I had a previous account with the name of renegadebob. I had to close that account for a while and lost all of my friends and stories that I wrote. Some of you may remember me.

I am a white male who loves servicing blackmen and women.

When I grew up, Boulder, Colorado, there was only one bookstore and that was at 15 and Arapahoe St. Down in the basement they had the booths and each booth had a glory hole. I had never sucked a cock until one day I was sitting in my booth stroking my fat cock to a straight film when a big black cock came through the glory hole into my booth. Before I knew it, and without even thinking about it I was on my knees sucking that cock. From that moment on I was a bbc slut. The cock was huge and the skin as soft as possible and so big that even with a full hardon it could not stand out straight. I sucked until he shot his load down my throat, another fist to have swallow cum.

When He pulled back I got up and walked to his booth door and knocked. He let me in and we talked for a few minutes. He lived in Eben G. Fine Park housing and I am became his slut. As a barber he cut hair at a salon and also at home. I would go by his apartment and suck his cock between haircuts. I absolkutely loved that man and his giant cock.

He moved to Aspen a few years later and I have not seen him since, although I would love to see him and suck him again.

I would love to be part of a group of guys who meet regularly to suck cock and jack off here in Colorado. Especially if I was the only white guy!

This is a true story the only kind I write
97% (19/1)
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17 days ago
if you are in Denver and need your cock sucked contact me at
19 days ago
It was wonderful and I LOVED his black cock
3 months ago
Wow looks like you had a good thing going with him. HOT story.
2 years ago
wow your story got me all hard, i love bbc too and being a man's slutmouth sounds so hot, you were so lucky.
2 years ago
hot stuff man, post more stories if you can
2 years ago
damn hott story! wish me and my buds were close to Colorado..
3 years ago
i believe you .first time i held a blk cock in my hands i was in heaven.cant stop thinking about it.
3 years ago
I am now renegadebob2 and love comments
3 years ago
thanks and its all true
3 years ago
Great story!