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Dirty talks

-Show me your pussy.
-I have no pussy. And for women after 40 is only cunt.
-No. You have a pussy. I checked.
-I wear stockings?
-Don't you love stockings? Isn't there?
-I want to see your pussy.
-Just naked?
-Yes. The Nude.
- You already strongly rubbed my pussy.
Do you still not enough?
-I will not touch your pussy. Only watch.
-Are you going to masturbate?
-No. I don't like to do it.
-Me in a bed?
-No. On the table.
-You wont me lay down?
-Then. Now in a dog style.
-Well, look at her my debaucher boy.
-Thank my seducer.
And take your hands off.
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About nudism.

Dear, we're leaving. Why you don't go with us, - calls me Carla.

We were invited to spend a weekend in a nudist camp.

This is all the restless Karla - woman irrepressible sexual temperament.

Although I am a fan of nudity, but in their camps I miss.
Not clear for me, how can I spend the whole day, walking naked among those of naked people and keep cool.

I believe that this behavior is a false and hypocritical. All my upbringing protests against this falsehood.

And if I agreed to go with them, it is only for that, -
Despite bans, plenty to enjoy sex and seduce any nun to dest... Continue»
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Once Michael had brought as a gift Karla one funny Chinese toy. It was two silver balls, the size of the average chicken eggs, connected by a thin chain.
Inside balls apparently was a pair of silver beads, which emitted a very melodic sound in motion.
These balls were introduced into the vagina, and when, Karla passed by, I heard a very pleasant and quiet overnight.
This apparently was a very erotic and invitingly for Michael because he now fucked her every where, preferring anal.
Ringing when this, was especially hilarious.
It was quite long, until the chain for the extraction balls of... Continue»
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About jealousy

“Have you or a lover ever suffered from
jealousy? You don’t know how to understand jealousy and use it to fulfill your sexual fantasies?
Jealousy is like the wild stallion that
jumps and kicks until it is understood and
tamed. Jealousy is your inner self giving
you a roadmap to your sexual liberation.
It is a complex set of feelings and reactions to unmet needs we all have. If jealousy helps you identify these unmet needs
and move you towards satisfying them
than jealousy becomes your friend. Not
only can you tame jealousy but you can
look forward to it coming as a messenger
from yo... Continue»
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[Story] Babby doll and swingers Part one.

I and my girlfriend went back after nice supper with my guests.
-You friends are very intelligent looking, - she said.
-The men are my colleges and one of these women too. We studied together.
- The Ann, you mean?
-Yes, the Ann.
-Nice friends you have, - she repeated.
-Yes, they are nice.
-What they like, - she asked.
-Swing, - I said. They are swingers.
- Don’t talk silly, - she stopped. You joke me?
-No. It is truth.
-And the Ann?
-Yes, - I laugh, - the Ann too. I see you like this woman.
-She so beautiful looking. I think, swingers looking like crazy chaps.
-Not all swingers ... Continue»
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About swing and honey

My friend, when he was nothing also to do,
Went off to fuck some body in the crew.
All crew, was pleasant by his game in swing,
To his extreme annoyance fucked him.

My girlfriend likes eat chips with honey,
She did it every five o’clock
The chips has sweetest test of funny
And honey keeps them on the cock.

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about cunt

Some cunt was prudish, pierce with gold,
Have strongest moral in the world.
But never prudish you can found,
When she can see some cock around.

There was sweetie girl with red hair
When she fucks me they think it is faire
And they said: Never mind if you fuck from behind,
It wills never the danger of faire.

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About girls

My friend dance wonder looking girl
But I take glass of white.
The girls are nicely, as the Cats
And as the Dogs they bites.

The sex with sweetie little girl
(If rightly understood)
Can make you from an awful bad
Unnaturally good.

The cruel Bear big and wild
He catch the girl
(Some sweetie c***d)
The girl is nothing to a wear
And she was fucked by the bear.
(The sweetie girl is still alive,
And now near twenty five).

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To my little girl

Of couse you sweet, my little girl,
Nice see you on that page.
Remember please, that suck and fuck
Is common in your age.

Shemales is woman, if you please
But he the man, of course
The cock and tits all in one tube
For one you Fuck the both

Take big black cock.
For test it try.
If tested bad,
Call other gay.

And till you test,
With love, not fast.
I know you found
Delight at last.

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About fitness.

She said, I rough and foolish man.
Of course, will changing it.
But let me say before will change,-
These cunt, to you, not fit.

Last week, when I have take a rest,
I had met ass in forest.
It has nice legs, it has nice tits,
Her waist was thin, face honest.
It’s looking simple like a doll,
But it was ass, from glory hole.

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About music

Some likes piano, violin.
My friend likes sound of bass.
But I dont hear music best,
Than sound from slap her ass.

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About help and aid.

He was weak and helpless,
She comes with the aid,
And makes him full settled
Inside his inside.

He now is joyful
She share with her aids
He has now set,-
All disease and delight.

Posted by revert 2 years ago

You need to be ready.

At once I blushing, lost my cheque
To pay advances her rash.
She twined arms around my neck
And toyed with my cash
And then, she pleased me to fuck,
While I – what could I do?
It nice to be involved in fuck,
And if I can, I do!
Posted by revert 2 years ago

If you need a help.

Ones I met young man with a cock.
Cock such long, that it can’t be lock
And he hired the lady, whose conduct was a steady
To protect, and to carry that cock.

Posted by revert 2 years ago

Right method.

“That exactly the method,”- the wife had repeat,
When she test and was pleased with fuck
That exactly the way I have always been told
That you cock in my ass is my luck.

“That exactly the method, “- her husband replied,
With a sweet and parenthesis cried
That exactly the way, I have always been told,
That my cock in you ass should be tried!

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Some man had asked my friend in speech,-
“Why every day you lay on beach?”
And my friend with a dignity said,-
“Like every man from middle class,
I like the view of women’s ass.”
And that man with confuse got away.

Posted by revert 2 years ago

After dark

I engage with the fuck, - every night after dark.
It is dreamy delirious fight.
I delight all my green with those shadowy teens
And my fire gets striking a light.

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Sex again.

“Sex again, and again,-we have had that before”,-
Prudish wife with indignantly said
And her husband replied,-“Let me do it once more,
But I do it with you and you maid.

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My lovely girlfriend has the pussy
She has the fear, she should lose it
And keeps it in her panties,
For fear, that I use it.

My lovely girl is nice and sweet
At night she is my guard
She gives me kisses full of love
And looking like a tart.
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My pain

You came to me with morning sun
And say,that you will leave me.
I fall with stress and broke my knee.
Its heavy ache, believe me.

Posted by revert 2 years ago