Mother Teaches Son What Porn Never Could

Let me start off first by explaining a few things. My dad divorced my mom when I was 10. My mom was originally from northern Italy but moved to the US when she was in her 20's. She has green eyes and long black hair, thin waist(she always ran when i was at school) and 2C breasts. She dated a few guys but the relationships never lasted more than a couple of weeks.

One day, i think it was in the spring, when I was 16, I came home from school and saw my mom sitting at my computer. She gave gave me one of those (your in big shit son) stares. I dropped by school bag on the floor and turned the corner to see what she was looking at on my computer. She found my porn stash. My face turned bright red and I froze. I still remember what she was wearing since she usually wore a black silk robe after her work out and shower. I couldn't move, i had no clue what to say or do. Then she said to me with her thin Italian accent, "I cant believe you would go behind my back and learn about this without me."

When I was next to her she double clicked a movie clip of a mature women getting pumped vigorously in the ass in reverse cowboy. Mom said "that's not how people usually have sex." I was still in shock and couldn't speak. "If you wanted to learn about sex why didn't you just come to me? Or were you using this for something else?" I looked away ashamed but she grabbed my face by pinching my cheeks together with her thumb and forefinger. "Look at me when I'm talking to you" she said.

I thought, oh no she's gonna get out the belt, but she didn't. Instead she told me "I guess I'm going to have to teach you a thing or two about sex since you can't get a proper education watching porn. Go in your room and I'll be there in a moment." I did as she said fearing a swollen ass. I thought to myself that she was probably getting the anatomy book, but when she appeared in my doorway my heart sank and I couldn't believe my eyes. Her robe was now fully open and I could see her perfecting tanned body, which was wearing her black lacy lingerie. "I know this is your favorite, I saw you sniffing it from my hamper when you though I was in the shower."

I protested that I never did that but she just slowly shook her head and revealed what she was hiding behind her back. It was a long piece of blue nylon rope. I told her I'd never watch porn again and there was no reason to hit me with that but she just walked in the room and said with a smile starting to curl "put your hands together in front of you." She tied my hands together and knotted the rope. She pushed me back onto my bed which I was standing in front of.

I asked what the hell she thought she was doing and she replied "I'm your mother and if you talk to me again in that voice your really gonna get it." I told her that this was c***d abuse and thats when her smile vanished. She brushed her robe aside and bent down to remove those black lacey panties. "You know I went running today in these and I was wearing them when I was looking at your computer all afternoon." At this point I was starting to get really freaked out but i decided that I should just go with it as long as she wasn't causing me pain. I began to open my mouth to talk and she rolled her panties up in a ball and shoved them in my mouth.

My eyes widened with disbelief and all I could taste was a salty sweet mixture against a grainy lace surface. What the hell was she thinking? She then slowly dragged off the boxers I was wearing and tossed them in the corner. "In order to teach you what I need to, you're going to have to get an erection, like you do when you watch your little movies." "Maybe this can help" she reached down and grabbed my shaft in her warm hand. She lowered her head and her long black hair covered my view.

I felt her grip my shaft harder as it began to grow. Now the tip started to feel wet as she bobbed up and down lightly. With her free hand she lifted her hair and tossed it behind her head. This is when I became the hardest I've ever been. She was staring right at me with her piercing green eyes while her pink lips formed a tight seal on the head of my penis. I shook and shuttered and she stroked me up and down but always kept her eyes on mine.

She lifted her mouth off and said "much better than a video right?" I nodded my head vigorously afraid she might stop. What had happened to me? At first I was disgusted but my body took over and I wanted nothing more than to be inside my mom. She cupped my balls with her free hand and gently squeezed and released them over and over again. It was pure ecstasy, I never thought anything could ever feel this good. Then she abruptly stopped and stood up. "I don't want you to finish the lesson without me, now do I?" She took two steps back and dropped her robe to the floor. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She then bent over me and her perfectly shaped tits bounced out as she fully removed it over her head. Her soft jet black hair brushed over my face as she bent lower and rubbed her breasts up and down my chest. I reached up to grab one and she smacked my hand down, "Not without mommy's permission."

"Oh wait, you can't with my underwear in there" She plucked her sopping wet panties out of my mouth and sniffed them before tossing them aside. I asked her with a shaky voice to let me touch her tit. "You may" she smiled crookedly down at me while both my hands cupped her left breast. "alright so you've had your first blowjob and felt your first breast, what should I teach you next?" My eyes darted to the thin strip of hair where her pussy was hidden from view. "Ah so that's what you want now?" "Get up, on your feet." She got off of me and I struggled to my feet. It was difficult with my hands bound but she didn't help me. "Go sit on your beanbag chair in the corner" she said with a wicked grin. I did what she said and plopped down in corner. Mom then walked over to me, turned around while looking over her shoulder and bent her knees so her sweet pussy was hovering just over my cock.

