one night in the bathroom...

Smy story begins quite differently than most...

I had just recently moved into my own place and was getting warmed up to my palace.. I say palace because I never deserved such a beautiful posh lifestyle.. I'm so proud of my working skills, so I guess I deserved it.. I used my mouth you might say... I began my "job" when I first began frequenting bars, I would go into the men's room and I guess flirt with the fellow patrons... I never thought I was gay the first time I actual did anything was with a studly older man and his younger lady friend... I found out she wasn't as much of a woman as I thought and I was so entirely consumed by her sexuality and beautiful frame... I lost control and tilla her that I would do anything to get in her panties... She chuckled looked at her daddy and he gave her the look, she grabbed my arm and brought me into the stall next to his, we played for a few minutes until she pulled my cock out and put it down her throat no mouth, straight to the throat I never felt anything that good, but when I went to put my hand on the wall for bracing, I found a hole in the wall that was moderately filled with a nice veiny cock, instinctively I gripped it and stroked him off while I got the best head of my life.. I had never even touched someone else'qs cock and yet I felt perfect for it, I moved over and put him in my mouth he loved it as I felt him buck towards me. I almost gagged, but I wasn't gonna go down without a fight.. so I straddled his gurl by the back of the head and sucked with all I was worth he came in my mouth with no warning... And I had no way but down the hatch to put it. I liked the slimy feeling of it squirming around my tongue I played with it until I got the most taste out of it. I swallowed and was greeted with another cock on the opposite side for a go, so I immediately stuck him in my mouth and face fucked him, he had the perfect cock for my mouth and throat. I never even felt my dick leave her lush lips, I only felt the cold air and noticed they had both gone. I finished up and was greeted with another load. I only remember twirling my tongue around his cock and cleaning him dry. I stood up and left my stall and was greeted with a smile from a friend from work, was that you..? Your a master with that mouth he said. I can't believe my boss sucked my cock... Haha we laughed and he asked if I would figure in a raise for him. I told him the only raise will be in his pants and that we should do it again .. I met up with the couple outside of the bar while I was smoking. They were leaving and I asked if I could help in anyway. She asked me if I want to work nights with her and I would make a great gurl. I asked if I could start tonight almost without thought...I was greeted with an open door and I jumped in... It was a dream beginning and I never looked back. I spent that night getting dolled up and shaved and fitted with beautiful stockings and a short short skirt.. I was taught my make up and fixed my hair. I grow it out usually, so I was shaven, and sexy. I felt it too. I don't ever want to stop feeling sultry and sexy...
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3 years ago
you are great should write more stories have loved all i've read hope to read more