my first strap-on by a women

i was in bed one night jerking of to a porn movie when i heard my mother coming up the stairs and she opened the door but it was to late she caught me right there in the acted and she walked over and said what the hell are you doing and i told her i was horny and she said well if that is the case then and with saying that she pulled down her skirt and got on my bed and put her mouth on my cock as she started to suck my cock i told her that this was not right andshe said just shut-up and let mommy take care of your problem as i tried to get of the bed she grabbed my arm and pushed me over the front of my be and tied me to the bed posts and said she will be right back and she did come back with a big strap-on all lubed up and i told her no way to go fuck herself with that and before i could say anything else she pushed it right in my ass hole and said your a bad boy for mommy and now you will be moomy's little boy as i tried to get away she pushed harder and harder and soon she had all ten inches up my hole and i started to like it as she fucked my ass when it was over she got on her knees and told me to blow all my cum in her mouth so i did and then she stood up and said next time i catch you it will be twice as hard got it
54% (9/8)
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3 years ago
i agree with hi1
4 years ago
Is this an outline or the whole story?
You have good idea but you need to execute to make them work.
Read my post "and the story wrote itself" to get some tips.