"Before we do that girls need to be warmed up first." She backed up two more steps and her ass was directly in front of my face. "Come on, don't be afraid stick your face in it." In the moment I used to hesitate, my mom thrust her ass back at my face, pinning my head between her pussy and the wall. I didn't fight it, I just opened my mouth stuck my tongue out. It was so wet and warm. I struggled for breath but she just pressed harder. "If your not going to do it right then why should I let you breathe?" I began to panic and mom could tell. She moved forward and I could see her looking at me devilishly from between her legs, her hair flowed down to the floor. "I want you to find mommy's clit, its the thing that resembles a nipple. Once you find it, use your tongue to play with it."

I did what she said and she pressed her snatch harder into my mouth widening it. At this point my nose was right up against her asshole but she seemed to enjoy it and I didn't mind. I heard her groan and I thought I did something wrong so I stopped. She swung her hand back and slapped me in the face. "Don't you dare stop now!" I started up again and she shook uncontrollably. A clear water burst out from between her delicate folds and squirted in my mouth and down my chest. She panted "good job, mommys proud." She stepped forward and bent down on my penis which was hard as a rock. She took me inside her all the way down to the base. Mom was squatting on top of me, and she looked over her right shoulder with wide green eyes. "Your much bigger than I thought."

"Now put your hands on my waist so I can lean back, there you go." She started to pump me and it caused her hair to swing over my face. It smelled like strawberries and it tickled my bare chest with every thrust. "Your making mommy so proud right now." She stopped and leaned forward till she was on all fours. "Keep going." I got on my knees and stumbled a few times while positioning myself. "grab mommys hair to sturdy yourself." I did what she said and gathered her long black strands into a nice bundle and wrapped it twice around my closed fists. I told her I was about to come and she pulled away. "Can't have that just yet, there's still something else i want to you to learn."

My mom put her hands on either side of her ass, causing her to drop her shoulders to the floor. As she spread her ass cheeks she said "Now stick your tongue in my hole, i need it to be nice and slippery for what were doing next" I was about to protest that it was a dirty thing to do but I was too afraid of her stopping so I gathered a bunch of spit in my mouth and f***ed it into her puckering hole with my tongue. It didn't taste bad like I expected, just very strange. "Don't worry Son, I douched earlier today." After her pulsing ring was dripping wet I knelt up straight again. i knew what was coming next and I could barely wait.

Mom was looking right at me over her shoulder with those beautiful eyes, "now listen to me carefully, I want you to take two fingers and gently slide them inside my hole, back and forth." Since my hands were still tied together, I made a double fist with both of my middle fingers sticking out. I could feel her tight hole quiver and squeeze as I slowly worked them in and out of my mom. The cheeks on her face got bright red. She was really starting to enjoy this. "Alright stop now, I'm ready for you."

When I removed my middle fingers mom was gaping wide open ready to devour my cock. "Get in all the way in and I'll tell you what to do next with mommy's hole." Mom stretched her ass cheeks apart as I dove into her. "I want you to start off slow, your very thick after all." I grabbed her hair again for leverage and slid into her, every time going a little faster. "Mommy wants to try a new position, lean on top of me." As I did she flattened her body out till she was laying on the floor flat on her stomach. Her ass got even tighter and I though my cock was going to explode under the pressure. "You better not cum yet or mommy will be pissed."

"Put your hands on the back of mommy's neck and fuck me harder." I did what she said automatically. Mom then slid her hands underneath her body to play with herself as I pumped from behind. After she came again she told me "stop." I did, she laid back on my bed with her legs dangling off. "Now come over here and fuck mommy in the ass some more." I got off my knees and walked over to her. She raised both of her legs together and straight in the air. "Now I want you to put your arms over my legs so they're both over your left shoulder." Once I did that I couldn't use my hands so she grabbed my cock and secured it back into her asshole.

"Tell mommy when your about to cum ok?" I nodded and continued to thrust away vigorously causing her breasts to jiggle up and down. A few minutes past and I still wasn't ready to cum, I guess it was making me nervous looking my mom right in the eye while prying open her tight sweet asshole. She sensed something was wrong and told me to get off. "This should help." She got off my bed and got on her knees while I stood right in front of her. "Mommys learned a trick or two about making men cum." She opened her mouth and took my cock inside it. She kept going down till all 7 inches were not only inside her mouth but in her throat.

Mom was looking right up at me while taking my penis down her throat and back out again. She then stuck her tongue out while I was down her throat and began to lick my balls. My mom took my cock out of her mouth and said "I want you to cum for mommy." She started to cup my balls in her hand and use the other to stroke my shaft. Her mouth was open wide with her tongue halfway down her chin. My legs shook and I came all over her face and in her mouth as she massaged by balls. I must have emptied at least an ounce on her and she seemed very pleased. She licked up every drop and cleaned my cock off with her mouth. As she walked out of my room naked she turned around to say "I don't want to see anymore porn on the computer, when you get an urge you come find mommy."


Tell me how you liked it. I'll do more if requested.

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