Unexpected bang at NYE party

This happened on the new year eve just past, I spent the new year eve with my girlfriend and her high school friends at one of the girl house. there were three couples plus two single girls at this party. Now let me tell you about the girl I had fun with that night, she is one of my girlfriend good friend from high school and she always has been the wild one (from the stories i have had heard). Well she is Cambodian and her name is Zoe, she is about 155cm and a very tone body. I had always dream of fucking her since I had seen her and I had a feeling that we have a mutual feeling about each other. Because every time we are at the same party she always spend a lot of time near me and flirting with me.
Okay back to this house party there were a lot of drinking between us but as I was driving and same as Zoe we didn't drank as much as the other. Half way through the night there were conversation of comparing abs and without warning Zoe just put up her dress up showing us her abs plus her cute lace bra & g-string, as she was showing us her perfect body I had a big smile on my face and she caught me and wink back at me. Nothing happen much after that and now fast forward to midnight. After the count down I gave my girlfriend a kiss and also sneak a kiss in with Zoe but only to her cheek, about 30 mins after that 3 of the girls (including my GF) pass out on the couch. I was outside talking car and drinking with the two guys and Zoe was with another girl was talking and watching in the lounge. Just before 1 am I went to toilet and this is went the fun started, as I walk toward the toilet Zoe saw me and gave me a smile. As I entered the bathroom where the toilet is just about to shut the door I felt someone try to push the door open, and out came behind the door was Zoe with a big grin on her face. Without a word she kiss me deeply and shut & lock the door at the same time. Without hesitation I kiss her back with a lot of tongue action, at this stage my hand was roaming her body and lifting up her dress. We broke from our kiss and I help her out of her dress and she drop down to her knees and pull my pant down and start sucking my hardening cock. My god can this girl give a head job, the suction, the tongue movement and deep throat action. As she gave me the wonderful head job I took my shirt off and in the process I took her lace bra off and what I saw was a perfect perky b cup tits with a pair of arouse nipples. Even though I don't want the head job to end I pick Zoe up and put her on the basin, As she sat there we start kissing again and my hands was busy massaging her tits and rubbing her pussy through her g-string. I can feel a wet patch in front of her g-string and decided to slight my middle finger in her wet dripping pussy. as my finger entered her she let out a soft moan, I continue to finger fuck her for a while before I decide to pull down her g-string and go in for a taste. As my tongue touch Zoe pussy her moan got a bit louder and I have to stop her before anyone can hear it. I ate her pussy for a few minutes before she exploded with an orgasm and her juice was over flowing out of her pussy. As she calm down from her orgasm she jump down from the basin and turn around with her hand on the basin and pussy pointing out toward me, she turn around and said "I want you to fuck my wet cunt with your cock now..." With that I line up my cock a the entrance of her wet pussy and slide it all the way in slowly and just stay like that for a minute enjoying the tightness and wetness of her pussy. Zoe started moving her hip and turn around to said to me "are we gonna fuck tonight or you just gonna stay there? Fuck my tight cunt now". With that I started pounding her tight cunt standing up doggy style, within a few minutes she cum again and her juice start flowing down her legs. As she cum her pussy squeeze so hard on my cock that nearly push me over the edge. at this stage I knew I wouldn't long before I shoot my load, I asked her where she wanted it and she turn around gave me a kiss and told me "cum in my cunt. I want to feel your hot cum inside my cunt". She also told me that she is on the pill and with that a few more hard thrust into her pussy I shoot my cum inside her. As I cum inside her she turn around and gave me a passionate kiss. As we kiss while my cock is still in her I can feel my cum dripping out of her pussy and she broke off the kiss and got down on her knees again and put my cum cover cock back into her mouth and suck me clean.
After that we clean up and got dress and a last kiss before we head back out. As we walk past the lounge we saw the other were a sl**p too, so we just join the other two guys outside and I told them I was in there talking to the girls that why took me so long to come out.....
That night me and Zoe have made plan to meet up again soon so stay tune for the next encounter...
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3 years ago
Yes SE Asian women are so skinny and tight...
3 years ago
Good story. I love SE Asian women.
3 years ago
Very good