Acting Out Fantasies

Early in our marriage my beautiful wife and I began buying erotic magazines. One of our favorite turn-ons was reading about the fantasies of others. Invariably we would wind up having a discussion about these fantasies followed by some fantastic lovemaking.

One day I confessed that one of my fantasies was to have sex with the very sensuous and quite mature daughter of our divorced next door neighbor while my wife and the next door neighbor looked on and then made it with each other. At that point my wife had never had a homosexual relationship nor acknowledged any bisexual tendencies. Since ours was a monogamous marriage, I assumed that my fantasy would remain just that.

Several days later while we were eating breakfast clothed only in our birthday suits, the front doorbell rang. Shar, my wife, slipped on her housecoat and went to the door while I continued eating. Within seconds, she returned and I looked up from my paper to see her and our lovely divorced next-door neighbor staring at me and giggling. Trying to appear nonchalant (although we were all blushing), I told Jill to take off her clothes and enjoy breakfast with us.

It’s difficult to describe the delights of that breakfast. Seeing the woman I loved naked with a woman I had often fantasized about, also naked, gave me an almost painful erection. This happy fact was visible to both women through the glass-topped breakfast table.

Suddenly Shar was telling Jill all about my fantasies. To my utter surprise, Jill said that she had had similar fantasies about fucking me—and about experimenting with bisexuality. I thought I was dreaming when both women moved their chairs nearer to mine and began fondling my cock and talking sexy. Before I knew it we were all in the bedroom and in bed. Jill and I fucking while Shar watched and masturbated. Jill had not been making it with anyone lately, which no doubt explained why she came twice in rapid succession. Since I hadn’t yet come I pulled out of Jill and sank my cock into Shar’s wet vagina, catapulting her into a frenetic orgasm. I came seconds later, my creamy semen gushing into Shar’s quaking cunt.

After resting for a while, I took one of Shar’s hands and put it on Jill’s breasts, then put one of Jill’s hands on Shar’s breasts. They needed no further encouragement. Soon they were really getting it on licking, kissing, and stroking each other as I watched. It was sheer delight to witness two beautiful, very turned-on women experience for the first time the pleasures of bisexuality. The two of them enjoyed each other for over thirty minutes, during which each experienced multiple orgasms. Finally, they lay back on the bed exhausted.

A little later, as we layed back and talked, Shar informed Jill of my fantasy involving her daughter. Again much to my surprise Jill responded favorably, saying with a devilish smile, that my having sex with her daughter sounded like a “fun thing.” Just talking about it turned us all on, and soon we were fucking and sucking again. Jill spent the whole afternoon with us and left only when her daughter phoned inquiring as to her whereabouts.

Jill was a regular breakfast visitor for the next two weeks so I thought nothing of it when one morning the doorbell rang as Shar and I were having breakfast (in the buff, as always). I heard Jill and my wife talking and went back to my newspaper. I was startled when cool hands suddenly covered my eyes and a nipple was thrust into my mouth. When the hands were removed, I discovered that it was Dian’s breast that I had been nibbling on. She was stark naked and exceedingly lovely to behold.

I pulled the deliciously desirable eighteen-year-old onto my lap and began fondling and kissing her. I heard a moan from behind me and turned to discover Shar on her knees, kissing and licking Jill’s pussy. Picking Dian up, I carried her into the bedroom and placed her spread-eagled on the bed. She lifted her hips off the bed, offering up her pretty pussy. Within seconds I was tonguing her young womanhood, lapping up her tasty juices as she kept her firm, muscular legs wrapped around my head to hold me in place. Her hands caressed and tugged at my hair—it was as if she wanted my whole head inside of her.

After a while I pulled my face from Dian’s wonderful wetness and glanced to my right. I had felt the mattress sag while eating Dian and now I discovered Shar and Jill in a sixty-nine, each with her head buried between the other's legs. I positioned the bulbous head of my fully erect cock at Dian’s vagina and then, in one firm thrust, buried myself balls deep inside he tight love passage. She immediately locked her arms around my back and started moaning. By the time I came she was writhing under me like a wild thing, clawing at my back as my semen spurted into her tight, gripping vagina.

That Saturday I had intercourse with Dian twice, her mother once, and Shar once. I was thoroughly spent, but very satisfied, by the time Dian and her mother bid us goodbye and returned to their own house. The scene has been repeated a number of times and Dian has been introduced to the delights of lesbianism. Watching her pleasure her mother and Shar is something I know I will always enjoy. We have also welcomed Dian’s boyfriend, Don, into our little group and he has proven to be a very nice addition.

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4 months ago
"Sunday (Acting Out Fantasies 3)" is up!!!
4 months ago
Acting Out Fantasies 2 is up take a look!!! :-)
4 months ago
Part 2 will be posted soon...
4 months ago
Part 2 will be posted soon...
5 months ago
Mmmmm,yummy story!
5 months ago
I hope that this relationship never ends!