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The play

You play in,-“Day without kiss”
It’s very hard, like hard disease
You perfume breeze,- the breath of sin,
You dress in tattoo, tanned skin,
You have nice diner-petal one,
Off cause, your beauty devil done.
I die with love, its hard disease,
Please give me kiss, get down please.
Posted by revert 2 years ago

To wonder, I had met last week.(horror)

Last week, when I have take a rest,
I had met ass in forest.
It has nice legs, it has nice tits,
Her waist was thin, face honest.
It’s looking simple like a doll,
But it was ass, from glory hole.

Posted by revert 2 years ago

About white and yellow

Two sweetie girls I had tonight,
When I walk with my fellow.
One was the young, she was in white,
The other, old, in yellow.
Such lovely night, the stars are bright,
The moon was full and yellow.
Of course, at first I fuck in white,
In yellow, - fucks my fellow.

Posted by revert 2 years ago

Poor lady

My lovely lady has disease,
She can’t see colors, - poor miss.
When she need take some cock for kiss,
They say,-“Its red, don’t suck it please

Posted by revert 2 years ago

My lover

My lover dirt and sweaty,
But he can make me luck.
Of course, he cant nice talking,
But he can hard me fuck.

Posted by revert 2 years ago

My girl

My girl was sweet and lovely,
She likes green wood and trees.
And when you ask,-“Please, fuck me”,
She said you,-“If you please”.
Posted by revert 2 years ago

About dark

Sweet lips have kissing me in dark.
Such wonderful, such magic link.
Don’t tremble with fear in the dark,
Dark full of love and lucky things.

Posted by revert 2 years ago

To you cat

I like you pussy, - sweeties cat.
Its playful, romp, her tongue is red.
When stroke you pussy, - caress sweet,
Its cry and makes my fingers wet.

Posted by revert 2 years ago

Woman in dress

Her cunt have look like Lotus bliss,
Her tits and ass, like magic piece.
If you can see, will dead with stress,
She knows it and keeps on dress.
Posted by revert 2 years ago  |  1


My life like monkey dancing
Have bite me, make me mudsling
The crowd met the Christmas, like they mad
But I is old and drinking,
Get squirting on it singing,
And every body thinks that I am sad.
Posted by revert 2 years ago

To me

Yes. My years sail away
And I can’t make love
And the night, now I see went in town.
Die my spring and my love.
I have going to sl**p,
Like the sun, now I see going down.

Posted by revert 2 years ago


Lets my evening will smell with whiskey
Lets for sunrise I dive in dark
nothing else, only beautiful woman,
I want nothing, don’t wish me luck.

Lets her fingers will smell with perfume
Lets her lips will swell of suck
nothing else, only beautiful lady,
I want nothing, expel the fuck.
Posted by revert 2 years ago

You gone away.

In bed I found your white and tiny panties,
You’re gone away and day become a dark,
In angle cry your lovely parrot Lancey
He said “Jamais” and cry again by France.

This is all that is left of you fair.
Bunch of letters you sand me by post.
Only heart sank a little in fair
But I don’t understand may be it is a frost.

Sunny Sunday, my parrot and dog,
We did pray through the night for revived,
Pair of shoes to be dressed in the fog...
Nothing happened we now survived.

Posted by revert 2 years ago

Is not it bad?

Is not it bad, have living, in the calm,
Without any word and sweetest kisses,
Without nice and longest psalms,
Without any false and noisily tizzies’.

Is not it bad, have living with no scenes,
Without long and truly talking,
Without swap in mystery and tears,
Without any nice and midnight walking,

Is not it good, together, with your friend,
Have site and drink this whiskey tested clear,
And suddenly remember with a smile,
The woman which had walked near.

Posted by revert 2 years ago

To stocking legs

You stocking legs are very sweet
I fall in love, when I had met.
It sight gives bitterness and smart
Please, give me use you like a tart.
Posted by revert 2 years ago

For woman i had meet on xH

Your pretty face, the goddess one,
Nice see it, when dark evening done.
And kiss all night, like night before
And die from beauty more and more.
Posted by revert 2 years ago  |  1

Coming up.

“Coming up, coming up, please”- I ask you.
Please again and again give me fuck.
And in fire of sex and desire,
I can see painful birth of my luck.
Posted by revert 2 years ago

No words

No words, no words, I have pray you
I feel bored and dull from you word
I don’t meet any happy you teal me
and don’t found any love in you worlds.

Pray you, please found somebody another
He will rich and will happier, but me
He will catch every word you can teal him
He will love you like fire, but me.

Very soon with my kiss in the air,
Lost my Russian soul and the sad,
I will go, and was crowded with gipsy
I will live, full with happy and mad.

And sometimes, anywhere, from window,
You can hear my voice through the dream
And about my love, and your widows
Taped voice will m... Continue»
Posted by revert 2 years ago


This nice and verdure wood
Has many girls around.
You can it fuck,
If you can found.

Posted by revert 2 years ago

About feat

The cunt was full of cum
It looked good to eat
She quickly ate it up
And said,"This is a feat"
Posted by revert 2 years ago