set or block of workshops looked all intense and purposes to be a black smiths and a row of stables. Metal on metal being beaten out on anvils, forges glowing bright and hot with the flames burning and sparks flying as strong men in leather aprons hammered and, steam billowed as hot metal was being quenched in water or getting ready to be tempered in oil, the acrid smell of the smoke the mens faces blackend their bodies sweltering from the heat , goggles protecting their eyes made for an industrious sight for Mirandas eyes. one of the men lifted his goggles and nodded to Vanessa "affer noon Mam" he said walking over to the two ladies "new recruit we 'ave here do we?" he grinned with a glint in his eyes.... " waiting to be trained by her ladyship no doubt " Vanessa smiled at his lighthearted banter with a twist
"O-oh n-nooo!!" Miranda tried to retort but Vanessa was quick to interject
"Well she's here for business actually Harold, but you never know what might happen!" Vanessa exclaimed with that selacious smile on her face again, as she turned to Miranda with a glint in her own eyes.
"Ah I sees Mam, just showing her the ropes of the trade? , so to speak " Harold said with a touch to the side of his nose and a wink of an eye " Well don't you worry miss mam will look after you like she does all of the girls that come hear looking for a different type of career!"
"Now now Harold " Vanessa fiened a joking laugh " don't tease the poor girl you know any girl who comes to me for work or help is always most welcome !" Vanessa tried to sound discerning but miranda had other thoughts on her mind. Vanessa quickly changed the subject... "Harold , have you got the new shoes ready for the ponies yet?!"
"Oh yes Mam do come right this way !" Harold replied quickly "We got one of 'em ready for shoeing right now if you want to come see !"
"Exellent well lets take a look shall we, over to the stables, we'll follow you Harold !" Vanessa was almost talking in light hearted conversation which seemed really odd to Miranda until .... " And do keep the hem of my dress up wont you Miranda ?!!" she cast a glance at Miranda over her shoulder with a more then serious smile on her lips.
Miranda lifted the hem as high as she possibly could, again following Vanessas footsteps with the caution of a high School girl being watched by a strict teacher as she is being scrutinised for a deportment and ettiquet examinationher own long pencil skirt showing more than a little thigh as she walked along wich drew wolf wistles from a group[ of stable lads
"That's enough you errand Buggers, get on wiv your work her ladyship wants to see one of the ponies being shoed !"
"Now now Harold , the boys were only admiring Mirandas legs from the slit in the front of her skirt, let them be !" .....It was almost like Vanessa had this split personality Miranda noticed as she blushed bright red again knowing her minute Vanessa was tearing into that poor girl she left in strappado on the dias and the next she was lightly dressing down one of her workers for Barrating some stable lads "Now where is this pony we're waiting to see .... I always love to see a craftsman at work like the farriers we have here "
"Well ere she is then Mam ....easy girl"
Miranda looked in shock, for what she saw was not a pony as such but an actual Girl dressed to look like a pony with full mane of blck hair and a tail that could only be described as being held in place via a butt plugg in her anus. The girs feet were shod in a special kind of leather boot that formed in a kind of hoof it so beeing designed so that there was no heel !"
"Smashing isn't she ?!" Harold exclaimed patting the girl / pony on her rump , the girl responding by pawing at the ground with her right hoofed foot and shaking and nodding her head "This is Riahnna pride of Mistress Vanessas pony Girls !" Harold said with a sense of pride in his own voice
"Ah yes the gorgeous Riahnna half Cuban Half English and as firey as the day she came into my belonging , she took some training and she gave as good as any young wild pony could give but I broke her in !" Vanessa said proudly and if not with a little smugness Her father fled back to Cuba once he had made enogh money to leave , the in humane Bastard, leaving a poor mother to bring up this wild teenage disfunctional daughter of hers , she was once in with the wrong crowd her mother distraught and penniless living from day to day off the Government trying to make ends meet as her daughter here spent all her money on d**gs and finally becme a prostitute" Vanessa explained how Rianhnna cmae into her hands " She was on the streets like the slut she was trying to get punters so she could get her score of d**gs, her mother had tried everything to keep her daughter off the streets , but time took it's toll and her mother was too ill to look after such an errand teenager. She finally ended up in hostels and homes for teenagers even a detention centre, she got herself clean and off d**gs which was one good thing but started working in brothels as a whore" Vanessa didn't mince her words "We finally picked her up when she was kicked out of one brothel for kneeing one of her clients in the groin causing some considerable damage to his low......"
"Bolloks" Harold couldn't help interjecting with a laugh
"Honestly Harold" retorted Vanessa with mock annoyance "Well he had it coming to him as i'm sure Riahnna would tell you, if it weren't for the bit between her teeth.... Yes and we recued her from the streets offering her what she really wanted. Riahnna said she loved horses and ponies and so worked mucking them out for a while and cleaning the brasses.... Then i caught her one day trying to steel some money from me so I gave her an option !".......
(to be continued)
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