A wild night with an ex girlfriend Part 2

The night continue.....

After our dinner at the hotel restaurant and a couple of hours in the lobby bar chatting and a few drinks we headed back to Maree room. When we got in we lay in the bed giving each other soft kisses for a while then sje gave me a nice massage. After the massage we went to shower together and in the shower I started to massage Maree perfect tits and sucking the nipples. This make her moan softly and start stroking my now rock hard cock. After a few minutes of this we decide we are done with shower and dried our self off. She lead me by my cock to the bed and pass me half of a viagra. She said to me "I know you don't have any problem getting hard but I want you to fuck me all night". With that I took the it and told her here we go...

I lay her down spread her legs and her shave pussy was just there asking to be lick and pleasure. I started of licking the outer lip and then her clit which make her let out a "yesssss..." as my tongue make contact. I kept licking and sucking her clit and within minutes her pussy was very wet. While licking her pussy I insert two fingers into her wet pussy and finger fuck her, by this time her moaning was loud and vocal. I kept this up and within minutes I felt her stomach muscles tense up and knew she reaching her big O soon. So I finger fuck her faster and second later she buck her hip up toward my face as she cum and her body was convulsing out of control from her orgasm. As her body still convulsing from her orgasm I push my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her, and after few hard push into her pussy I can feel Maree pussy muscles tighten up around my cock as she was having another orgasm. I kept my cock in her pussy as she calm down from her orgasm, after Maree calm down I started to slowly fuck her in massionary while groping and sucking her tits. Her moaning was so sexy with her saying "yes yes yes..." "fuck me baby and make my cunt feel good"... Few minutes after I got her on all four and fuck her doggy style, I start of with slow then she asked me to fuck her hard and she want to feel all 7 inch of my cock deep in her pussy. I start pounding into her tight cunt as she scream in ecstasy and she start to push back into my cock in rhythm. A few more minutes of me fucking her and her griding me I shoot my load of cum deep into her pussy.

I continue to fuck her for a few minutes after I cum and push through the sensitive pain period, she turn around and say let me clean your cock up and see if the viagra work. With that she turn around and lower her mouth into my cock and start licking the mixture of my cum and her juice of my cock. She continue to gave me one of her best blow job and with a big smile say to me that look like the viagra is working as my cock is still rock hard. After about 10 minutes of her sensational blow job, she told me that she want to feel my cock in her pussy again. She jump on top of me and guider my cock to her still cum dripping pussy and slowly slide it into her. Maree start to moved her hip slowly and griding her pussy to my cock. Maree definite know how to ride a cock and making her pussy feel good at the same time. Because after a few minutes of griding me she have another orgasm and her juice was flowing down my hip. After a few minutes passes I pulled her down to me so I can kiss her and suck her tits. I kept her in that position as I fuck her from the bottom until I had enough of it. I then flip her onto her back and place my cock in front of her face and say clean it up. She started to lick and suck my cock for a few minutes before I told her that I am going to fuck her so hard now that after this she won't be able to walk straight for a few days. With that she lay back with her legs spread and say to me "come on baby fuck me hard and cum in me again..." I push my cock into her and fuck her hard for about 15 minutes before I shoot another load of cum into her. I pull my cum drip cock out of her pussy after I finish unloading the cum, and without telling her I push my cock into her very tight ass... She let out a scream as I enter her ass and tried to pull away because she didn't expect it. I held her down and she look at me and ask what am I doing as my cock is still in her ass. I told her that I always wanted to fuck her ass and we never done it when we were dating. So I though since my cock is still hard and giving her pussy a break I might as well fuck your perfect ass. After the intial shock she let me continue to fuck her ass and it was tight that every time I push in Maree let out a big moan. After a while she she start to enjoy it and as I was fucking her, she was busy rubbing her clit and fingering herself to make herself orgasm. As she came again I felt her ass tighten up and gave my cock a very hard squeeze that make me shoot my cum into her ass.

After that we were so exhausted that we just pass out onto each other arms and felt a sl**p. We woke up to a wake up call and we had a quick shower and a quick fuck too in the shower before she have to leave for the airport for her flight. As we were getting ready to go she told me as she has swap shifts with a friend she won't be back for another 2 weeks. But she promise me that next time she is back we will do this again, and she will also introduce me to another flight hostess to join in the fun. That will be another story soon as it happened 2 weekend ago...

Stay tune...
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1 year ago
greattt..... cant wait for nxt chapter
1 year ago
Great, and good for you too, her continuing to come back for more.
1 year ago
2 years ago
4 years ago
excellent do tell us about the other girls