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Those were the days of winter, I was at my aunt's house, aunt lived near the home of an uncle Arun, from my very good acquaintance and a good friend of her uncle. They come and go in our aunt's house. Arun uncle came to our house to watch.

Uncle and I used to talk a lot, he was always bringing me something.

One day Aunt told me - Aunt Anita (Arun uncle's wife) has remained a bag beside me, come get it!

Arun uncle aunt's house when I was working in the kitchen, I told him - you have left the bag aunt, aunt ordered it.

Aunt said - yes, that bag is placed on the table in my room, I'll get it.

Then he told me his hands were dirty - Go in the room and take myself, my hands are dirty.

I went into the room, then suddenly began to find bags Arun uncle went to the bathroom, she was wearing only Anderviyr.

I was just staring at him and he took me to see Muskuraa and then wrap a towel.

I looked like him, he cocks his eminence in Anderviyr sounded pretty good, I just wanted to see if I Anderviyr bag on the excuse of searching around seemed to be. Uncle towel wrapped likewise stood for some time and then he went to his closet and removed his towel fabric finds.

I did see them, it seemed to me as if they're Anderviyr a very big thing.

Then suddenly uncle told me - you're looking for, did not he?

I said - yes, Uncle got just the same as you have.

Bag was placed on the table behind Uncle, uncle, I went to pick up the bag and I fell on my leg and pretended to turn.

Now I was in his arms, she accidentally touched my hand when his uncle began to smile, and I smiled.

Then I got up and came home with bags.

When the day came for dinner uncle aunt told me - go, call Arun uncle.

Uncle Uncle's house I saw something sitting at the computer.

I told him - let's uncle, walk home and eat.

Said Uncle-reshu09xxx Today I bring food here, I have some things.

I said - OK.

And I brought food uncle told me to hold my hand - Reshu in the day that you see me smiling Anderviyr was why?

I told him - even if you were smiling! In that case the first time I saw you, Uncle! And as much fat in your Anderviyr - What was thicker and bigger?

Uncle told me - is that my cock reshu

I said - there is only so big and kinda fat?

Uncle said - do not believe what I show?

I had to agree - Show!

Then the uncle immediately tucked down his pants and Anderviyr.

Uncle was a little bit of the time, so I told her - it is not much thicker and bigger. You were lying.

Uncle said - Reshu, once you touch it, now it will be bigger and thicker.

As soon as I touched his hand, he began to stand up and be fat. I started stroking his cock with his hands and he took me in his arms and began to kiss my Honton.

I wanted so I started to kiss him.

I separated from my uncle and said - not today, Uncle, I want to go home, my aunt has been waiting for.

Uncle told me - Rushu, would you have sex with me?

I said yes, I said - not today!

The uncle said - Reshu I have taken leave from office today, tomorrow what?

I said - yeah right.

And then I came home. I had to wait for tomorrow.

The next day I told Aunt - I'm going home to Uncle Arun, No Problem at his computer, he called me to fix.

And I went to uncle's house.

Uncle Anderviyr was in, he said to me - let's go to the bedroom.

When we went into the bedroom uncle took me in his arms and started kissing me. I was so hot.

Uncle took off my top and jeans and pressing my breasts thrust. I now began to enjoy it.

Then he opened my bra hook and I took it off and started sucking my Chuchchon his face was being pressed to my chest.

Her uncle stood up and wanted to get out of Anderviyr. I unloaded the Anderviyr.

Say Uncle, you are so sweet! Hold my hand and Tame it!

I told uncle - Uncle, aunt so well Chodte you will feel them?

Uncle said - and see for yourself how it feels Chudwa, you will know!

Then uncle took off my panties, naked as I was shy and hides her pussy is. Uncle on my pussy opening

I placed my lips on her twitter arose.

"Uncle, do not like me ashamed!" I quote from shrinking.

Uncle said - this would be so fun!

And she began to lick my pussy and sucking like crazy. Then I also live in her uncle's hair, holding his mouth and his uncle inserted his tongue inside my pussy.

I extend my hand down their cocks began to try to catch up.

Uncle said - Reshu, now get ready for Chudne!

And he put his cock in my pussy began putting up.

I told him - I'm in pain, please slow down!

Said Uncle lovingly kiss my lips - a little pain in the beginning, then later enjoy the same fun.

Then Uncle slowly she began to pour in and put an emphasis in Lund with shock.

I felt a lot of pain just above my late Uncle began to love me, kissed my lips and my Urojh pressing. Reducing pain when my uncle began to push the light and love. Then I turned to sweetness and pain of her uncle and his Speed ​​increased loudly when I winked.

I do so on the volley volley uncle did, he pulled his cock pussy and began to lick my pussy.

I was just lying in bed.

Then uncle put his hand between my Cuchon fuck.

I was warm again, uncle put her back into my pussy and began loudly winked.

Uncle and I were the same for a long time, then I got up and went to the bathroom to clean myself up and came home.

Arun admission to fuck with it was my uncle!

How are you feeling?

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