yes maam

I hesitated.

Not that Lucia has ever been anything but kind to me, but of course you have to be a little nervous when you approach her, especially if she sent for you. I found myself considering knocking but I knew Lucia preferred that I just come in. So still feeling nervous, I opened the door.

Her back was to me as she was painting. It occurred to me that I should come in with deliberate noise rather than do everything so silently. Was my ability to move so silently one of those habits I'd picked up out of shyness that actually works against me? I considered whether to greet her but finally shuffled my feet a little, after quietly shutting the door.

She turned. "Maddie," she said with a smile, the paintbrush still in her hand. She turned and put it down, taking a rag to wipe her hands. "Thank you for coming."

That's Lucia, always friendly. "Yes Ma'am," I said stupidly, but I did feel myself relax a bit. What did Lucia want me to say under such circumstances. You're welcome?

She finished wiping her hands, removed her smock, and walked toward me, reaching the center of the room. "So, how have you been?" she said.

"Fine." Damn! That's me, always just the one-word answer. Her dress was pretty, old and ragged but with a flower print that gave her a sort-of sixties look. Typical for Lucia. I briefly calculated how old she might have been in the sixties but certainly she would have been a small c***d at most.

"Well, well, come over, and don't look so nervous."

I approached her, still silent, and she gave me a hug. The one thing about Lucia is that, as much as she might be a mystery, it's wonderful when she hugs you. After a moment, she backed up, holding my hands. "I haven't seen you in a while," she said. She sounded so genuinely happy at my presence that I couldn't help but feel special. That's another thing about Lucia: when she talks to you you feel there's a connection. That your relationship with her is unique for her. "So how do you like our little group so far?"

"It's good," I said, immediately feeling lame for giving such a tepid answer.

She smiled, almost as if she were reading my thoughts. "And you're getting along with everyone?" As she said it, she brought our hands together. She held my eyes.

"Yes," I said, and the sense that I should be more forthcoming was so strong that I struggled to say more. "It's been great," I added. I felt so much like I was being judged. Lucia brings out such a weird combination of comfort and nerves, you feel guilty for feeling anything other than her warmth.

"And the sex?" she asked.

"Great," I said. I sensed a slight waver in my voice. Knowing Lucia, she couldn't possibly have missed it.

"Any of your new husbands especially interest you?" she asked, looking almost as if she were going to wink at me. At the same time, she let go of one of my hands and led me toward the side of the room. I sensed where this was going, but then I'd sort of known what this was about.

"They're nice," I said.

"Any especially nice?"

I was silent. She'd led me over to a chair, her chair, a stuffed chair with its back to the room, which was one of a few arranged around a little rug. A cozy corner to her studio. "You know, Gillian tells me you've only been having sex with Charles. Is that true?"

Yes, that was definitely the reason for this invitation. "I guess so," I said.

She stood, still holding my one hand. I eyed the back of the chair, feeling a little nervous. Her fingers massaged mine lightly. God I love Lucia. "I suppose it's part of your adjustment," she said. "You know we encourage long term relationships, but if you two choose to remain totally exclusive, then why would you join?"

Why indeed? It had seemed so right, joining, even if surprising for Charles and me. I recalled the gallery opening when the artist, Lucia, had introduced herself to us, dazzling us both, making us feel like honored guests. And how somehow I'd lunched with her the following day, and many occasions after that. I found that when she called, I came. And both the guilt I felt when I realized a part of me had begun to want to betray my vows with Charles, and the elation I'd felt when I'd sensed Lucia returned my desires.

And of course the day when Lucia had revealed it all to me, her f****y. And when I'd told her that despite all, my vows to Charles came first, and she'd said I shouldn't worry, that her instincts regarding Charles were trustworthy and I was to leave all to her. And that she'd talk to him. And I already knew by then that what Lucia says, goes.

And the mixture of guilt and pleasure when she proved right, and the way she'd taken me that very night, in ways I'd never have imagined. The belonging I'd felt that night in Lucia's hands, the impulse to accept her invitation, whatever my previous vows, despite my misgivings. And the way she'd explained it: a f****y. Sharing. Everything Charles and I had had and more. No reason to give up Charles or betray him in any fashion.

And the truth is, I loved it, the community, the f****y. But much as the sharing sounded appealing, I knew I was resisting, now that I was here. "You know some of your husbands would love the chance to get to know you better. Here." With the latter word, she laid her hand on the back of the chair. Brought back to the present, I recalled what I was facing and felt the usual combination of nerves and arousal as I obediently leaned over it. "And your wives too. It certainly isn't just Charles that Gillian is interested in."

I thought about it. Gillian, interested in me? She'd been friendly enough, but she was such a stunner, it didn't occur to me she might feel that way about me. And she'd actually come to Lucia about it. I briefly imagined Gillian's interview with Lucia but suppressed the thought. I wondered from what Lucia said, if Charles had also been staying away from the others. Charles's activities had been a subject I'd avoided dwelling on. "OK, get your pants down," said Lucia.

