First Time Sucking Cock

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II. Confession

My heart was beating so fast that I didn’t know how to calm it down, it felt like it would beat out of my chest and my stomach felt like it was on a spin cycle. My cock was harder than I could ever remember it and my mouth was watering like I was about to sit down to a steak dinner. This was my first time -- the first time that I ever got as far as to go through with it -- and the tension had been building up for months now.
I had this desire to suck a man’s cock for the past few months, to be down on my knees in front of a man and to take his manhood into my mouth and work it over until he exploded inside of me. It had all started after my last relationship with Gina. I had been in bad relationships in the past, but this one was one of the worst. She was mean, degrading and had made me feel like shit more than she made me feel good, but it kept me coming back, it kept me begging. Even when she withheld sex from me and told me that she didn’t think that I deserved it, I felt like I had to stay with her and prove something.
It turned me into a submissive and the one fantasy that I couldn’t get out of my head after she broke up with me was me down on my knees at the mercy of another man. Of course, even better would be at the mercy of a woman, forcing me to take a cock for her, but I could only fantasize about that now. I had to try taking a cock on my own first. Every weekend for the past few months I had made the posts on craigslist, offering up my mouth to any man who would come and stick his cock into it. It made my cock so hard to think about that, to imagine myself being taken like that. I always imagined that it didn’t matter who it was, how old, that I just wanted a cock.
Then the photos and emails would start to flood in and the cocks would be too small and stumpy, the guts would be too big and hanging too low, they’d be as old as my grandfather and it would all be that much less erotic. I had started to live out some fantasies through phone sex calls, them becoming a regular way for me to release my sexual tension and play out my dirtiest, darkest fantasies. They started out with me wanting to walk in on Gina with her new boyfriend, with me wanting to get involved, or me walking in on her getting gangbanged and lending a helping cock. One day, one of my favorite phone mistresses took me off guard as the fantasy was getting hot and heavy, me in a threeway with Gina and her new, tattooed and chiseled boyfriend, when all of a sudden he had bent me over and his cock was inside of my ass.
It was just over the phone, but at that moment I felt uneasy. I didn’t say anything, I didn’t stop her, tell her that I didn’t want that, I just moaned and continued to jack my cock off. It wasn’t what I wanted, but I didn’t protest it, either, nor did I protest when she made him blow his load all over my face while Gina sat back and laughed. It was degrading and horrible, but it made my cock hard and made the cum shoot out of me in a sudden, hot, sticky burst.
The calls to different phone mistresses continued from there, with them going from simple female domination calls to calls of me wanting them to f***e me to take their strapon, a cock and sometimes even a room full of cocks. I was too embarrassed to ever go out and buy a toy, but a rubber spatula that I had in the kitchen had a long, round handle that I’d find myself sucking on while a girl would whisper in my ear through the phone about how I was a bitch, her bitch, how many cocks were surrounding me and being jammed into my mouth or ass.
I knew that I couldn’t hold out for much longer, I knew that I needed the real thing and that I needed it soon. Was this just a phase that I was going through, or was I really in need of a nice hard cock? That was when I started posting the ads on craigslist. I had posted on craigslist before and had success with finding women on there in the past, but when it came to getting a guy to come and fuck my face I was nervous and shy.
So many other guys were in the same boat, it looked like, they wanted someone to come over and give them a fat cock to suck on, so at times it felt helpless. There were nights where I knew that I was ready and would make a post -- a hot one -- one where I talked about degrading myself, of them coming over and me already being on my knees ready for their cock. I invited them to bring a friend or even a few friends, but no matter how many photos of strange cocks showed up in my emails, something didn’t work out. Sometimes I would find myself so overwhelmed and so horny that I would just jack off to the photos, the urge completely subsided. Other times the replies would come but then the guy would back out or not get back to me.
