The Stud Farm

This story is written by my partner, hope you enjoy it.

Lady Diablo walked into her wardrobe to chose her outfit, after Lord D's unfornature 'accident' a couple of years ago the running of the estate fell to her and in two years she had made quite a few changes.

Today was one of her busiest yet most enjoyable days as she would inspect the stud farm where some of the counties best breeding stock could be found and people would pay enourmous amounts to have their fillies covered.

As always l chose my attire most carefully as l wish to create the right impression when l appear at the stud farm, l first put on the skintight black leather catsuit which has several stragetically placed zips, knee high black leather boots with 6" stiletto heels (which makes me well over 6' in height, elbow length black leather gloves which fit like a second skin and are pulled over the sleeves of the catsuit, l place a rolex oyster watch on my left wrist and a iamond and ruby ring on my right ring finger to complete my look l put on a pair of black wrap around sunglasses and pick up a silver tipped riding switch just in case any of the studs get unruly.

I make my way into the hallway where Watkins the butler is standing naked with just a leather posing pouch to protect his modesty by the door, l nod and he opens the door for me and just as l'm about to leave l stop and resting the riding crop on his chin l ask 'Is the cctv system set up in the stud farm and have you arranged it so his lordship can watch it' he nodded and said ' yes your ladyship' l just smiled which sent a shiver down his spine as he knew the consequences if it wasn't so.

Leaving the mansion l strut down the steps to the waiting range rover Jessica my PA who is dressed in a black leather business suit with knee high boots with 4" stiletto heels is standing by holding the keys in her leather gloved hands, she smiles as l walk u pto her and says 'everything is ready Lady D' l nod and get into the range rover and drive to the stud farm.

As l arrive l see Ivana who is in charge of the farm standing there, she is dressed ready to do the daily milking she was wearing a short black leather mini-skirt, black fishnet stockings, thigh length black leather boots and a tight white blouse which was tied up under her ample boobs the sleeves of the blouse were tucked into skintight black leather gloves which reached up to just under the elbows.

She curtseys and says in her russian accented english 'we are just about to do the milking', l nod and offer my hand which Ivana bobs her head over and follow her into the milking room where Ivana's two assistants both local girls and dressed like Ivana have just finished securing the studs to the milking frames and were placing the receptables to collect the harvest, several clinics pay premium prices for our product.

I walked around the room inspecting all the studs ocassionally running my switch over buttocks as l passed, l stopped in front of one who looked particularly defiant and stubborn and asked Ivana ' whats his pedigree' Ivana looked at her list and replied 'this is Arthur his sire was sheikh abdullah and his dam was one of lord D's chambermaids,he shows great potiential and he's already popular and has repeat custom'.

I could see why he was over 6'tall and had well defined muscule tone and he had a slight shade to his skin which came from the sheikh, but the thing which caught my attention was his cock which looked all of 10" in length and very thick, he smiled as l walked closer and said ' pretty lady want fuck!' l gave him a quick slash with my switch aginst one of his legs saying 'down boy'.

I reached down with a gloved hand and caressed and cupped his balls and felt how tight they were, l could feel he was ready to give up a full load of spunk, l ran a gloved finger along his cock and l could feel it getting harder as my finger got to the head.

Pulling back his foreskin l gripped his shaft with two fingers and using my nails through the leather slowly stroked the head whilst wanking the shaft, when l felt the first twitch l gripped the base of his cock preventing anything coming through and waited 30 seconds before contining wanking him.

I did this several times before l could tell that he could contain himself no longer and as l pumped his shaft l brought the other hand up under his balls and massaged them ensuring that every last bit of spunk would be harvested.

He came with a quick jerk of my gloved hand and he shot several streams of spunk into the waiting container, one look told me that it was prime material and that we would get a premium price, l lightly slapped his face with a gloved hand telling him what a good stud he was.

Ivana then led me through to the accommodation area where several studs were waiting to be taken through to the milking area, l noticed that all of them had cock restrainers on and when l asked Ivana about this she explained that production was up 30% since they had been introduced, one of the pens was empty and Ivana said that a filly ws about to be mounted and did l want to watch, l answered in the affirmative.

She led me to a small room with a one way mirror and on the other side of the mirror was a young blond girl aged about 16, l turned around and asked Ivana who the filly was ' She Cynthia, Lady Hilda's youngest' she told me, l then placed the f****y in my mind, very well bred and Lady Hilda was particularly fond of well hung young black men and normally had two at a time, so we would see if the f****y trait rang true.

