Friend hot s****r slumber party cont...

The night continue...

Anna and I jump into the shower together to wash each other before the night continue with more romping. As the warm water start hitting our body me and Anna was embrace in a passioned deep french kiss and our hand was roaming each other body. My hand was busy groping her tits and that killer ass, while her hand went on to worked on my now hardening cock. These teasing went on for a while and out of the blue we were joined by Kym, Anna smile at her and invite her to come in and take over. She gave me a deep kiss and a quick tug on my cock and say enjoy Kym then walked out of the shower. Now Kym is another blond a bit taller then Anna but with the same killer body with an all over smooth tan body, her tits is a bit smaller then Anna but they were very perky and a clean shave pussy. As Kym walk into the water we locked our lip in a kiss and this girl know how to use her tongue, as we were locked in our kiss my hand found it way to her pussy and were rubbing her clit and her hand were messaging my ball and cock. From time to time Kym would let out a moan as my fingers hit the spot, after feeling her wetness from inside her pussy I slided 2 fingers into her tight pussy and she let out a big moan. I started finger fuck her and her moaning became louder and quicker, and within minutes she cum hard and she collapsed onto my body while my fingers still inside her pussy. I withdrew my fingers and put it straight into her mouth and she suck my finger as it was a cock, She then dropped to her knees and look up at me with her beautiful green eyes and take my cock into her mouth in one motion. Kym know how to gave a good blow job and her tongue skill is definitely out of this world. She gave me a good 10 or so minutes of sucking and messaging of my cock before I pulled her up and told her that I wanted to fuck that tight pussy.

I turned her around and got down on my knees to gave her pussy a quick lick and tasted her sweet pussy juice. I then stand up and slide my cock into her pussy and started fucking this sexy minx from behind. Kym pussy was very tight and I can feel her pussy squeezing my cock every time I entered her. As I fucked her Kym was starting to talked dirty to me and she was asking me to fuck her harder and to make her cum again. With that I had one of my hand around her body on her pussy rubbing her clit while I still fucking her. After a few minutes of my hand rubbing her clit and cock in her pussy Kym cum again and my cock felt her pussy squeeze as she came. I kept fucking her slowly as she calm down from her orgasm. After she had settle down I asked her to follow me to Anna's room to continue, as we got into Anna's room I saw Anna, Jade and Nat was eating each other pussy. As I walked pass then with Kym I gave all 3 girls ass a slap and as I reach Anna's bed I lay down on my back and Kym got on top of me and slide down my cock and start riding me. Her pussy was so wet by this time every time she come down on me I can feel the juice on my inner thigh, as she was in control in the cowgirl position she grind herself to another orgasm within 5 minutes. As I just cum in Anna sweet pussy not long ago I was able to fuck Kym longer, I had her riding me for a good 20 minutes with a lot of tits groping and kissing before I asked her to lay on her back so I can fuck her hard in the missionary. As I enter her we locked into another passioned kiss and I started fucking Kym slowly then picking up pace as I go, While I was fucking her she was screaming "fuck me harder...". After another 5 minutes I told her I am just about to cum and Kym told me that she want to taste me and with that she sat up and have my cock in her mouth within second and sucking away. With the sensation of her tongue working on my cock I exploded in her mouth and she swallow it all and kept on sucking for another few minutes. She then collapse on to the bed and told me I am welcome to fuck her pussy anytime. I smile and collapse next to her in bed spooning her watching the other 3 girls finish each other off.
Then the 3 joined us on Anna's bed as we continue groping and pleasuring each other for a while until we all felt a sl**p. I didn't get to fuck Nat and Jade that night but had the pleasure of fucking Jade and blow job from Nat in the morning. That will be another story...
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3 years ago
lucky son of a bitch! haha great stuff