The Rest Stop

It was a long trip and Tyler was feeling tired, run down and a bit anxious. Road trips were never quite his thing, but he always seemed to get dragged out on them by his wife, Sherri. Sherri’s f****y lived what would be considered far away, but they still made the regular trek over ten hours by car every few months to go visit, and every time Tyler felt as if he would explode due to the sheer boredom of crossing the desolate prairie of the Midwest while suffering through the local radio stations. He was a dutiful husband, though, and he went on every trip no matter how insignificant it was.

They were on their way home now and just about halfway there. The sun was beginning to set, but was still looming over the sky while the went swept dust from east to west, hitting the back of their early 2000’s Corolla. This trip was as uneventful as the last, meaning that while it was not very exciting and merely a trip for a distant cousin’s graduation from Community College, it was still a busy weekend where Tyler felt like there wasn’t a moment for him to breath or enjoy some time with his wife. She seemed happy, though, and that was good enough for him, even if he thought they’d have some time together before Sherri’s niece blew through town and needed a place to stay. They so happened to have a spare bed in the room they were staying in, and Sherri quickly offered it up while Tyler was sl**ping.

Sure, it had pissed him off when he woke up and found a new set of luggage in the room and a small, blonde-haired girl no older than 24 in the room blow drying her hair while Sherri sat next to the bed with her laptop open, her face glowing from the screen. He knew that there was no point in arguing, that she wouldn’t understand. “It’s f****y,” she’d reason to him while shaking her head a bit and pursing her lips. The trip had felt like a total wash to him at this point, and he was just looking forward to heading home.

Tyler needed to go to the bathroom at this point, and had been holding it back for a while and the car could use some gas as well, so he waited through all of the exits that just led to the middle of nowhere for the next truck stop along the way, while he could feel his stomach churning. Sherri was nodded off in the passenger seat next to him and the radio was down low as he flicks on his turn signal and begins slowing down as the car climbs up the ramp up to the stop sign. A big rig zips by him and he turns right towards the truck stop and pulls past a few larger rigs parked off to the side and pulls into a parking spot first. Sherri was still sl**ping, so he’d run in to use the restroom first, then worry about gas later.

“Wha,” Sherri yawns. “Where are we?”

“Just stopping for some gas, hun,” he rubs her shoulder and smiles, speaking softly. Just go back to sl**p and I’ll be right back out.”

“Okay,” she mumbles, turning back towards the door and closing her eyes.

He pulls the keys out of the ignition and opens the door, stepping out into the cool evening air, pockets his keys and stretches out before feeling his stomach churn again. He closes the car door and clicks the button on the keychain to lock it before pulling open the glass door to the old truck stop, the bells mounted above the door chime and the older woman behind the counter gives him a smile and a “good evening” while he rushes towards the restroom in the back left corner, guided by the arrow painted on the back wall above the beer coolers. The men’s room door was down a dimly-lit hallway with some boxes along the wall, but he could care less about the locale, he just needed to go. Tyler pushed the door in as it made that familiar metal-on-enamel rubbing noise and surveyed the room to see a sink and mirror to the left, a urinal to the right of it and to the right of the urinal was the familiar cheap wall of a stall, painted blue. There was a narrow walkway to the right which he headed to when he looked in and saw how shallow the stalls were; the walls barely protruded out beyond the toilets. Then came the even more startling discovery; there were no doors on either of the stalls, and there were no hinges for them, either. This was intentional.

His stomach groaned at him, but there was no way he was going to squat in one of these stalls, no way. Instead, he headed to the urinal and stood in front of it, his stomach still sour as he unhooked his belt and then one-by-one unbuttoned his jeans. As he stood in front of the urinal, cock in his hand doing his best to make himself piss to at least alleviate some of the discomfort, it became increasingly clear to him just how badly he had to go. The thought having to use one of those stalls made his heart race, the idea of someone walking in on him the only thought on his mind, but he knew he couldn’t wait. Tyler told himself that he’d be quick, as quick as possible, barely even sit down.

He sighed and buttoned the top button on his jeans and ran over to the far toilet, undid the top button on his jeans and quickly, in one fell swoop, pulled both his jeans and underwear down to his ankles and sat down. Tyler had never imagined himself going to the bathroom as quickly as he did then; everything just came out in one fell swoop as if his life depended on his swiftness. Tyler realized that he was sweating, heavily, now, but quickly pulled some toilet paper off from the roll and began cleaning himself up. It took a few times to get the job done, but when he did he breathed a sigh of relief as he reached back and pulled the cold metal flusher, hearing it flush with a strange clank coming through.

Strange, he thought, but paid it no mind as he reached down for his jeans. Just then he heard it, as clear as day. He heard the “click” from the door and the sound of a pair of heavy boots against the cold tile floor. His heart quickly began racing again and his face turned red, this is the last thing he wanted to deal with, this is why he wanted to go somewhere else, but his bowels simply couldn’t wait.

“Hello?” A gruff man’s voice called, as Tyler kept quiet, listening as the boots scuffed up against the floor again and realizing that his knees and his feet were sticking out. He could almost feel the eyes on him. “Hello there...” The voice called again.

“Occupied,” Tyler let out, swallowing hard and feeling like his stomach was now in his throat. The toilet had stopped running and it was dead silent in the bathroom as he can hear the clanging of a belt being undone and the brief scuffing of the boots again. Good, Tyler thought, he was going to use the urinal and Tyler could high-tail it out of here. He cocks his head back and takes a deep breath, hearing the scuffle of boots again. Tyler closes his eyes and shakes his head, smiling to himself about how ridiculous his fears were, or were they his hidden desires? He had always thought about the idea of taking another man’s cock and how hot it would be, had even desired it for years, but he was married now to a wonderful woman and that ship had long since passed to try that out. The idea was making him kind of hot, though, as he could feel some bl**d rushing to his cock. He hears the clanging of the belt and keys again with some more scuffling, but it has passed from his mind now as he bends over to reach for his pants when his head runs into something warm and soft.

