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The Reluctant Cock Sucker Series
Don's Story, Part One

Welcome to the Reluctant Cock Sucker Series. RCSS will center around Don or other lead subjects similar to Don. The character Don is based in large part upon my my real experiences/fantasies/things I plan on doing. If I do say so I think these stories are pretty erotic, and I think anyone could enjoy them. They are likely to be most appreciated by those like myself--bi or closet bi's who tried to deny or suppress their craving for cock, only to see it get stronger as they matured, and their experiences become ever more kinky. Or maybe you are someone who is confused, doesn't think he likes cock, but have some cravings you just can't figure out..and you are somehow reading this now…

…keep reading! Trust me, you are not alone! I assure you there are plenty of us out there. And those of you who identify with me, like what I write, and want more--contact me at

Happy adventures…

Don's Story, Part One
The Stage is Set in the Bar

Don half sat, half laid on the couch, wondering how he got to be in his current position--literally and figuratively.

Don's mind was going through one of those psychological miracles we sometimes experience, something like the moment after you take a wrong turn and are about to smash into a truck, head on. Except instead of just flashing back instantaneously to that wrong turn, Don's mind was whipping and flipping back over years and years of notable events, all related to one murky yet powerful topic, all very pointed and poignant, impossible to forget, although he certainly tried at times to do so. Throughout all of the physical and mental stimulation from which he was now being barraged, he tried to weakly ask himself if this was all coincidence, or if the scenes and memories all crashing through his brain in an instant, swirling around, and somehow coming together, had been orchestrated by some unseen puppeteer.

Let's go back a few weeks. Don was driving through the USA, and as he often did, he posted ads online seeking people who took in travelers for a nominal fee. It was a great way to save money and meet people as well.

Don usually had no problem finding places to stay, but he had no takers from a small town in Michigan he needed to bed down in, until one finally came from two guys named Jack and Rod. Jack and Rod said they were two guys who stayed together to save money in a tough economy, and were willing to take in a guest from time to time for extra cash. They said they were open to Don staying with them, but wanted a quick screening at a neutral location, to make sure all was ok.

Don was a bit annoyed by this request at first, as he was more than willing to send any proof of ID and references from past hosts. But he figured it wouldn't hurt to meet first, and he was sure he would get the green light from Jack and Rod in any case, so he agreed to meet.

Don met at the location suggested by Jack and Rod. He was a bit worried, as the location, an unmarked bar and pool hall, was a bit dingy. But the people inside were friendly enough. There was a small crowd, as it was a Monday night. Although Don wasn't there to meet women, he couldn't help but wish it was another night, so he would at least have the chance to look at a nice looking girl or two, as it was a men only crowd this Tuesday.

He walked in and before he could even look around, he heard his name called and looked over to see two guys sitting at the bar, waving at him. They pulled a stool out and motioned him over.

Jack and Rod seemed nice enough. They all exchanged pleasantries and basics about their lives, jobs, etc. Jack and Rod were normal looking guys for the most part. Don asked if they were bikers, as they both had black leather pants. Jack chuckled and said that yes, they liked a good ride from time to time.

The most memorable thing about the screening didn't actually involve Jack and Rod. Don was sitting on the corner of the bar, with Jack and Don on the left side. Don knew there was someone on his right, but he didn't really pay attention to him until he heard a slurred d***ken voice say, "Oh no, look, I spilled my beer all over my pants…!"

Don turned to look at a tall thin man swiveling around in his barstool, towards Don. As he swiveled, he spread his legs and looked down. Don followed the d***k's gaze down. The man had white pants on, strange pants. They were made of crinkly material that looked like it could have been no stronger (or thinner!) than toilet paper. And onto this, the man had spilled a large portion of his beer.

