I pretend it isn't happening

This is the true story that is my life. This isn’t just some story I made up to get sexual gratification. I am hoping there is another guy out there that understands my situation and can offer their opinion. I am a 37 year old white guy and my wife is 32. I spent a year in prison for embezzlement and was released six months ago. While incarcerated my wife moved into an apartment complex that is predominately black.
I knew something was different almost as soon as I was released from prison and returned home. The first sign was that almost every day when I would get home from work there would be different black guys visiting my home and they would leave soon after I got there. My wife would tell me they were just friends. The second sign was that we rarely had sex anymore, and when we did I could tell she just wasn’t into it. The third sign was that when I checked the computer internet history there were loads of interracial websites listed that I had never heard of.
Every time I would try to question her about it, she would storm off and get really pissed. After a while I just felt that I had to know the truth. I ordered some surveillance equipment off the internet and when she went to visit her mother I installed several cameras around my house.
I had to wait two weeks until her next visit to her mother’s house before I could check the tapes and see what was on them. I was totally and utterly in shock. I could not believe what I was seeing. This was not the woman I had known before I went to prison and certainly not the woman I had married ten years ago. This was a complete slut and a whore. The more I watched the worse it got. It seemed like she was having sex with almost every black guy in the apartment complex. I was hurt and outraged. Every day when I had left for work, she would immediately start making phone calls and I had never heard things like that come out of my wife’s mouth before. It wouldn’t be long before one or more guys would show up at my apartment. I immediately recognized the guys as the local thugs that were always hanging out in the parking area smoking weed and drinking. If I had to guess I would say there wasn’t one of them over the age of 24.
I had all weekend to watch the videos before she would return home. This is the part I am so confused and conflicted about. After the initial shock of what she had been doing wore off, and I had a chance to think the situation over, I watched the videos again. This time I found myself becoming aroused at what I was watching. I masturbated several times while watching multiple black guys fucking my wife. I know that to most people would be repulsed by this and probably think I am some sort of sick pervert. That’s why I’m writing this anonymously. But the sight of watching these young guys with dark skin and well defined bodies with big muscles and my petite little white wife with her milky white skin was so arousing to me that I just done what come natural to me.
I never knew this side of her ever existed. I had so many questions running thru my head. How had this started? How many times had this happened? The one question I never had to ask myself was why. I already knew why from watching the tape. She loved it. I had never seen her so sexually satisfied. She cum so many times that I lost count. Some of the guys were so rough with her during sex I thought to myself that there is no way she could be enjoying it, but then I could hear her say don’t stop and she would cum again.
There was a section of the tape that I just couldn’t stop watching. She had three guys come over and they sit in my living room smoking weed. She sat in the middle of the couch and they passed the blunt back and forth. The entire time they are groping her tits and playing with her pussy through her shorts. One of them asked her “are you ready to suck some dick?” And without another word he pulled out his cock and she went down on him. All of them took turns getting their cock sucked, and then they pulled her to her feet and took her straight to my bedroom. I always heard about black dicks being bigger than white guys and thought it was just bullshit, but when I saw how big these guys were I knew I would never be able to satisfy her needs. One of them bent her over the bed and started fucking her from the back. The other two lay down and she started sucking their cocks. The guy was really pounding her and she was practically screaming when she come up for a breath. After about fifteen minutes of this he turned her over and lay her on her back. I was astounded at what happened next. He told her to open her mouth and then he spit directly into her mouth. The other guys started laughing and called her a nasty bitch. Then they started spitting on her as well. I couldn’t believe that they could be so degrading of her and she actually enjoyed this. I kept waiting and waiting for the guy who was fucking her to cum but he just kept going and going. After about thirty more minutes of this I could tell he was getting close. He got on his tip toes and started grunting and making faces that were unmistakable. Pulling his cock out of her never crossed his mind. He just came inside of her without asking and said “Damn you got some good pussy bitch.”
The other two discussed which was going next for a brief minute and then one of them dragged her up further onto the bed and straddled her putting her legs up around her head. He talked to her the whole time he was fucking her asking her how much she liked it, and then he said something that cut me to the quick. He said “you know your husband ain’t fucking you like this, but that’s alright I’m gonna take care of you.”
After the third guy finished off by cumming in her pussy, they all started laughing and then took turns going to the bathroom. I thought it was over and started to fast forward, but I was wrong. They came back to the bed and smoked some more weed, then the scene started to play out again all over. They continued to fuck her most of the day.
I had all weekend to think about what I was going to say to her when she got home but in the end I said nothing. I was afraid she would leave and it would all be over. Since then I continue to go to work every day, and they continue to come over and fuck her almost daily. I don’t have to worry about her getting pregnant because she can’t have k**s, and I am thankful for that. I see them standing in the parking lot all the time and most of the time they smile at me and then start laughing when I walk by. We never have sex anymore and both of us are content to pretend that nothing is going on.
If there are other guys out there in a similar situation I would like to hear your thoughts or advise. Thanks for reading this.

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1 year ago
You just have to ask yourself 3 questions really.
1. Are you happy to live that way or do you want a normal life.
2. Do you love her enoughbtomlive like that and does she still love you while loving all the ext.ra cock as well.
3. Do you secretly love it that she is such a slut..

If it were me I would talk to her about and probably let it carry on, we all love sluts really.
1 year ago
You should make some copies of the hard drive on to dvd's and get them remastered, then sell them for $29 dollars apiece, sell 50,000 copies, that's over 1.4 million bucks, then who cares what she does, keep recording it and selling them, you'll make a fortune with her doing all the work and you making all the profit
1 year ago
sad sad storie...
1 year ago
Perfect woman, post the videos, learn to live with her being a slut.
1 year ago
Sorry,but yes post vids here,,some of us might know her..I can't say what to do abt your situation other than post them here...thanks
1 year ago
Post that footage here. Thats the best revenge!
1 year ago
Why pretend, now that you know you should talk to her then decide where to go from there, as far as I know you have needs too, and she's only pleasing herself. I did enjoy reading your story, but I couldn't live with that. Feel free to post a few of those videos, I for one am intrigued.
1 year ago
If it is really true and you are mad at her for that (wich i assume you would actually kill her) then show the recordings to family/relatives, or just post it here, fuck her a few more times, and then just tell her to get onto the car, and drive like really far from the house, maybe untill the mountain, or desert, depends on where you live, leave here there, and tell her that you know about the black guys, do everything legally, dont hit her, because that is not going to solve nothing, its just going to get you into trouble, and totally, you have to divorce, this is more than an insult to your name and at you as a person :).
1 year ago
I would dump her in the desert and leave and find a better woman you don't need her
1 year ago
Loved the story, and if that really is your wife's picture,,,,,it's no wonder they're "knocking the bottom out of it"!
1 year ago
Once they go Black they never go back my friend what a Shame kick her in the Ass and send her out the door you'll find someone who is right for you man Because whats she has done is nothing less than a Huge Insult i'd be on a Head huntin spree thats all i'm saying