He freezes, his eyes bolting open, only to see black and feel something on the back of his head, tugging at his hair. His heart rate has shot up and he pulls back a bit only to see his head was buried in a black t-shirt, his head facing down now and staring down a huge, hard cock. Tyler’s cock is rock hard now, harder than he has imagined in a long, long time now and he can feel the strong hand against the back of his head while the cock beneath him is twitching a bit, just looking up at him.

“What?” Tyler is able to let out.

“You know what to do, lizard,” the voice says, taking his cock with the other hand and guiding it towards Tyler’s mouth.

“But, I...” It was too late as he can feel the warm head of the cock press against his lips and then slide into his mouth. It was big, bigger than he had imagined it would be and was rubbing against his tongue and the roof of his mouth as it tickled at his throat. He can feel the guy pushing forward now, guiding Tyler’s head back as the man is now inside of the stall thrusting his hips into Tyler’s face. Tyler can feel everything inside of him tingling now and his right hand almost instinctively comes up and takes a firm grip of the base of the cock while he slides his lips and and down the shaft. The guy lets out an audible groan and his hand quickly slaps up against the stall to help stabilize him while the other moves from Tyler’s head as he’s now fully working on the big, meaty cock with his hand and his mouth.

Tyler opens up his eyes and looks up to get a better look at the man whose cock he was now greedily working over. He wasn’t tall, but not short, either, medium build with a small gut, shaved head and a goatee. He wasn’t good looking, but not what Tyler had imagined a trucker to look like, either, never mind one that he’d be sucking off in a truck stop bathroom.

“Yeah, keep sucking you slut,” the guy moans, cocking his head back with both of his hands against the wall, bracing him. “Work those balls, too,” he ordered.

Tyler’s other hand comes up and cups his big balls while the other hand stays affixed to the shaft and his lips are gliding effortlessly over the head. He cocks his head and then straightens it out, his lips twisting over the head while the trucker groans. He pulls back and lets the cock slip out of his mouth, his lips smacking. Tyler continues to work over the shaft with his hand, slowly at first before quickly tugging on it, then holding it up and sticking his tongue out, pressing his face in close. His tongue works its way over the sack of his balls, catching every so often while his hand still caresses them, then works his tongue slowly up the shaft until he reaches the head.

Tyler’s tongue flicks at it a few times before slipping it back into his mouth. His tongue presses up against it and he can feel the trucker’s hand on the back of his head again, pushing his head forward. He obliges and comes in nice and close, his hands resting on the trucker’s hips while his lips are pressing right against his stomach and balls. He can feel the cock down his throat and begins to gag, but as his head tries to jerk back he can feel the hand holding his head firmly in place. Tyler’s hand take a firm grip around the trucker’s hips as he can feel his eyes begin to water, when suddenly he feels the trucker pull on his hair, his head jerking back and the cock falling out of his mouth with a stream of spit trailing to it from his mouth.

“You suck that nice and good now,” the trucker’s gruff voice lashes out, while he stares down at Tyler who is still catching his breath.

“Fuck yes,” Tyler hears himself saying, feeling completely out of control now. He reaches out and takes the big cock in his hand again and starts jacking it off, faster and faster now, feeling how wet it is from his mouth. With his other hands he grabs a hold of the trucker’s hips and then pulls himself in quickly, mouth agape and the cock landing right inside of his mouth. His hand twists on the cock and his lips are locked like a vice around the shaft of the cock, his head bobbing back and forth faster and faster now.

He can feel each vein on the cock with his lips and feels like he has finally let go and is letting his deepest, darkest fantasy come true. He can hear himself “mmm”ing out loud while the trucker grunts, bracing himself against the walls of the stall again while Tyler’s cock rests nice and hard on the cold toilet seat beneath him. Tyler starts to slow down, sucking just on the head of the cock and working his tongue around the head in circles when he feels the hands of the trucker come down and clamp around the sides of his head.

All of a sudden his head is being held in place and he can feel the trucker’s hips violently thrusting into him, his cock working itself in and out of Tyler’s mouth. His face is being fucked, violently, and he is loving every second of it. Instinctively, Tyler’s hands shoot up to the trucker’s hips and take a firm grip, helping his hips thrust into his face.

“Oh fuck yeah,” the trucker moans, thrusting deeper and deeper into his throat now. His hands move from Tyler’s head and onto the walls again. “I’m gonna fucking blow,” he moans out as Tyler takes the cock in his hand again and starts wildly jerking away at it while keeping it in his mouth. “Don’t stop, just like that you fucking lizard,” the trucker says, head cocked back and thighs quivering while Tyler’s mouth keeps working on his cock.

“Ohh yes!” The trucker shouts out, while his hand comes down and clamps onto the back of Tyler’s head again, he pushes his cock deep down into Tyler’s throat and Tyler can feel the cock convulsing inside of him. Like a flash flood he feels the warm burst inside of his throat as it fills up with his hot, sticky cum. Tyler can feel the cock still inside of his mouth convulsing a bit and shooting out more, almost too much for him to swallow. He begins to gag while he tries to swallow, tears welling up in his eyes before the trucker pulls his cock out and Tyler gasps for air. “You gonna swallow that all up now?” The trucker asks, Tyler at eye level with his dripping cock.

“Mmm, yes,” he hears himself say after swallowing the whole load down and reaching up with his tongue and catching the rest that was dribbling off of it.
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1 year ago
I just love rest areas
1 year ago
very vivid description!
1 year ago
well written.. wow got me horny
2 years ago
wow thats fucking hot