But the pants material were not what caught Don's eye. What he did notice what was appeared at first glance to be a baby's arm with a large fist, running down the man's thigh, half curled, almost like the baby was showing off it's bicep. Of course it wasn't a baby's arm, it was the man's penis…his very large meaty penis, about three feet in front of Don, translucent in the white thin pants, that big…thing…

Don didn't mean to stare, there was no reason for him to stare, as he wasn't interested in men, of course. He wasn't sure how long he did gawk at the thick meat, but when he caught himself doing so, he pulled his eyes up--straight into what appeared to be a leering smirk on the d***ken man's face. "Excuse me, I need to go dry something off", said the d***k, to Don. Don looked back towards Jack and Rod, trying not to show his flustered embarrassment--the same embarrassment he'd felt in many other degrees and variations in other similar situations. But this was normal in today's society, wasn't it? Don quickly rationalized that it was.

Jack said he felt the interview was going well, but he wanted to wait awhile to be absolutely sure that Don was an appropriate tenant, so Rod ordered another drink. Jack made this statement in a somewhat jovial voice that made Don think he was just joking because he wanted an excuse to drink some more, and in any case, these seemed like nice guys and he was having a good time. So he offered to get the next round.

As Don looked around to order, he noticed the tall lanky d***k patron walking back to his stool. He loudly said, "Had to change my pants!", and Don quickly surmised that the man was now wearing shorts--of what looked to be the same toilet paper like material of the pants! Don couldn't help but notice that as the man strutted back to his stool, there was a noticeable movement in front, below the belt line. It looked as if there was a something big and heavy--like a chain or something--swinging and jerking below as the man walked. Don of course knew what that something was. Don didn't stare this time, and he confirmed with himself that he of course did NOT care one way or the other about that sort of thing. It wasn't his fault that this guy was acting funny. And nothing was wrong with his previous reaction because after all, that…that…thing…was…just…ridiculously…big…

So Don managed to forget about the distraction and again focus on his new friends. Jack and Rod were nice, if a bit boring. They didn't have too much to say and Don was wondering whey they didn't pack up and leave. He was considering suggesting just that, when to his right the d***k bellowed, "Oh no, not another spill!"

The same events of before played out--the swiveling in Don's direction, and his automatic and surely unintended gaze downward. But there were two perhaps not so subtle differences this time, both working in symphony for effect. The man was now wearing mid length shorts that went almost halfway down his thighs--on his right leg, at least. On his left leg the shorts didn't go half way down his thigh. In fact, Don, in his quick, breathless glances, couldn't really tell how far his shorts would have gone down on the left leg--had they been touching his left leg. His shaky vision surveyed what looked like one of those modern single sl**per tents with a spine pole holding up the fabric, coming from the back of the tent, where it sticks in the ground, to the front, where is raises up fairly straight but tapers down a bit at the end, creating the tent's cavernous opening.

Yes, the man no longer had a curled up baby arm. He now had what must have been an erect penis. A fully hard, massive...COCK…a huge BONER...

…and again Don for some reason could not help but stare--and perhaps longer than the first time. For this time he not only took in the length of the rod--the big fat shaft, practically naked, the material of the shorts so thin and translucent, bordering on transparent, showing the flesh color, the veins...and the big sack below it, once more soaked with beer, dripping...but this time he had something else to grab his attention--the cavernous opening at the end of the man's shorts on his left leg.

The bar wasn't lit brightly, so the gaping hole at the hem of the shorts created by the man's tool was mostly dark. But Don could make something at the top, just inside the edge of the fabric…it was round, with a big split at the bottom. It was as big as a fucking small orange.

Don didn't need to be told what that knobby looking "orange" was...

The d***k said something about not changing this pair of pants and just stretching out so things would dry out on their own, and here Don was, trying to manage a conversation with two new acquaintances on his left, and then around the corner to his right, was this..this spectacle. He figured he would ignore it, and returned to his conversation with Jack and Rod as best he could, but he couldn't resist glancing over to his right a few minutes later. The man was still sitting in the same position, although his head was craned to his right, as he spoke to someone behind the bar. Don saw that everything was pretty much the same--but that murky looking knob with the split down the middle looked a little less murky. Was it a bit closer, a bit more exposed? It was hard to tell...

Don swore to himself he wouldn't give this bastard any more of his attention. He was either a total slob, or some sort of pervert. Don didn't care, and he certainly didn't want to have anything to do with this big dicked asshole, whatever his motives. And he wasn't going to look in his direction any more. No more!

