Specific Preferences

"Hi Charlotte," said Leah James as I walked in.

"Hi," I mumbled, both surprised that Leah knew my name and more than a bit unhappy at finding her there. Of course my name would be in the appointment book, but the way she said it suggested she did indeed know who I was.

"I think you can go in," said Leah, standing and knocking lightly on Ms. Dailey's door. I knew I shouldn't let it bother me that people would see me visiting Ms. Dailey and maybe that was part of my problem, that I was just too sensitive about such things. Leah was friendly enough and that was encouraging in a strange way though certainly it was part of her job since she was putting in time as Ms. Dailey's receptionist. "Go ahead," she said after poking her head in the door a minute.

"Good afternoon, Charlotte," said Ms. Dailey, coming around her desk. As usual, she was dressed just perfectly, a suit that suggested she could be a lawyer, a company president or anything. She always liked to sit on the couch, each of us at one end, in front of her coffee table. Intended to be friendly I supposed, all designed to help me open up.

It's funny how you know these things, that I could see all the steps she was taking to "counsel" me even though I'd proved unable to use that acuity to solve my own problems. "So how have you been?" she asked, smiling.

"Fine," I said, immediately knowing I should be adding something. Of all people I ought to be comfortable with, Ms. Dailey had to be the one, though I always found myself feeling intimidated, probably because she was so perfect and so beautiful. I suppressed my fantasies in her presence, feeling ashamed of those thoughts, and more than a little afraid that they could get in the way of any progress I might make.

"Classes going OK?" she asked.


"Meet anyone this week?" She was being casual, trying to make it comfortable for me, but I couldn't help but know that this was the key question. Had I failed again, one more week, not getting to know anyone new? That pretty much summed it up, it was my typical week. "Hmm, tell me," she said.

Like usual, I felt she was seeing right through me. "It was nothing really." I sat there and she said nothing. "I... A guy said hi to me in English."

"A guy?"

"James Holland."

She sat there for a moment as if waiting for me to go on. I could have killed myself the way I sat there not knowing what else to say about it. But it had really only been a second or two. "And?" she finally said.

"He just said 'hi'."

"Did you say 'hi' back."

I paused. "I think so."

"Do you like him?"

"He's a nice guy."

"You know what I mean."

Ms. Dailey always showed complete confidence, and was going to get at the root of the matter. "He's OK," I said.

"You evidently remembered that small exchange."

That was true, but of course even such a little thing stood out in my life. I wished Ms. Dailey would move on to something else even though I knew she was absolutely right to make me explore these things. "What sort of guy do you like?" she said.

"Uh," I said. I supposed that was a good question and I felt a little too much like any guy paying attention to me would not only get me thinking but would make me start wondering what was wrong with him. "I don't know."

"Hmm," said Ms. Dailey. "Perhaps this is a subject to explore. What is it that turns you on about a guy? Any specific preferences?" I immediately realized that if there were one thing worse than having to talk about my little social failings it was having to talk about my sexual desires. "What do you look at when you see a guy?" she went on when I sat there like a bump on a log. "His face obviously and his eyes. His hair? His hands?" I thought about it. "His arms? His chest?" This certainly wasn't the sort of thing I talked about and even though it was Ms. Dailey, I wasn't ready for this. "His crotch? his ass?"

I blushed for sure. She smiled. "Come on, tell me a couple of your sex fantasies."

Unfortunately you are in too many of them, was my first thought. It was true, I was thinking about Ms. Dailey a bit much. I couldn't even imagine telling her I thought about girls as well as boys! "Asses?" she repeated. "You like the thought of touching a guy's ass?" It wasn't getting better and I must have blushed all the more. "It's no big deal, just tell me," she said. I mumbled something, probably the best I could do at an admission.

"You act like it's the worst crime in the world," she said, giving me that engaging smile of hers. "Maybe we need to work on that area, get you over a bit of this embarrassment." If she expected me to say anything at that point, she must have been crazy. And the worst of it was, it wasn't just guys' asses that attracted me...

"Did you ever touch a guy's ass? When you were intimate?" I thought I'd explained to her that I hadn't been intimate all that much. In fact, the two encounters I'd had hadn't been much, certainly not complete. In one, we hadn't even undressed! "That's the whole idea, you know," she said, "when you get the chance, you do the things in your fantasies. Has a guy ever touched your ass? Really touched it?"

