Babby doll and swingers Part one.

I and my girlfriend went back after nice supper with my guests.
-You friends are very intelligent looking, - she said.
-The men are my colleges and one of these women too. We studied together.
- The Ann, you mean?
-Yes, the Ann.
-Nice friends you have, - she repeated.
-Yes, they are nice.
-What they like, - she asked.
-Swing, - I said. They are swingers.
- Don’t talk silly, - she stopped. You joke me?
-No. It is truth.
-And the Ann?
-Yes, - I laugh, - the Ann too. I see you like this woman.
-She so beautiful looking. I think, swingers looking like crazy chaps.
-Not all swingers looking like crazy chaps.
-Oh, Daddy, I am so amazing. And what about jealousy?
-Jealousy is a spice in swing.
-And if I became the woman in swing, what you say to me?
-My wife was woman in swing.
-I mast came back in my mind. And you do it till now with them?
-No. I haven’t woman now and I think it is inappropriate to came to party without pussy.
We went at home in silence.
At midnight she takes her bag and return to Moscow How I think, it was forever.

But out several days, famous bag settled under my door again.
And I decided, - that is the time to do it.
I phoned to Ann, - Hi, my friend. Lidia came back to me. I thing she perfectly matured and need to initiation. She love you very mach. Can you take it in you hand?
- Oh Daddy. Lidia will like a new brilliant in our sexual community.
-With you it wills two.
-Suck me you will a little late, - she stopped.
Ann was nice with jokes.
- Let’s do it in a nearest weekend. I afraid she can escape again.
- OK. Nearest weekend Daddy. I will send post cart for the both of you.
- Ann. Please not many guests for the first time.

Two days after post cart came. It mean very formal, - Peter and Ann invite, dress code, etc., and in the end, - Private and Closed free-mind Party. List of guests included. It was only two couples: Serge with Nelly and Mike with Jane. Peter and Ann will third. It will nice f****y set method for initiation. I was pleasant. Ann can take cock in hands.

The country house of Peter and Ann was always filled with smells and sounds. They meet us with kindness. Ann was beautiful as the magic. Quartets by Mozart melt in the air. Peter and Mike were my old friends in company expensive-dressed women.
My girl feel up to a mood. She saw, nobody want cut and boil her flash.

Ann nicely takes my Lidia in excursion around her house. And meanwhile, we take a drink and talk about agenda of the meeting
The excursion went slowly. Ann nursed my wife as she can do it and checked the readiness of her to future night.
They came back with laugh and my wife has a red face. I understand, they have a good time. And my lovely Lidia immediately got into the hands of Nelly and Jane.

The Ann has a good collection of skirt and blouse in gypsy style. And my Lidia was involved in fashion show. In was nice foreplay to orgy. They change skirts and gypsy blouse one after another and walked in subdued light like a models leave behind nice trail of scent. After skirt time, came time of lingerie. It was sensual show. Lidia became a member of our sexual “pride” and it was wonderful. We take it with joy. Not only men. And soon they have had only shoes to dress. And they were looking like four nymphs in subdued light. I had fucked all of them many times before and will again.

Jane, - she has the best pussy from all of them. Pussy of my lovely size. Not to tight. Not too wide. Wet every time like a rain. But more then all, I love in her body, - the breasts. But not so tits, like the nipples. Her tits was beautiful, but small, and when she lay on her back, they disappeared fully and only her nipples, hard like the nails and big like plums scratched my chest and became more harder till she go to cum. I think, Jane have tits orgasm. Not clitoral, not vaginal. And else, she has wonderful smell of skin. When I had fucked her, she became smelled like flower with her wonderful scent. Near two years I don’t touch her, and I think, she need my cum and wait for it. I decide to fit her mouth with my protein at first and second orgasm I will present to her pussy.

Ann, - she perfectly ancient queen. I have had sex with Ann many times, and every time she was like another woman. She can be master, and can be slave, can be cat, and can be mouse. Ann, - it is the woman-mystery, and her way to orgasm lasted thought the dark forest, and nobody know the way to her pleasure. She can bit like a dog and can be nicely like a cat. The sex with Ann can revive you from earth to sky. She said, she like anal sex, but I never can take it before. May be it is not my privilege, may be I simple lose the chance. What is the main? She likes to play with men’s bolls. But she does it so careful and sweet, that I can cum after her first touch. When she mixes her play with blow-job, it wills the fantastic blow-job in universe.
Her tits are good made. She is only one woman in our “pride” has made tits. Her cunt is amazing, and she can use with it.

Nelly, - she is the most f****y woman in our “pride”. She was made for nursing her man. Her pussy is sweet and wide, and not so wet like pussy of Jane. But I know, that many man love perfectly such pusses. She has big and soft tits with a little nipple. But her nipples are very sensual to kisses. She tries protecting her nipples from men’s touch, but if you break the guard and take it in you mouth, she gives you all secrets of her body and will never things you can’t take from her.
She don’t like ass fuck. And if you take her ass, you not found any pleasure. But her orgasm is very special. I call it “mother orgasm”. When she cam, she will nurse you like a baby and sing a song to you with sweet kisses.

And at last, my lovely Lidia. She is too young and has not enough experience in sexual life. I have taken her in swing community with education target. Because she is too covered and locked. She need take sense of freedom for her body. But may be I am not right.

The end of first part.

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