No more lasted maybe three minutes, at most.

Don didn't even think this time, he just took advantage of a lull in his conversation with Jack and Rod to look to his right. He quickly thought that maybe he had been wrong, maybe exaggerating what he had seen, and it was probably gone now anyway. So he looked and found out not only was he wrong, but now he could definitely see the big round blunt shiny split end of a huge fleshy mushroom head, sticking out from that open ended shorts tent...!

Don's heart pumped as hard as ever in his life. Worse, he became aware of something that he'd been feeling since the first beer spill, but had managed to put out of his mind. That was a stiffening in his crotch, a stiffening which was now a full hard on, uncomfortable and hard to conceal. Don could hide his cock if it were either pointing up or down in his shorts, even though it could be painful when fully erect, as he had a bigger than average dick. Unfortunately, now his cock wasn't pointing in either of those directions, it was pointing out, creating a big bulge in his pants--and while he didn't have the monster schlong he was pretty sure was to his right, again, his 7 inch helmet headed cock was not small, and doing it's best to cause attention, as if to say, "Hey, that big dick isn't the only cock in this room, I deserve to be noticed, too." So Don crossed his legs, looked nervously around, then back to his right. Now it looked like most of the helmet was out of the shorts. Don couldn't believe how fat and nasty it looked, with a big pee slit running from underneath to part way up the back of the head, big and gaping, creating two separate lobes underneath.

Seeing the bulk of that dick head out in the open in a public place caused further shock to Don, and he again returned nervously to his conversation with Jack and Rod. Don's pulse was racing, but it seemed that Jack and Rod didn't notice anything wrong. Don of course returned to see that he had been wrong about the cock head exposure, most of the cock head had not been hanging out of the shorts leg because now the big fat rubbery bulbous knob was completely exposed, and it was even bigger than he had estimated, with a big blunt round tip and a large pronounced rim that flanged in back, just like a German war helmet. It was swollen...

Don couldn't believe this was happening. He didn't want to keep looking at this horny dog to his right, but for some reason he couldn't stop. And as he didn't want to stare too long, he kept looking away, but every time he did, more of that pecker was exposed...! Was that bastard doing this on purpose? Five, then ten minutes went by. Before Don knew it, he was looking at several inches of fat veiny cock attached to that fat dick knob. He was really hoping Jack and Rod would decide to leave...he was sure that is what he wanted, wasn't it?

But Jack and Don kept up their polite but sparse conversation, and then started talking to each other, which unfortunately gave Don time for distraction, and made it harder for Don to ignore the current events around the corner of the bar, away from Jack and Rod's view. Don's next glance was awarded with what had to be EIGHT Fat inches of pulsing, twitching fuck meat. And as he looked, the hard on jerked up and down three times in quick but obviously measured succession. Don knew how this was done, he was able to use his groin muscles to jerk his own cock up and down, and loved watching himself do that in the mirror, even putting a towel on his hard on and doing this, to impress himself with the strength of his fuck tool. So watching this cock conscientiously bounce up and down, as if to wave, to beckon to Don, was, well, let's say creating quite an "effect". His own seven incher was throbbing painfully in his tight shorts, and as he tried to shift his legs, it came popping forward, creating a very noticeable pants tent of his own, very obvious to the leering asshole with the big dick, who smirked and snorted, and then casually turned to talk to the bartender. Don couldn't believe no one else was noticing all of this, but he the bar only had about ten people, none of them in his immediate area, in view of the cock exposer. The guy didn't seem to care if anyone saw him, in any case.

Don made one more effort not to look, and he actually summoned up more will than he'd had all evening. Don was tired of this guy playing with him by showing a bit more of his lewd meat every time he looked at him. When Don finally couldn't resist another shot, he found that the sick bastard did not expose a little more of his dick this time. That's because this time Don came face to face, or I should say face to COCK, with a completely exposed, completely rock hard TEN INCH (had to be!) quivering fuck stick, with a big fat heavy shaved sack (with visible goose bumps all over) of bull nuts hanging below, against the edge of the bar stool. This package was wrapped real tight in a chrome cock and ball ring, which surely contributed to the bulging blue veins don could now see criss crossing over the big flesh tube, and the fatness of the nuts, despite the rock hard state of the attached rod. Looking at the big head on top with it's large gaping slit, big enough to stick the tip of one's finger in, or perhaps one's tongue--Don just couldn't help but stare, and stare for a long time.

