Lesbian classmates. (P. 1)

Oh, I want her so much. I can't even describe how much I would love to smell her warm pussy's scent, to taste its fluids to play with her clit. I watch her for some time now, I always start to sweat when she talks to me. I'm asking myself if she could ever be interested in a relationship with me. Of course she wouldn't she's dating that asshole from the other class. I bet he fucked her a few times by now. I'm so jealous that my heart is about to explode. But when I see her beautiful blond hair, her perfect thin body, with an awesomely shaped ass and small but greatly shaped tits (oh, how I would like to suck on those) with her beautiful pale face with green eyes. I see her turning her head backwards...oh, fuck I think she saw that I was drooling at her. She turned her head back and watched only the black-board the remaining of the class.
But after class much to my surprise she came to me and asked me to go with her to the bathroom to hold her door. She never asked me to do this because she has better friends than me. I agreed nodding, without a word being able to come out of my mouth. She was going real quick on the hall to the girls bathroom holding my hand and pulling me after her.The bathroom was empty because it was the lunch-break so everyone was at the cafeteria. She entered a cabin in the bathroom and she didn't close the door after her. She just pulled of her jeans letting me see her white panties (they fit her so great) after that taking of her brown shirt letting me see her white bra that matches her panties. As I stood amazed and petrified I didn't know what to say so she pulled me in the cabin holding my t-shirt and started kissing my neck. "Don't think I didn't notice you looking at me Alice, (another kiss on the forehead - this time with tongue) don't think I don't like you, (she is taking off my t-shirt) I also noticed you in class and I think you're smoking hot!" She is french-kissing me now after my shirt and bra are off (she's a great kisser). "Oh, Jasmine if you would know since when I want you.Please...please suck on my nipples." While she's doing it she pulls of my pants together with my panties that are soaking wet by now. Without hesitation while kissing me on the lips again she shoved her middle finger up my pussy. She bit my lip while doing it, giving me the biggest orgasm of my life until then.
She put down the toilet-seat and put me on it. She got on her knees and started licking my clit. While I was trying not to make to many noises so no-one can hear us I was running my fingers trough her wonderful hair. By now she put her right hand down her panties and she started working her own pussy. With her left hand she was rubbing mine. My hand now slid on to her chest and after a few tries I succeeded to take off her bra and I started working her firm nipples. I was starting to have another orgasm. She synchronized with me and I could see how she squirted on the floor trough her panties.
We both got up satisfied, with smiles on our faces, she took down her panties and put only her pants on her, after that her shirt, than she put her underwear in her bag and left without saying anything. I knew this wouldn't be the end of it.

note*: this is my first story ever written. please tell me if you enjoyed it and if you want more of this. cheers!
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3 years ago
very good but does need filled out
3 years ago
mm yes a good story, bit of padding out to make it longer but still very good. keep it up
3 years ago
Good story, needs a little more flushing out and extending the length some, keep at it
3 years ago
yes i love it and i love to here more plzzzzz