This time would be different, I could feel it as a photograph of a guy with his huge, nine inch cock in his hand had come in. For reference he held a can of Monster Energy Drink next to his cock, his cock making it look normal, even small in comparison. I knew then by the bl**d rushing to my cock and how much my mouth was watering that I needed to feel that cock in between my lips tonight. I didn’t play games, immediately replying with, “Oh my god, I need that cock now,” including my address right after that.
His reply was simple, quick, to-the-point with, “Oh my way.” I knew that this was it, this was the night that I was going to finally get a taste of another man’s cock, that there was no turning back now. I sprung into action, dashing around my apartment turning off the lights and closing the blinds so that it was pitch-black. I wanted this to be anonymous, I was still ashamed, although if push came to shove as soon as that cock was in front of me I would have done anything.
A part of me felt like I was making a mistake, like maybe he would show up and I would just not answer the door, pretend that I was asl**p or that he had the wrong address. My whole body was quivering, me sitting down with my phone in hand trying to calm down, taking deep, full breaths. I pulled my laptop over onto my lap, opening up the screen which illuminated my face and the room ever-so-slightly and browsed over to the landing page for the phone sex service I frequented.
I couldn’t do this on my own.
None of the regular mistresses were on, only one that I had called a few times and couldn’t remember that well was on. I quickly pushed the “Call” button and stared down at my phone anxiously. After a few seconds the screen lights up and it begins to vibrate. I pick it up and push through the menu until it rings, rings, rings and keeps ringing. “We’re sorry, this mistress is unavailable” comes through and my heart sinks some more. My eyes dart back to the door, me picking myself up and looking through the peephole, with no one in sight. I still had time, I told myself. I could still back out, or I could find someone else to call.
I browsed through Mistresses until I found one that sounded degrading enough. Without hesitation I hit the “Call” button again, waited for my phone to ring again and nervously pushed through the brief menus. Ringing, again. More ringing. Then the pre-recorded voice comes through, “please introduce yourselves.”
“This is Mistress Sasha,” her voice was harsh, amused.
“Hi, yeah,” I said, voice shaking a bit.
“Who’s this?” She asked in a soothing yet bemused voice.
“Chuck,” I stated, not bothering to come up with an alias like I would have in the past.
“Well hi, Chuck,” she said before pausing. “What’s on your mind tonight?”
“Cock,” was all that I could let out, the only thing that was on my mind.
“Cock, huh?” She laughed and sighed. “Sound like you are a real sissy, aren’t you?”
“Yes,” I nod, before correcting myself, not knowing her and what she wanted to be called. “Yes Mistress.”
“Ooh, I like that,” she said, her amusement coming through the phone. “So what about cock is on your mind tonight.”
“I’m going to suck a cock for the first time tonight,” I let out, hearing myself say it out loud and the gravity that came with it.
“Wow,” her voice sounded genuinely surprised. “Like for real?”
“Yeah,” I gulped hard, my throat feeling dry all of a sudden. “I have a guy coming over now with a nine inch cock.”
“And you’ve never done this before?” She asked.
“No,” I stated. “I’ve tried to, but I’ve always chickened out.”
“Well you can’t this time,” her tone was condescending. “You have a nice hard cock coming over wanting to get sucked, you can’t let him down. You were the one that wanted this.”
“Yeah, I know,” I said, staring back at the door.
“So here’s what is going to happen,” she started. “You are going to hear a knock on the door and -- do you know this guy, or is he from craigslist or whatever?”
“Uh, craigslist,” I state, caught off-guard.
“Okay, good,” she clears her throat. “So you’ve never seen him, right?”
“So you don’t even look through that peephole, you keep all of your lights off and you open up that door, letting him in,” she laughed. “You better be down on your knees before that door is shut and then you are going to unfasten his pants, tugging them down and letting his cock fall out. I want you to get a nice, long and hard look at it before you even touch it. I want you to understand that you are going to take every last inch of that cock and suck every last drop of cum from it, alright?”
