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I spent my c***dhood at my grandmas house while I was growing up, there was several k**s in the neighborhood... I basically grew up in the ghetto side of town. I knew more black people than white. I went to a school where there was always atleast a fight a day, so I kept to myself for the most part.. when I was 17 I was asked to stay late after school in hopes to help ms. Joliet my favorite teacher clean her room and set up for the next day, atleast that's what I was told. My final class of the day is gym so I was going to shower before I went to joliet's room, when I stepped out of the shower hall I noticed my clothes were gone, at which time I noticed a new bag had replaced it. I looked in the bag to find a handful of women's clothes. I laughed a bit wrapped my towel tightly and went on my way to find the principal for a spare change of clothes, I got to the front desk asked for the principal, explained what happened, and he laughed and told me I'd be best off just going to ms.Joliets room right as I am. And bring that bag with you too, cutie. Needless to say I was a bit flustered... Growing up in the ghetto I wasn't exactly the toughest, the biggest, most athletic, or even the smartest. Infact I would say those were all the traits of my only real friend growing up. We would spend hours locked in my room playing dress up and cumfirst. Which was a game formed between us, its when you each lay in 69 and give each other head, the first to cum loses... Well I was pretty good at this game well a certain part, I really enjoyed giving head. And I would say I was pretty good at it. I don't think he ever beat me.. my best friend was a black man named Darryl.he had about 8 inches in his pants and I would take it all. Never had any gay experiences other than with him. And I was beginning to think we were meant to be. Well all that had changed when he moved away, we were both 17 at the time and I was thinking about him all the time. We went to school together left together and would stay at my grandmas with me.. I would wear nice things for him wen he'd ask, but generally it was always for the nut. It had been about a month since he was gone and all I could do was play with myself and think of him, I hadn't heard from him in about a month on this fateful day. I had got a call from him telling Me hell be back in town for the night and he missed me. Anyway, I was heading to joliets room when I noticed two boys my age, never seen them before and they seemed to be whistling and cat calling me. So I kept walking and swung my hips out a little more secretly enjoying it. I finally made my way to joliets room where I noticed three black dudes hanging out when I turned the corner I seen Joliet on her knees blowing a jock. I believe he was the captain and the rest were also players. By the time it took me to fully get the picture the two behind me pushed me in the room and shut and locked the door. I didn't know what was going to happen next so I asked for a change of clothes.. I was told I had what I was gonna get and to put it on before I get fucked naked.. I squirmed a little and didn't know what to do so I submitted. I dug in the bag and found a seethrough set of black lace panties.. with a matching bra. Also in the bag was a small buttplug, no more than 4inches and stockings, a garter belt a wig and make up, I wasn't a hairy person at this time so we were in the clear, after I put it all on and st****d the plug in.. I had never put anything in my ass before this and it was quite sensual the way they were all playing with their cocks over me. I slowly began to play my role as their bitch when Joliet popped a cocky from her mouth and stood up, she walked over to where i was sitting and explained that I was going to be her sissy for life and there was no way out. At which time I instantly bent down and kissed every toe she liked it and motioned for me to suck the big one which slid in quite quickly. I sucked it like it would cum and she moaned for me which turned me on.. I don't know now long it was but I noticed a couple hands feeling on my ass. So I bucked towards,him in an attempt to be sexy. I was always shaped like a girl as far as I was concerned. So they really liked how I looked. I really liked how I felt being the gorl in this situation. I dressed up for Darryl a few times and I felt great when he'd bring me flowers and chocolate and he even would set up a nice bubble bath and razor for me when I'd go to his house. With candles lit and slow music playing it was as if he felt the same way for me as I did for him. We joked and laughed about getting married and me moving in with him. But we were never serious. I just loved the way he loved me. Anyway I was already to be used and ms. Joliet began to pull her tight skirt up to reveal a pink tight pussy staring back at me. I was a virgin in many ways so instantly I dove my mouth at her lips and in no time she was bucking against my face I.sucked and licked and nibbled her for 10-15 minutes while the boys grouped around and began masturbating to the sight I reached over and grabbed a cock to play with myself while I ate her out she pushed my face away and told me to bring mine out, which she sucked for a minute until I was hard. She then slowly dug my dick into her tight waiting pussy, after getting all 7" in she wrapped an arm around my neck and bucked on me, it didn't take long at all as her third stroke down I shot my load in her and gripped against her tightly as she squirmed and f***ed it all out of me. At which time one of the fellas let out a moan and shot a splash of cum on my face and a little in my wig. I was surprised but not as surprised as I was when another came on my face again and ms. Joliet began to lick it up and spit it in my mouth which I enjoyed the taste of. I was hard again instantly so Joliet fucked het self on me as others circled me and one began fingering at my buttplug which sent shock waves through my body I came again pretty instantly. Joliet laughed and told me I was done using that thing and gave me a long kiss after sliding off of me and taking her time to do it I was hard again and a boy came up and told me to get in doggy style which I was down for, he pulled the plug out and I felt empty. But knowing it was small compared to these men I knew I wouldn't need it I noticed a man laid his head under my butt and he stuck my dick in his mouth at the same time I felt a finger grinding against my asshole, it must've been lubed up because it sent shockwaves through my body. I remember how good it felt as I bucked back on his finger, it wasn't as nice when he took his monster out and slowly eased the head in my waiting boycunt. I was in harmony with him grinding into me and my dick grinding into that boys throat.. I was in heaven... I believe never before and never again would I feel this way. He eased the rest of him in and began stroking long and slow it felt good and painful at the same time so many emotions curled through me I didn't know what was going to happen I felt my cock trying to cum and my ass trying to tighten on his member. But I wasn't ready to cum yet. I got fucked good for awhile when I noticed Joliet on top of one fella with his cock in her ass and another lining up entering her pussy some one else was standing behind them with his dick in her mouth. I noticed how well she was doing and thought I need to work it up. I told someone to fill my mouth. And he did it wasn't a big dick but it did fill my mouth. I sucked and got fucked and got sucked.. I made him cum in my mouth and shortly after my asscunt got filled up. I moaned As I felt his slime slide from my ass and onto the chest of the boy sucking me off.. I asked if he wanted a taste and gave him a kiss after which I licked up all the mess on his hairy chest... I then decided to sit on his dick and fuck him for him. He loved it my open entrance being pounded by this nice cock. Every fella surrounded me and one by one they filled my mouth with hot load after hot load every single one slid down my throat and into my stomach. It was delicious. I never had and probably never will have that much cum in my mouth. I was burping cumbubbles for a week and it was great. After Joliet came and bucked on a dick it filled her she changed and tossed the assdick in her pussy, he came in no time and made sure it all went in her pussy she then had the guy she was sucking off get in her pussy and he fucked her for a minute and came in her pussy. She slowly walked over swinging her beautiful hips and slowly dropping her pussy onto my face.she slowly grunted and pushed it all out and onto my face.. I laid there spent and Joliet began to get dressed. All 7 boys put their cocks away and began to tell me how they will see me around. I laid there in women's clothes on a school classroom floor, with no one around... How will I get home?
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3 years ago
Awesome stuff; we know that wasn't your last time, give us more!
3 years ago
i came so hard reading this, omg..
3 years ago
nice story i enjoyed
3 years ago
3 years ago
brilliant thank you