The stud was led in by one of Ivana's assistants and Cynthia's eyes lit up as she cast her eyes on his raging hard-on, she virtually leapt on him and the stud calmly caught her and positioned her so that the tip of his cock was just brushing her pussy lips, this was driving her crazy and she tried to push down with her weight but he held her there with no apparent effort.

l lit a cigarette and then unzipped the crotch area of my catsuit and started playing with my moist pussy with a gloved hand, meanwhile the stud had slipped a finger up her arsehole as he lowered her down onto his cock this brought a coo of delight from her and a cry of fuck.

As l watched the stud establish a rythmn l thought to myself she's definitely her mother's daughter, l continued fingering myself and l was aware that Ivana was behind me and reaching round unzipped the zips around my breasts ans ws fondling them with her gloved hands paying particular attention to my now erect nipples, l could feel her hot breathe as she said ' l believe only the b**st will do today', 'yes the b**st' l breathlessly reply.

In the other room young cynthia was screaming as she had her first orgasm and the stud just continued his rythmatic thrusting with two fingers now in her arsehole and very soon she was coming again, he then placed her on the bed and turning her onto her stomach lined his cock up against her arsehole and slowly sunk his 8" cock into it.

The squeals told me it was her first time being taken in the arse but within seconds she was moaning in delight as she brought one hand up and started fingering her pussy, l could feel my own orgasm approaching as l watched the performance and l inserted an extra finger into my moist pussy to play with my clit whilst Ivana started using her tongue on my nipples.

Young cynthia was now on her knees taking the studs full length into her mouth and sucking his cock with great joy, she showed great technique and brought up a hand to start playing with his balls, he soon started to twitch and my own orgasm hit me as l saw him grip the back of cynthia's head as he started to pump his spunk into her mouth, my juices really started to flow as l saw cum dribbled from the side of her mouth, that reminded me l should bring my neice over with me the next time she was down.

As Ivana went to prepare the b**st for me young cynthia was brought into the room to recover and from the smile on her face l knew we had another satisifed customer, l looked through the mirror and saw the b**st being strapped to the fucking bench for my use.

I walked into the room and slowly lit another cigarette before walking over to where the b**st had been strapped face up by his arms and legs so l could make use of all of his assets,l straddled his face so that my pussy came into contact with his mouth l glanced up to make sure that the camera was getting a good view of the action so that Lord D knew whose Cum he was going to be licking out of my pussy later.

As his tongue started probing my pussy and flicking my clit l used the switch very lightly on his cock to get it's attention, very quickly it started to stiffend and get hard, l continued grinding my pussy lips agianst his mouth and his tongue was flicking my clit l slowly smoked my cigarette and before long the b**sts tongue did its work and l was coming once more, l reached down with a gloved hand and slowly wanked his cock until it was rock hard it was 11" in length and 5" in girth hence the name b**st.

After taking a minute to recover l stepped off his face and and moving down the bench l took his hard cock in a gloved hand and slowly started licking it with my tongue and ensuring that l coated it with my saliva before preparing to mount him, l noticed my pussy juices glistening all over his mouth.

I lit another cigarette and positioned myself facing the camera and grasping his cock with my gloved hand lowered myself onto his monster of a cock, the head of his cock pierced my pussy and l shuddered as l felt it enter, l savoured every inch as it entered my pussy, l settled myself into a comfortable position and then with my pussy muscles l rode him like an untamed stallion and thoroughly enjoyed the way his cock completely filled my pussy.

I pushed down on his chest with a gloved hand as l felt another orgasm start, l looked at the camera and with a look of disain that no one could mistake l calmly raised my gloved hand and took a long drag of my cigarette and blew the smoke into the camera lens and said l was coming again.

As my orgasm erupted l started speeding up and using my switch started slapping him on the legs as if l was in the final furlongs of a horse race, l could feel his cock begin to twitch awhich told me he wasn't far from coming and so l reached down and with a gloved hand l rang a finger around his ball sac which appeared to tip the balance and he literally erupted into my pussy with his cum, this in turn caused me to orgasm again.

I sat there for a minute getting my breathe back and dismounting l quickly zipped up my crotch to stop any cum from leaking and as l gave the camera a wave l could feel all the spunk sloshing around in my pussy, l walked into the small room where l could see young cynthia eating out Ivana's pussy as Ivana held her head in her gloved hands and one of Ivana's assistants was arsefucking her with a 12" black strap-on l laughed as walked through to make my own delivery thinking to myself definetly mummy's girl.

The end for now
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have u tried sex w/animals
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Interesting story
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Very enjoyable, I hope there are several sequals.