“Mmm, yes,” I nod, my hand moving down and starting to play with my rock hard cock.
“Then you are going to wrap your hand around his shaft, maybe take your other one and rest it against the wall or him and you are going to guide that cock into your mouth. You are going to have to open nice and wide, though, and clamp those lips, because no one likes to feel teeth on their cock. Then, you are going to slide your...”
The doorbell rings, causing everything to pause for a brief second, before finishing out the tone and having that last little electrical pulse sound that it made. My heart skipped a beat and I gasped.
“Was that your doorbell?” She asked, laughing.
“Yes,” I whispered, sheepishly.
“You are going to answer it, and I want you to call me back after you’ve sucked him off, you hear that?”
“Yes, Mistress,” I whispered before clicking my phone off, throwing it aside on the couch and reaching over to close the lid to my laptop. I slowly picked myself up as a knock comes at the door now, sounding a little uncertain but still booming through my dark apartment. My pulse was racing and a shiver ran through my body as I walked through the dark room to the door with a pillow in my hands. I dropped it in front of the door and took a deep breath, wondering if I should look through the peephole for a glimpse.
Maybe it was someone else, maybe they were lost, I thought to myself. But it was late on a weeknight, this had to be my guy and his monster cock. I reached out and felt the cold, metal deadbolt in my fingers, twisting it with a click before reaching down and slowly twisting the knob. I hear a brief gust of air as I crack the door open, making sure to stay on my side of the door as light from the outside peeks in through it.
I had explained in the ad how I wanted this to go down; me already on my knees as he came in, me shutting the door behind him and ready to suck his cock in the dark, but he wasn’t coming in. I cleared my throat and said in a low voice, “come in,” before I heard the sound of him stepping over onto the carpet and the creak of the wooden deck outside telling me that his weight had shifted. I could see a figure in the room now, in enough for me to shut the door, which I did quickly with a brief slam.
It was dark now and all I could see was the outlines of this figure, a tall, skinny figure that was standing before me. I took a deep breath and dropped down to my knees onto the pillow by the door, a knee on each edge, feeling the carpet bristle against the outside of my knees and reached out with my hand for his pants. I grabbed a hold of a belt loop on his jeans and he stepped closer, not uttering a word. My fingers trembled as I reached up for the fly of his jeans, feeling the bulge inside of his pants. It was huge and I jumped after I touched it.
“You gonna suck my cock?” A voice cut through the darkness, younger than mine, but rough. It made the bl**d rush to my cock even more, me feeling how hard I am with my hand through my shorts before reaching back up and tugging on the button of his jeans, unfastening it with a pop. I quickly tug at his zipper, it getting stuck halfway before he reached down, tugging at the sides of his jeans and his boxers, letting them drop.
There I was, staring at the nice, fat cock of another man for the first time and for a brief second not knowing what to do with myself. My hand comes up, still trembling and my fingers gently clamp down around the shaft of his cock before squeezing gently. I moved my hand back and forth on his cock, the feeling of another man’s cock in my hand for the first time being weird. The angle felt all wrong. I had jacked my own cock countless times in my life, so I knew how to handle one, but everything just felt alien about this. Plus, it was noticeably longer and thicker than my own.
I opened my mouth, sticking my tongue out ever-so-slightly as I moved my head forward slowly. My eyes were adjusted to the dark now and I had no problem telling how close it was to my tongue, it was just a second away from being in my mouth, just like I had always wanted. For a brief second I thought about stopping, about standing up and kicking him out, then I felt his hands clamp onto the back of my head, pulling my head forward and in an instant his cock was inside of my mouth.
I let out a loud, reactionary moan, my eyes bulged out, me not ready to take his cock just yet. My hands were on his pelvis on either side, pushing him back out of sheer reflex before he started to thrust his hips while holding my head in place. I was being face-fucked, his cock gliding in and out of my mouth, sliding along my lips and jamming into the back of my throat. It was violent at first, his cock jamming down into my throat and my eyes watering before he got into a rhythm. Soon I was able to anticipate how his cock would glide in and out of my mouth and reached out to take a firm hold of his shaft.
