Lesbian classmates. (P. 2)

Today Jasmine's parents are on some kind of trip and I know that she would invite me to her so I could return the favor. Yesterday was great with her but I don't know why she didn't speak to me once.
After hours my thoughts became true. She invited me to her, and asked if we can go directly from school. When we got in her building and got on the elevator she started started kissing my neck aggressively. She pushed the stop button and started undoing my pants. She slid down her hand down my panties and could feel already that I was soaking wet there. "Today I want you to do me."-she said. So I got on my knees I opened her pants and pulled them off, she started playing with my hair while sucking on her finger from the other hand. I could already smell the scent of her vagina (it was beautiful), just a raw but still wonderful smell. Without realizing it I ripped off her panties and started sucking her clitoris. She started to scream of joy. I put her back against the wall and I sat her on my face while I was sucking her pussy so bad that I could barely breathe. Her fluids which by the way tastes as good as it scent was starting to drip down on my face. "Alice, Alice that's soooo goood." - she kept shouting. I turned her around and after letting a little saliva on her anus I started to insert my tongue into it. At first it felt very odd, but after hearing her enjoying it so well and pushing her ass further in my face It started to feel real good. I started to rub my own pussy. I sucked real good my middle finger, and after I inserted it real slow into her anus. She shouted of pleasure, and she started to squirt. But I didn't want to loose a drip so I put my mouth wide open on her pussy while still fucking her ass with my finger and I drank it all. She was shivering off excitement. She grabbed me and pulled me up and gave me a big french kiss. "OK so you passed the test-she said. Now you can come in and get to the next level". She pushed the button to her floor and while we were getting our clothes on us she was looking at my ass and was biting her lower lip.
When we got in her apartment it looked like a very nice place. Real modern with little stuff, everything being shiny white with black on some places. She took off her clothes right there in front of the door remaining only in her socks and went in the room on our right side. I did the same, leaving my clothes there and when I went in to the room she was on a big french bed waiting for me. I lied down on the bed as she started to rub my pussy real good. As we started kissing I was rubbing her's too. "I want you to lick my pussy as I lick yours." So we stood in 69 position (I was on bottom). While she was licking my pussy she started to kiss my clit and biting my skin on my legs. I was squeezing her ass, while I was playing her clit under my teeth. She occasionally got up her head and waited a few moments before starting again (I think she was enjoying it so well that she couldn't concentrate a lot). After a half an hour of this she got up and went to her drawer and took out a strap-on dildo. She put it on real nice (she was so excited that I couldn't recognize the prude I knew before) and came to me and spit in my face after that starting to lick it off very aggressively. She grabbed my long hair and turned me over so we would stay doggy style and she inserted the dildo very fast without any notice in my pussy. I started to shout (not knowing if it was of pleasure or of hurt) so she grabbed my hair and was pulling it real hard an started spanking me real hard (as I was screaming harder). After a short period of time I realized that I was really enjoying it. "You like that bitch, don't you? Well get ready for this!" Just as she finished her sentence she took out the dildo and stuck it real deep in my ass. Right there I thought I will faint of pleasure. She started pounding me real hard feeling her getting charged too. After some time after both of us had numerous orgasms she wanted to top the climax so she took off her strap on, and stood against my legs in a cross starting to rub her pussy against mine. While doing this I was licking her fingers from her legs and she was doing the same to me. We both started to shout of pleasure synchronizing our orgasms both of us squirting lots of fluids on the bed.
We just stood pussy against pussy for a while, after which we got under the blanket completely naked, kissed for a brief moment and fell asl**p snuggling.
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