George's hands had been all over me even though we'd been dressed. But yes, I did remember his hand on my rear. And wanting it to stay there longer. "Did any of them do you in your rear?" she asked.

My mouth must have hung open in shock. I guess I'd thought about the act, both with a fear of the act itself and with a fear that I might like it. The thought certainly made me feel funny. But I'd obviously never been anywhere remotely close to that. "You're obviously afraid of the idea but it seems to be the kind of thing that would really do it for you." I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Yes, I had had those thoughts, scary but at the same time far too alluring. And it being Ms. Dailey saying this to me was too much to bear. "Come now, such desires are perfectly natural."

Say something! I felt I needed to stop her from this line. She'd always seemed to be able to read my mind and now I was believing she had the power to find the one thing that would embarrass me the most. "Are you ashamed of your own ass?" she asked.

My heart was beating fast. I have to go. I'd formed the words and felt the pressure to say them. Say it! I told myself. I wished I didn't have the tendency to freeze when I felt cornered. She smiled again, and I felt the tension ease just a little, which I couldn't help when she smiled for me. Still my mind raced how to extricate myself from this situation. "You are amazingly uptight," she said. "What would be the problem if you jumped in bed with this guy and asked him to do your ass?"

"I can't do that," I managed to blurt.

"I know," she said, "but you need an experience." Then, her eyes still on mine she said, "we'll try just a little something."

Something made me very wary, a look in her eye or something. I could always see that she had my best interests at heart, but at that moment somehow I felt I could no longer see quite what she was thinking. "Why don't you stand up for a moment and turn and show me your ass?"


"Just what I said." She didn't smile but kept her face serious as if to underscore that she meant what she said. This isn't right, came the thought. What am I going to do? It was Ms. Dailey suggesting it though, and I did trust her. It was just a little thing, designed to f***e me to get over some of my oversensitivity. "Now," she added.

It was almost like an order. I stood, looking down at her momentarily, then turned. I wondered if I should make a joke of it, wagging my tail. And it seemed while I wondered the opportunity had passed right about when I convinced myself it would be perfectly within reason to do such a thing. So I stood there, my back to her, looking over my shoulder though really not turned enough to see her. "Good, now relax," she said. "As you can see, you didn't melt through the floor. It's just us here, so we'll try just a little bit more. Lower your pants." I gulped. This definitely wasn't right. I revised all my thoughts of Ms. Dailey at that second. And yet I stood there frozen. "You need a shock to the system and I fear anything less and you'll still be struggling this way two years from now."

That was all too believable. I began to wonder: was she right? But it was too crazy. "Right now, do it," she said, her voice just a little bit sterner.

Undress for Ms. Dailey. The worst part was that there'd been moments when I'd practically prayed for such a thing. "Charlotte," she said.

"I can't," I heard myself say, a definite whine. I needed to pull myself together.

I heard her steps and realized she'd stood. "You will, and you will right now," she said, slightly further away. I could picture her almost pacing. But why was she seeming so put out? Was it a tactic, to get me to act?

If so, it was succeeding. I found my fingers on my pants, fumbling. "Yes," said Ms. Dailey, her voice suddenly sounding distant as if she were thinking out loud. "Go on," she added, more focused. I undid them.

"The underpants too." It wasn't enough for her that my pants were down. "And stop dawdling so much. It's just me."

I simply couldn't believe it. I was standing in Ms. Dailey's office in front of her, my pants and underpants pushed down. She was behind me and I really couldn't see if she was staring at me or not, but all the same it was beyond all the embarrassment I'd ever imagined. "Kick them off," she said.

I think I made a little noise, not a sob, but something like it though I wasn't crying. But something that made my embarrassed state all the more evident. I extract my feet from them as she'd told me to. "OK, your blouse," she said.

* * *

I stood, naked in front of her. She walked around, inspecting me, then gave me a smile. "And you're still alive, aren't you?" I didn't trust myself to speak. "Now here's what we're going to do," she said. "Get up on the coffee table on your hands and knees. You're doing just fine." I looked down at the table: I wondered how far she was going to push me. I somehow knew she was getting me to push myself through my paralyzing embarrassment and that she was also engaging in something wrong, very wrong, but something I desired so much I couldn't imagine halting it. Gingerly I did as she said. "Good," she said, "now, put your cheek down on the surface, keeping your butt up in the air.

