Friend hot s****r slumber party

This happened a few years back.....

When to Tony's parents place with him to check up on his s****r while they parents is away on Holiday. Now Tony's s****r Anna is 18 but she has always been the princess type that have no clue of how to cook, do laundry but she have one hot body... She is about 160cm tall with a slim athlete body and an ass to die for, bleach blond hair and b cup tits. Since I have became friend with Tony I have always dream of fucking his little s****r. When we arrive at his parents house we notice they were loud music coming from the house and as we walk through the front door there she was in her cute little short short and her PJ tee dancing around to the mucis with Kym, Nat & Jade 3 of her best friends from high school and all in they PJ too. Now Kym, Nat and Jade they are as hot as Anna but it will be another story.

As we walk in Anna saw us and say hi and offer us a drink, and from what we can see the girls has had a few drinks already and is in a very happy mood. Tony and I stay for a few drinks before we head out and during our time there Anna started to flirt with me every time Tony is not near us. I managed to grab her ass a few time as she walk pass me and once I am pretty sure I got her pussy too. After we finish our drink me and Tony head out and I got a text from Anna saying "come over later ;)". Now fast forward 3 hours...

After dropping Tony back at his place I went to Anna and as I got there I still can hear the music from the house and girls laughing. I knocked on the door and was greeted by Nat with a surprise look in her face. I told her Anna invited me and she let me in. As I was in Anna saw me and walk toward me and gave me a hug. At this stage the girls are pretty d***k but they still quite active. Anna pour me a drink and we took a sit in the sofa, she sat next to me and while we were chatting away with the other girls Anna hand was roaming my leg and rub up my cock a few time. My hand was behind her rubbing her ass and notice she was not wearing any pantie. After about an hour of this Anna told me to follow her to her room up stair and excuse herself to her friends with a big grin on her face. As I follow her I can hear Kym, Nat and Jade giggle between them. I though to myself Anna must have told them of her plan.

As soon as I walk into her room she kiss me hard while her hand went straight to my cock. I kiss her back and naturally I had my hand down her pant grabbing her ass. I pushed her down to her bed as we were still locked in our heavy french kiss and started to removed her tee and short, within second she was naked and I pull back from our kiss to admire her hot sexy body. As I was standing up admiring her nakedness she pulled my pant down and wrap her warm lip around my hard cock. She gave me one hell of a blow job and my god she can suck, I started to fuck her mouth as she took all my cock down her throat. After about 10 minutes if this I got her to lay down as I started to suck on her tits and finger fuck her pussy. She was so wet already from giving me head and within a few minutes of me fingering her pussy she had her first orgasm. As she just calm down from her orgasm I had already position my hard cock at the entrance of her wet and tight pussy and with one push I entered her in the missionary position with ease as her pussy was so wet. I fuck her slowly while we kiss passionately and I pick up my pace, and after about 15 minutes of this we broke from our kisses she moan into my ear "I am your for tonight and want you to fuck me all night, and after this Kym, Nat and Jade is your to fuck too". With that I asked her to get on her knee and hand so I can fuck her in the doggy position, I slide my cock in and as soon as I fully entered her she exploded with her second orgasm and let out a big moan and I can feel her pussy squeezing my cock. I knew I won't last long from here so I fuck her hard and her moaning was getting louder and more vocal. She was asking me to fuck her hard and faster... A few minutes of this I told her I am gonna cum and wanted her to suck me off, she turn around and say she want to feel my cum deep inside her pussy and asked me to fuck her harder as she is very close to another orgasm. After a few more thrusts and with a hard final thrust I cum and filled her pussy with my cream and with my cock still in her she push her ass back hard and let out a big moan as her third orgasm hit her.

After a few minutes for us to calm down while my cock is still deep inside Anna pussy, I slowly pulled my cock out and lay on my back recovering and before I knew it Anna mouth was on my cock cleaning up our cums. After she finished she came up and lay next to me and say the night is still young while looking at the entrance of her room. I looked up and saw the other 3 girls standing there with they hand down they pant pleasuring themselves. Anna sat up and say to them after we shower he is all your...

To be continue...

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3 years ago
hot as fuck
3 years ago
great start! cant wait to see what happens next!