sometimes im tired. until the lights go out....
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I'm:The Lizard King, 31
From:Akron, United States
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Kids:No, but may be want some
Occupation:Writer, Roofer, barroom philoshopher
Education:Some college
Drugs:Recreational drugs sometimes
Physical Information
Body type:Athletic
Height:6 ft 1 in (185 cm)
Hair length:Short
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Hazel
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and for those of you wondering if this is really me, i wonder the same thing myself sometimes.... ;)
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23 days ago
Hope You have an Amaizing New Year
25 days ago
Happy New Year. May 2015 be filled with joy and opportunity! my friend.
28 days ago
Thanks for the invite
1 month ago
amazing uploads
1 month ago
Wishing a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.
1 month ago
cool so cool...............
1 month ago
hey motherfucker it is good to see you back around tha block again. i am able to keep filth steadily flowing in but these haters and trolls keep flagging them into moderation by abusing tha "report inappropriate photo" button. it is fucking pathetic how low these keyboard warriors will stoop down too. i could honestly give a shit less about that though. i got my stash saved on data discs for my personal use. i hope life is peachy for you motherfucker. always good to hear from you. hit me up with an invitation when you get chance.
1 month ago
great selection of vids
1 month ago
re status :
well you could lick mine
I can't guarantee it would get your story posted but
I would sure be grateful ;-P
1 month ago
It smells like sex in here
2 months ago
Great pic galleries!!
3 months ago
Have a great weekend L.K. I'm closing in the back porch so the dogs have a place out of the weather.
3 months ago
Your "bound" galleries are wonderful! Thanks for posting them.
4 months ago
What the fuck is up with the hearts and kitty's? LOL
4 months ago
There's a cold shame
That lingers in the air that fills this room
And everything has changed
We built it up but hit the wall so soon

And maybe I could have done more
To make a change
But I was too far gone to find my way
So many things to keep us here
But not enough to teach us how to

Breathe as we walk the line
Or fall a thousand steps behind
Breathe as we walk the line

Through the silence
A weeping from the walls still remains
Where's my redemption
And why does looking back bring so much pain

We want it all, we want it now
And nothing else can make us understand
Sometimes it gets so hard
It's such a shame that you're not here
To take my hand and help me

Breathe as we walk the line
We fell a thousand steps behind
Breathe as we walk the line

The song within, once yours and mine
Breathe as we walk the line
We fell a thousand steps behind

Now I leave here and close the door to this room
One more time, I feel the warm sun
It holds me close as I walk down the line
Slave To The System - Walk The Line Lyrics |
4 months ago
RC, Missing you again...

Here's the revamped invite. Please send to all your female friends and a few select males. We need more boobies! Lol.


The party is on October 17, 2014. It will begin 8 pm Central Standard USA time

It is an online party. Just log in and go to xhamster.com/user/PartyPlayHouse

ATTENDANCE IS BY INVITATION ONLY so send your request to attend the party to SassyBri at xhamster.com/user/SassyBri or to Leaflee at xhamster.com/user/Leaflee. Please send your request for an invitation by October 10, 2014 so we have time to review your profile. We’re not snobs. We just want to try and ensure our guests are compatible!!
If you are accepted, we will send you a Friend Request to the PartyPlayHouse profile. It helps if you already know someone on the Friends list of PPH so please reference them when you send your request. We will do our best to review late invitation requests but cannot promise a response as we’ll be busy preparing for the party.

It's really very simple. You just jump in and start making comments on the profile wall or in the various specialty blog “rooms” and chat with other partiers! It’s a porn site so believe me there will be some very special room blogs!! Leaflee (Leslee) and I will host the party so ask us any questions before or during the party.

You may if you'd like. Send the link to your favorite internet image or one of your own making to the PartyPlayHouse PM box. SassyBri will add the image to a blog room specifically showcasing the member's that choose to have costumed representatives. Other's will be represented by their profile page avatar.

Trolls will not be tolerated. There will be a blog room dedicated to REPORTING TROLLS. Attacks will be cut short, and Trolls will be immediately BLOCKED.

Just contact SassyBri at xhamster.com/user/SassyBri or Leaflee at xhamster.com/user/Leaflee
They will answer your questions on their profile pages.


EXPERIENCE the PartyPlayHouse
4 months ago
i'm THIS close to deleting my profile.. you better give me a good reason to stay, dude.
4 months ago
4 months ago
Just cruising around the hamster cage - hope you're doing well and things are going your way.
4 months ago
::posted from a reply to a comment on my profile::

Layla Rivera (still, yes)

Gracie Glam does well. Nikita Bellucci, Lola Taylor... the list still goes on of chicks who can deepthroat. I've seen girls I don't even know deepthroat Criss Strokes who is all of 9.5 inches.

The problem is they deepthroat only a few times, a lot of them. They spend maybe a total of 30 seconds with a dick deep in their mouth or down their throat.

We as throat lovers, need.... NEED all-out throat fucking scenes. None of this 25 minutes of FACE-fucking.... we need HARD GODDAMM THROAT RAMMING and LOTS OF IT!!

Unfortunately, there is very little of this going on, or even attempts of it outside of FACIAL ABUSE. Even FA has seen many better days than what's going on right now.

We need top tier companies working with only the BEST, most resilient and attitude-adjusted deepthroating porn stars on a set for at least one hour a scene. Cut out the bullshit, brief introduction, straight to the RAMMING.

Will this happen in the forseeable future? Well, believe it or not, producers, stars and porn directors sometimes do listen to feedback.

GET ON TWITTER and tell them if they produce the porn YOU WANT you'll buy their movies. They're not hard to find.
4 months ago
Love the modern re-designing of your profle, man.

Very.... YOU!
4 months ago
re status :
true ...but the hand offers no suprise either .
5 months ago
Oh my gosh. Your profile! Love the last sentence. I feel you.
5 months ago

Have a great weekend.
Bottoms up!

SassyBri ~
5 months ago
I could imagine! Sometimes it's nice to take a sabbatical! Ohhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssss, much to keep you occupodo!!
5 months ago
Happy 777 days and
a Wonderful Weekend to you too.
Hugs Céline
5 months ago
Well amen! Here here to the fuck star himself, resistivecorpse!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
5 months ago
From the old Iggy Pop song, Candy: "It's been so long there's been a hole in my heart.." Hear you on the sliver loud & clear....
5 months ago
Re: Your blog "Full Moon"


I see the moon you speak of. I feel that sliver missing... I also know with time and the phases that come along with it, so will that perfect reflection on the water. So close now we can reach out and run our fingers through it's luminescence.

I want you to go to my pro and just below my about me, there is a picture of this moon. A gif. Below it are my thoughts on the moon. Read it slowly and let it's meaning sink in...

SassyBri ~

Thank you for sharing this.

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