Don wasn't sure of time now, wasn't sure of why his cock was so hard, or why he was having such a hard time forming clear thoughts. He did NOT like guys, and that was a fact! He couldn't imagine going out with one, kissing, or cuddling with a guy. He definitely loved pussy, and everything about women. He loved his lady. Why was he so horny now? Why was he mesmerized by that big helmet headed dick in front of him...? That big mushroom head, which reminded him of the ones he liked in his favorite pornos--the ones that had that showed nothing but blow jobs. But we can go more into that later--anyway--why was this happening, and at this time, when he was supposed to be meeting new friends and people giving him a place to stay? Why was this sick fucker bothering, tormenting him?

Then Don heard Jack say, "Let's go in a few minutes, ok guys?". That caused Don to look back over at Jack and Rod for a second, although they resumed the conversation they were having between themselves. Then Don could hear the perv to his right say, "Ok, see you guys, sorry I didn't get to talk to you much tonight.", and Don thought, "Shit, Jack and Don know this son of a bitch!". The big dicked guy didn't seem to be talking loud enough for Jack and Rod to hear him, as they continued their conversation and didn't look over towards the big dick d***k. Don could hear him continue, "Yeah, we will have to get together sometime, blah blah..." Don didn't want to get in conversation with this guy, so tried to look around, and as had been the case repeatedly, he had to return his eyes eventually to see what was exposed. His eyes popped out as he witnessed the mans two hands stroking his shaft and pulling on his balls. The fucker had pulled his shorts below his fucking knees, thrust his hips forward, and spread his legs so he could best display his cock and balls completely. The sick asshole was jacking off right there and then, in the middle of a local pub! He was taking nice long strokes, from the base of his cock all the way to the head, and then briefly squeezing the mushroom head so that the big pee slit opened up even more, as if to invite onlookers, or maybe even "participants"...

And then the horny fuck said, "Yeah Jack, I've been getting to know your friend. He's a good guy and we definitely have some common interests. You be sure and bring him back, ok?" And as he said these things he ran the fingernails of his right hand across his balls and ran the tip of his left index finger across the fat bulging trip of his cock, and then around and around the swelled purple pronounced rim of the mushroom head, as if to showcase his cock's best features, as if to taunt "someone" with the magnificence of his meat.

"Come on Don, let's go!" Jack said, as if Don was being too slow to respond. Don jerked his eyes away from the jack off exhibition, and got up, covering his crotch as best he could with his hands when he walked. He felt his tumescence was pretty obvious, that he looked silly walking around with his hands over his bulge, and it seemed that he was getting some stares from the bar's patrons. He was surprised that his new buddies didn't see this as well, didn't see either his or the pervert's cocks, but they seemed not to notice at all. Don was glad for this, and glad to be done with this...this sick distraction. He guessed it had been so long since he had sex, and even so long since one of his hot, lengthy jack off sessions, that he got excited at seeing ANYTHING naked. Yeah, that must be it. Even as he walked out, he was telling himself that it hadn't been that big a deal, it wasn't him, nothing "wrong" with him, just weird circumstances. As soon as he could, he would jack off to some hot chick porn and then all would be ok again.

That was it! He had it figured out! This strange twisted uncomfortable experience was OVER, and now he was going to get a good night's sl**p at his new friend's house. He definitely felt safe with Jack and Rod. Heck, if anything, they were a bit boring, but nice guys. Time to forget about what had happened, and just have a good night's sl**p.

Don was safe now. Wasn't he...?

(Keep your cock's (and pussies!) in hand, part two is on it's way!)

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1 year ago
Damned shame Part 2 never got posted. This one had great potential, too!!!!
2 years ago
Nice start, looking forward to the next instalment ..