came to play pt.2

I must have dozed off, when I came to I was being felt on by the janitor who I knew well, he seemed to really enjoy what had taken place, infact I dare say he has quite the soft spot for girls like me... Well anyway we chatted to ease the tension from me and we both finally got interested in fun time, he removed his cock which was roughly 4-5 inches and I asked him if I made him cum would he help me get home.. he chuckled and said if you make me cum ill give you a ride home and dinner honey... I slurped him down quickly, but he took forever to cum, I tried everything even as far as putting him all in and allowing him to facefuck me. It was quite the scene if anyone were watching they would have came twice before he did. I never gagged but I did need air, so I let him go in my boycunt raw.. I loved it and he loved it he fucked me for a god 15 minutes fast and hard until he finally grunted and couldnt go any longer he pulled out and push me over and sprayed his load on my dock and balls... i thought to myself that wasn't helpful.. then he proceeded to give me head and clean his cum off my balls and cockwith his tongue and lips it was comforting, after awhile he stuck my full cock in his mouth and sucked me off crazily I came in 3 minutes flat.. he helped me up and held me tightly to him as we walked, h told me no one else was around and if I wait in his truck for a few minutes he'll be out the door.I waited for him and he gave me a ride home, when we finally got there he asked if I was interested in that dinner, we set it up for the next night. I got home took a cold shower to tighten me up a bit, and finished off with a nice relaxing hot bath, I personally keep several pairs of panties and bra's that fit me properly. I changed and got dressed scantily because no one was to be home until Sunday and its Thursday night... I grabbed my cellphone and gave Darryl a call.. he answered on the first ring and immediately asked, did you enjoy yourself after school? Not knowing what to say I began to explain what happened and he cut me off, I know I know he said, I set it up... I was baffled... Why would you do this when I'm always missing you and thinking about you... He said it was for the best and that hell be there to pick me up in one hour use the wig and do your make up, I was told you looked great, passable even. That made me blush, thank you Darryl... See you soon and he hung up...
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3 years ago
Great Finish!