made me a slut.

I spent my time online since I was 18 watching tranny porn and crossdresser porn I really enjoy a mix of both especially with a big black cock in between I found a movie with a ebony tranny with a big cock and a white sissy gurl with a nice sized cock also... They got dolled up together and all of a sudden they were smearing each others make up on each others cocks... The things I saw that happened to that sissy was some of the hottest things I have ever seen... After this video I couldn't just go back to regular porn or continue searching online to watch videos, none matched up... So I started a diet and worked out for 4 months gaining a more girlish figure until I decided to go and buy some things.. I got looks and felt awkward I explained that it was for a girl and they smiled but I feel as though they knew what I was going for... I bought some rose designed knee highs and a corset top with a little red skirt attached to it.. it was beautiful and I felt sexy in it..I even went to a Halloween costume shop and bought a decent wig.. bought some make up and watched videos online while perfecting my talent and working out inbetween I had sexy shaved legs and a little patch above my boy clit I felt in heaven every time I dawned those frilly little attires so eventually I had to get some dick in my life other than my own I ordered off the internet the realest thing they had in stock and it was big.. 8" and white, and totally flexible... I got used to ourting it in my ass and eventually I began to ride it but I felt empty everytime because I wanted to hear the dick owner moan and feel him pulsars and cum in me.. it got frustrating. I gained no gag reflexes from my training and eventually I went to a men's bathroom with the local gloryhole.. a tell black gentlemen watched me wall into the bathroom and I was dawned as a girl so I believe he thought I really was one.. well about a minute later I saw a black cock come slide through that little hole and I worked my magic... He lasted well and u really enjoyed making him almost cum just to slow down and make him wait a little longer each time.. he really enjoyed the teasing also as he would thrust into my mouth after a few slow open mouth pumps... I was in heaven with this real cock in my mouth and I didn't want it to end... But I knew he had other things to do so I finally gave him my throat and he face fucked me until he came in my mouth. That's something I wasn't used to and I gagged and swallowed it all, it tasted delicious.. it was salty and solid and there was a lot of it.. he filled my mouth and came down my chin and jumerked off and gave me a litttle bit.more after I cleared my throat I lapped up the stuff that was still on his cock and he left. I didn't wait around and got up and cleared out of there I saw him in line ordering his meal and waved bye he didn't even show me any attention. I felt like such a whore but it felt great... Later that night I came back and there was that same man there with a group of lady friends. When I walked I. their conversation stopped except for his and I over heard him tell them that that was him I thought they were talking about someone elsebecaue I was in womens clothes still and had changed and cleaned up and everything.. New make up new hair new clothes New heels new everything, how could he tell right? I ordered food and sat by myself and ate when a young black gurl came up to me and asked if she knew me, I gave my best girl voice and spoke with her.. we ended up exchanges numbers am. I needed a good pot book up and was looking to score as a girl once and awhile.. so I called her back to my table and asked if she amuses anything in her.. I got a 20 from her and she asked if I wanted to match with her on a joint I said I prefer blunts and we smiled as she pulled one out. We went into the ladies room and she rolled a blunt and we.talked for awhile. When she was finished we went to her car and lit it up around this time the same guy came to the car and jumped in the back seat. He said he wanted to smoke too so we smoked him up she said she's his little baby girl and he smiled at me and told me I should be too. I smiled and blushed a bit and said I don't think I'm the kind of gurl he wants she immediately reached over and grabbed at my crotch.. "no yiu is are type girl..." She leaned over and asked for a kiss, she was really attractive and I couldn't resist si we kissed, quite passionately and then daddy told her to drive to her soot we should open the air a little and get to know each other... I knew right where we were as I've lived in the same neighborhood my entire life. We arrived about three blocks from the restaurant and went up stairs into her apartment at which time she immediately went into her back room and began to change... He told me to do that thing I did in the bathroom for him and he sat on the couch I really enjoyed it so I thought no harm no foul his babygirl is probably okay with this.. I began to suck on his dick and lick at his balls... Shit I even licked his butthole, it was musky and sweaty but it was a real turn on for me... So I jam his fat cock into my mouth and slowly work him deeper and deeper when his girl walks out in a sheer dress and I finally see it.. she had a very big cock bigger than his bigger than my toy... It was huge.. I think it was atleast 12-14 inches ling and I got nervous I never felt something like that before... And she smiled he takes it well you will too... Besides when I fuck him I gotta suck his dick too that's what you here for... I felt used but at the same time I enjoyed the humiliation.. my cock was pulsating and I didn't want to stop I felt on her cock as I continued to suck him off and eventually they switched spots... She bent over in front of me with her thick hips and her perfect round asscheeks. I couldn't wait to eat that hole and suck her dick she grabbed me by my hair and shoved my face into her asshole I licked and swirled and dug at it with all my might and it tasted really good for a asshole she must bleach it and douche because I tasted nothing but strawberries and pussy basically... I was in heaven! I was reaching around and tugging on her dick as I felt some wet stuff slide down the crack of my shaved ass I shivered and felt a finger rub at my butthole wimhich also sent shockwaves through me.. I moaned a little girlie moan ans felt his finger probe the inbred of ky rectum he dug deep with one for awhile and then stuck in a 2nd and then I felt his cock sit against my asshole as he slowly eased it in I felt estatic... I felt like a sexy Slut doll... Like it was my calling to be fucked by big black men and big black cock in general.. I wish it never stopped because I was gagging on some fat cock and had one in my ass I moan and groaned and pumped against his strokes meeting him halfway through each one.. I came in my panties pretty much instantly and was feeding off raw emotion the rest of the way.. he came inside me.. deep inside me.. I felt pregnant how much cum was in me.. and then he switched with the beautiful ebony goddess that was sitting on the couch with my face inbetween her legs.. I watched her as she walked behind me and slowly stuffed her cock in ky waiting hole I felt a little pain but not much it was really a great feeling actually... I didn't have to cum again but the guy laid down under me and stuffed my cock in his mouth I felt the pressures building as I was fucked and sucked at the same time.... I couldn't take it and she moaned right in ky ear as she came in me and I came in his mouth afterwards she lulled out and some of the cum fell out onto his face and some in his mouth it was so sexy.. I found myself making out with him to get the cum from him almost instantly... I didn't know what to do as we laid on her livingroom floor panting and spooning with me in the middle and my faced buried inbetween the most beautiful women's breasts I had ever seen. I felt her cock sit against ky tight clad legs and I felt as if I was gonna get hard again but as he wrapped his arms around my waist my cock fell back to its sl**ping point and we all slowly fell asl**p... I woke up by myself with a note taped to my chest. "We expect you here tomorrow night at 8pm and not a minute later, or else you won't see your wallet, credit cards, or state id any time soon.. plus we got your car keys so just walk home.. you can have a pair of my girlie pants and use my make up. See you soon girl!" I froze its 7am I git 12 hours until this happens all over again.....

And I can't wait...
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3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
Shame about the spelling and shit that make it a bit hard to read, but fantastic stuff! Thanks for posting and keep doing so!!
3 years ago
Great story! thanks for sharing