It was positively lewd, the position she had me take. Quite obviously showing off my rear. I was so frightened, but I did as she asked. In fact, it seemed that having done so much I found myself committed, like whatever the embarrassment, that I'd agreed to go far beyond all limits at her bequest and to do anything other than continue to do as she says would be to draw attention to the whole situation. To make waves now would be too horrible. Then I heard the door open.

Turning my head slightly I could see Ms. Dailey at the door and Leah James too! "Don't move," said Ms. Dailey.

She can't be doing this too me! If Ms. Dailey meant to push me, then she was very very good at it. I didn't hold the slightly twisted position required to see them so I simply heard them moving around as I held the position Ms. Dailey had demanded. And rustling. "Good," I heard Ms. Dailey's quiet voice, evidently to Leah.

Leah James in here seeing me like this. It had to be the end of my life. To imagine her telling her friends, it was unbearable. Then I felt the table move slightly.

It was a horror a simple horror to be like that. Ms. Dailey came into view, sitting on the couch in front of my face. She glanced at my face, but looked above me and behind...

Touching. I felt skin touching mine, my rear. "Now Charlotte, you need to get over this. Leah will be careful." Fingers went to my rear, to my anus, touching, something wet and cold. "But you'll need to relax," said Ms. Dailey. Something pressed, against my anus. Twisting slightly I saw knees not my own. As naked as my own. "Let her in," said Ms. Dailey. "You need this."

More pressure. "Lift your arms behind your back," said Ms. Dailey, to me. I did so and Leah took them, holding them behind me. More pressure. "You can do it," said Ms. Dailey. "You can take it." The pressure grew and I felt it enter just a little. "Yes," said Ms. Dailey, sounding almost like she herself were experiencing physical relief. Something about the way she said it, it seemed to make me relax just that little bit more...

It slid in. Leah's skin bumped my rear. "Yes," repeated Ms. Dailey, just a little louder. I looked into her face. Her eyes were on mine, locked. The feeling I'd had before came back, if this were truly an exercise to get me over my inhibitions it was also something else, something not right. Leah withdrew it partly, then pushed it back in, repeating the motion. "You're still alive, aren't you?" said Ms. Dailey, now smiling at me. All as if she'd caused me a mere moment's embarrassment, as if this were no big deal! "Is it what you thought it would be?"

It was. And that was perhaps what made it ten times worse: I was so aroused there was no hiding it. Leah picked up the pace, still holding my wrists behind me. "Fuck her good and hard," said Ms. Dailey, still quietly. I almost fainted, something about the incongruous words from her mouth. "Do you want to come, Charlotte?" Oh I wanted to come so badly. "Do you?" she repeated. Then after more thrusts from Leah, she said, "Say it."

"Yes," I said, my voice a hiss. Immediately Leah let go of one of my wrists and instantly fingers were on my clitoris. I exploded that very moment, totally unable to resist.

* * *

Ms. Dailey watched me as I struggled to regain control of my breathing. Leah still had the thing inside me, but withdrew it, and then she continued to hold my hips in her hands. The feel of her hands on my bare skin kept me in a totally lewd state of mind. Finally she let go and stood. "Now," said Ms. Dailey, "we'll try a little variation."

* * *

I looked down at Leah's back, holding her hips as I pumped the thing. The act appeared to arouse her as much as it had me. "Put your arms behind your back," Ms. Dailey said to Leah. I grabbed her wrists as soon as she had done so, still easily pumping. It was such a trip, doing Leah James of all people in such manner.

* * *

For all that we'd just done, it was still anything but comfortable. Now that the acts were over, it seemed like neither of us knew what to do. We both stood there naked as Ms. Dailey stood over her desk, writing something. But she was done in a moment and came back around to face us. "You are allowed to look at each other," she said and I gave Leah a nervous glance. When Ms. Dailey said nothing more, as if waiting, I found myself looking at Leah for real. Beautiful Leah, the things I'd just done with her. "It would be a good idea if you exchanged a little kiss," said Ms. Dailey.

Leah came closer, looking not nearly as awkward as I felt. She took my face in her hands and kissed me. Before we were done, my arms were wrapped around her tightly. "Sweet," I heard Ms. Dailey say. I couldn't tell how she meant it, whether it was an honest observation or whether she were being ironic.

* * *

It was Leah. I answered the knock at my dorm-room door to find her standing there. She gave me a smile, then came in, closing the door after her. Opening a bag, she showed me a strap-on dildo. "Get undressed," she said.

I wasted no time.

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