I undid them and slipped them down. "Do you want to be part of our group, Maddie?" she asked. I kicked the pants off, with my underpants. I couldn't help but eye the canes that hung on the wall. Please don't... I begged in my mind.

"Yes," I said.

She moved behind me and I felt her crotch against my rear, her hands on my hips. "Are you certain?"

"Yes," I said.

"Even if it means opening up sexually? Giving your body to all of us?" As she said it, I felt her press against me, almost grinding. The sensation of Lucia touching me again certainly was affecting me and my answer was no more than a mumble. "Speak clearly, Maddie," she said.

"Yes," I said. Possibly a touch too loud, now.

She released me and I heard her move away. "I want you to go to Gillian," she said. "As soon as I release you, do you hear me?"

"Yes Ma'am," I said. Lucia has this way of putting just a tiny bit of firmness in her voice at just the right moment.

"Good," she said, sounding very pleased. "And the first thing you will do is kiss her." She returned. "No matter who is around, a real kiss. Give me your hands. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Ma'am," I said while I lifted my arms behind me as she asked. She took my wrists and I soon felt them bound together.

"And after that, you will do every single thing Gillian wants you to do. For the rest of the night. OK?" Her voice was friendlier now, not sounding so much like an order, but of course it was indeed an order.

"Yes Ma'am." I heard her stirring. Then her fingers were on my rear, on my anus, massaging.

"I know very well you are attracted to Gillian," she said. Despite the sinking sense that my secrets were there for all to see, I knew it was only normal that the observant Lucia would have figured out such a thing. "And you admitted to me before we were joined that you crave the softer touch."

"Yes Ma'am," I said. Her massaging finger had entered me briefly. Then she withdrew it and I felt it.

"Listen, I know you are shy, this being your first time other than with me of course, but it's something you definitely have to work through." I felt it pressing, her hands on my hips. "Relax now, that's a good girl," she said. "But as you know, for the sake of the group and your membership in it, and to be honest, for your own sake, you need to do this. Gillian'll be gentle." The pressure was rising. I tried hard to relax. "You do remember what you told me about your more private longings?"

"Yes Ma'am."

The pressure mounted. I willed myself to relax. "And I can tell you honestly," she said, "that Gillian's touch is everything you dreamed of. Now you must relax."

I said nothing, probably because I was concentrating. "And the men, you'll learn things from the men you never imagined," she said. "The sharing's really an integral part of our group, you know."

It entered. I was speechless for a moment. She didn't call me on it and I knew she was perfectly aware of my state and my reaction. I felt it slide into me and felt her crotch against my rear once more. "You know, you are such a sweet little thing," she said. "They're all just going to love you. You'll see."

I still said nothing, unsure how to answer that. She drew it, nearly but not all the way out, then pressed again, her motions slow and gentle. Lucia was so gentle. "It's really the consummation of our marriage," she said. "Do you understand?"

"Yes Ma'am," I answered. My voice was tight.

She drew and pressed again, and another time. Ever so gently. Her hands shifted from my hips to my bound arms, holding them. "And your wives have been looking for their chance with Charles," she added. I absorbed the fact that she implied he had indeed been exclusive too. "And we both know they won't be disappointed."

"Yes Ma'am," I said. She referred to her time with Charles, of course. The first time, right after the ceremony. I had been drinking with my new husbands and wives and they'd been careful not to make any reference to what was happening in the other room. It had been so strange, the niggling sense of betrayal, yet the trust and affection I felt for Lucia keeping me from going to pieces. They obviously had tried to distract me, seeming to know the conflicted thoughts I'd be feeling. But I hadn't gone with any of them, nor signaled acceptance for any of their subtle offers. And it's hard to say whether they truly took my mind off it. Mostly, I just remember it being strange, almost surreal.

Lucia laughed briefly. "Charles is a doll," she said. "But that shouldn't be our secret." She let go with one hand and leaned over my body. As she did so, I felt her reach around my body, her fingers exploring my sex, finding my clitoris.

"No Ma'am," I said.

She laughed again, a friendly laugh, sounding tickled. "I see you are your usual aroused self."

I didn't know what to say. Certainly she'd never miss that and I couldn't claim it could be any sort of secret. "Gillian is going to love it with you," she said, and as she talked, she touched, fingered. Now there was no question of my answering, my breathing was suddenly too hard to contemplate such a thing. She began her pumping motion again, even as she managed to keep touching me. "Ah, my little Maddie, my sweet Maddie..." she said. She leaned closer, toward my right ear. "Come for me, my sweet," she whispered. "Just like you are going to come for beautiful Gillian."

Well if there's one thing that's central to our f****y, it's that you never, ever defy Lucia.

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