He stopped thrusting his hips when I took a firsm grasp, moving my hand back and forth along his shaft as my head began to bob back and forth in an alternating motion from my hand. I clenched my lips tightly around his cock, feeling every vein and nook on it while my tongue underneath was tight along the bottom of it. He let out a loud moan and I could feel his grip loosen on the back of my head.
While my head moved back and forth I began twisting it ever-so-slightly, my lips twisting around his cock. I could tell that he was liking it and it started to become more natural for me now. My mind was set on what I was doing, no longer worried or thinking about how taboo it was. I was sucking a cock; of course I was, this was what I was doing. There was a loud slap as his hand planted against the wall, bracing himself, and his other hand was back around the back of my head. He was starting to thrust his hips again and I didn’t fight it, I went with it, wrapping my hands around his hips and helping him fuck my face.
“Oh fuck,” he bellowed, clenching onto the back of my head tightly now. I could feel his legs begin to shake a bit. “I’m gonna fucking cum,” he said through his teeth.
I was letting him fuck my face as hard as he wanted to, feeling his hips as they moved in rapid succession back-and-forth, his cock sliding over my tongue faster and faster. I reached up and took his balls in my hand, giving them a slight squeeze while helping to guide his shaft in and out of my mouth. He let out a loud moan and I could feel his whole thigh quiver, then his cock contract inside of my mouth, his balls pulling up, then a flood of cum just burst into my mouth.
It was sour, salty and warm inside of my mouth. He was holding my head in place while he took a few more thrusts for good measure, but my lips felt like they were going to explode open at any second. I closed my eyes and took a big, hard gulp, feeling it slide down my throat bit by bit. I reached up and took his cock into my hands again, jerking it slowly while I worked my mouth gently up and down it again before pulling it out. I lashed my tongue out against the head, carefully cleaning up the last bits of sticky cum hanging off of him.
I slunk back, resting on my feet and found myself taking deep breaths, staring down at my hands resting on my knees while I heard him pulling his jeans up, zipping up his fly and buttoning them. I was still so horny, my mouth numb from his cock moving over my lips over and over again only to look up and see his hand on the doorknob, turning it slightly and pulling the door open a crack. I pulled myself up to my feet, watching as the shadowy figure was out the door and the trail of light from the outside shrunk again as the door slammed shut.
It still felt unreal as my back rested against the door, my cock as hard as I had ever known it and my knees shaking beneath me. I quickly jumped over onto the couch and laid back, pulling my shorts down and pulling my cock out. It felt smaller and like home in my hands after his cock, as I quickly moved my hand up and down the length of my cock. It didn’t take much, my excitement levels through the roof and before I knew it I could feel the rush throughout my body and a big, hot, stringy load of cum shot out and all over my shirt.
My bl**d stopped pumping as hard and I found myself on my couch, alone, awash in shame, covered in my own cum with the taste of another man lingering in my mouth. I had done it, finally. I had sucked another man’s cock.
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1 year ago
hot story been a long time for me I'm ready
1 year ago
It doesn't always work, but it helps.
1 year ago
So thats where my promotion of my kindle books is going wrong not enough blatant plugging on content appropriate websites......
1 year ago
Very hot...I can relate!
1 year ago
Great story, it's inspiring, I want to suck a cock but can't quite work up the nerve
1 year ago
nice job. MOST guys want same
1 year ago
very cool story. congrats.
1 year ago
hot story, love sucking cock
1 year ago
I want a suck some cock too what should I do anyone
1 year ago
I'm very hard after reading this! I had some cock sucking experience as a teen, and still fantasize about it. I have enjoyed reliving these experiences with phone sex women as I can't tell anyone else about them, and it is a real turn on !