Tarts & Vicars Party

l had been invited to a Tarts & Vicars party whichwas being held to raise funds for a local football club, now as l was between girlfriends and l didn't have much of a sex life l agreed to go.

So there l was standing in a corner dressed like a vicar watching a group of middle aged women all dressed like tarts dancing in the middle of the dance floor, as virtually everyone was in a couple l was thinking of leaving and going home when suddenly the DJ annouced that the next dance would be one for the ladies and they should choose their partners.

The lights were dimmed down and in the gloom l noticed a woman in her 40's came walking up to me she was wearing a black leather mini-skirt which barely covered her black stocking tops, black leather knee high boots with 4" stiletto heels and a white lycra scoop top which was skintight and made it obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra but the thing that did get my attention was the fact she was wearing black leather gloves which were pulled over the arms of the lycra top and reached up to just below her elbows, she had a watch on her left wrist and a couple of rings on her right hand.

She stopped in front of me and put her gloved hands on her hips and gave me an appraising look before saying 'l believe that this is my dance' and without waiting for an answer grabbed my hand and led me onto the dance floor and then
moved in close to me, l noticed that she had led me to the dimmest part of the dance floor l asked about her husband and she just laughed and replied 'He's getting d***k with his cronies at the bar and they're all bragging about their football teams'

We started to dance with the music and l felt her bring a hand down and start to feel out my cock and balls, l moved my hands down onto her leather clad arse and her only reaction was to move in even closer so that her tits were being squashed against me.

The dance came to an end all too soon and she gave me an appraising look and then said 'Do you fancy going outside for a fag', l smiled and replied ' l don't smoke, but l could do with some fresh air' she led me out through a side door into a garden area with several tables and chairs.

We walked across to one set of tables and chairs in the corner and sat down she pulled out a packet of cigarettes and a lighter and lit a cigarette, as she sat there smoking her free hand started caressing my cock and balls, l took heart from this and started playing with one of her tits through the skintight lycra she moaned and speeded up her hand her nipple very quickly started to poke through the lycra.

Suddenly she brought her other hand down still holding the cigarette saying 'Lets see what your got then' with that she expertly undid my trousers,
she slipped a gloved hand down my boxers and the feel of the leather on my cock was more than enough to make it harden right up.

'Mmmm' she said ' something feels like it wants some attention' and throwing her cigarette on the floor and grinding it under her booted foot she then brought both gloved hands to my boxers and released my cock. Now when it's fully erect it's nearly 9" in length and quite thick so she cooed in delight at what she had released.

She just lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth and brought a gloved hand up to cup and massage the balls, now this bitch certain knew how to suck cock as she varied her pace and used her tongue on the head of my cock and coated it with her saliva, within a short period of time she had made my cock rampant and looking up with a cheeky smile she said 'Your turn stud' with that she hitched up her leather skirt exposing a neatly trimmed bush the kinky bitch wasn't wearing any panties.

With a smile l got onto my knees and pulling her stocking clad legs over my shoulders bringing her pussy and arsehole up to my face, l started by running my tongue around her pussy lips and arsehole, then l brought two fingers up and slowly inserted them into her pussy she was already quite wet and l brought my tongue into play and started flicking her clit with my tongue.

I removed my fingers and moved them over to her arsehole and slowly inserted them this had the effect of making her gasp and then she hissed ' You bastard l'm going to cum' with that she gripped the back of my head with her gloved hands and make sure l received the full flow of her juices.

When her orgasm had subsided she released me and l stood up and she looked up and smiled and said 'Well stud let's see if your cock can perform as well as your tongue', with that she pulled me down onto the seat besides me and positioned herself in the reverse cowgirl position and grabbing my cock in her gloved hand lowered herself onto it.

'Fuck' she said as she got herself comfortable ' your a lot bigger than my old man, l hope you last longer as well', now if there is one thing l pride myself on its my endurance so l thought it was time to put this kinky mature bitch in her place and said 'Well then bitch, prepare yourself to be fucked like your never been fucked before, l'm going to fuck you like the whore your dressed like', she just said 'talk is cheap stud' with that l rached around and started playing with her tits paying attention to her nipples and pulled her onto my full length.

She squealed like a teenager and then calmly lit up another cigarette before starting to ride my cock like she was riding an untamed horse, we established a nice rythmn and l could feel by the way she was speeding up that another orgasm was approaching, suddenly l heard a muffled giggle and looking over by the wall l could see two women watching one of whom had her hand under her skirt and was obviously fingering herself, the other one was watching intently and smoking a cigarette. I whispered into her ear that we were being watched and her reply was 'l know, now make me cum stud' With that l increased my pace and within a few minutes she was flooding my cock with her pussy juices.

As she sat there catching her breathe l again whispered into her ear 'Get off and walk over to where your friends are and lean with your back to the wall so l can come and fuck you and give them a close up view', she got up turned round and smiled at me and with her skirt still hitched up walked over towards the wall where her friends were standing and exchange a few words.

I got up and with my cock and balls in full view walked over to where the ladies were standing the woman who had been fingering herself licked her lips as she caught sight of my still erect cock, l nodded and said 'excuse me ladies,l just need to finish fucking this kinky bitch', she was leaning against the wall looking hungrily at my cock with pussy juices running into her stocking tops.

Walking up to her l started playing with one of her erect nipples and said 'would you care to tell your friends what you are and what l'm going to do to you', she licked her lips and said ' l'm a kinky bitch and this stud is going to fuck me and make me cum again'.

With that l stepped up and grabbing her arse lifted her up and got ready to inset my cock into her sopping pussy, one of the women reached down and grabbing my cock said 'allow me' she slowly guided my cock into the slut's pussy and played with my balls for a few seconds, l started pumping and soon was slapping my balls against her pussy lips, the two women were either side of us and were playing with her tits using their fingers and tongues and mouths.

Very quickly she was having another orgasm and l could feel my own approaching and l said 'l'm almost ready to cum' she just snarled 'fill up my pussy with your spunk' well being the true gentlemen that l am, l had no problem with fullfilling that request and within a few strokes l was pumping what felt to be a pint of spunk into her well used pussy.

As l pulled out one of the other women dropped to her knees and started licking and sucking my cock she murmered through a mouth full of cock ' l love cock covered in pussy juices and spunk', l noticed that the other woman was eating out the pussy l had been pumping my cock into just a few moments before.

After a few minutes the woman got up and said 'thank you' and waited for the other two who were just adjusting their clothing before going back inside to the party, as l watched the three of them slip inside l thought to myself what a kinky set of bitches, l noticed that over an hour had enlapsed.

Back inside l decided to get myself a drink and then slip away, l got a drink from the bar and found a quiet corner near the exit to drink it, l noticed that a group of women were chatting away including the slut l had been fucking just 10 minutes earlier, a black women dressed in a white catsuit with black thigh length boots and matching opera length black leather gloves came walking over and stood in front of me and smiled saying ' you've got yourself quite a reputation stud' and then holding a card in her gloved hand to me continued 'If you fancy fucking a real kinky bitch give me a call, l look forward to your call'

I decided that this was a good time to leave the party and l made my way home, as l pulled my keys out to get into my flat a piece of paper fell out and as l opened it the message read, 'another go?' and it was signed Kinky bitch.
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4 years ago
Great story!!!
4 years ago
Mmmm my kind of party.