lady earns her spurs

Emily had so much self-confidence that she enjoyed seeing how little Karen, her sometime lover, was training Emily's oldest s****r Linda, who was 38 and separated from her husband, to be a cringing submissive. Emily, though still in her twenties, had managed to become the dominant of the three girls in her f****y and now her s****r Leslie, who was in her early thirties, lived with her and did all of her bidding. Leslie clearly was far from enamoured of the 26-year-old Karen and Emily sensed how her middle s****r resented the dominating position Emily allowed Karen to assume. But Emily got really wicked pleasure out of how the petite Karen was turning into such a delightful dominatrix.

She often slept with Karen these days and one night after they had enjoyed each other's pleasures, she turned to her and asked her how she felt about being put in charge of Emily's now submissive s****rs. "Well, love," Karen answered calmly, knowing she was treading on slightly tricky ground here, "I think Leslie continues to harbor a lot of resentment against me because she feels she should be your special sub rather than have to serve me, but Linda remains so shocked by her husband's leaving that she has responded very well to learning to be submissive to me."

Then she grinned at Emily and added, "And darling, you have taught me so well how to humiliate a woman and make her mine. And, speaking of that, I'd love to get another taste of that luscious juice between your legs." With Emily's nod, Karen bent down and began to lick Emily's labia and clit softly the way Emily insisted she do it. The smaller girl was rewarded with a short spurt of pee that emerged right from Emily's cute urethral opening into Karen's open mouth.

The two women then held each other tightly, perfectly sized for each other since Emily, while not as diminutive as Karen, was average-sized and had pleasant enough 34B breasts. "So how did you leave s****r Linda tonight?" Emily asked.

"I'm putting her through a few days in diapers in the crib," Karen replied, "so that she will learn to appreciate the privileges she soon will be earning. You can imagine the first time she realized that she would not be changed until she had both urinated and defecated in the diaper. It's amazing to see how a woman of 38 can be trained."

"You deserve so much credit, love," Emily said. "You have no idea how Linda once lorded it over me when she was married and living quite well. She was the perfect suburban mom, too, and someday I shall have to display her in front of her own daughters so they can see how she has been subjugated. They don't really like her, you know."

"I was thinking of letting Linda use the toilet now," Karen said. "maybe you'd like to come watch her with me. It'll be especially humiliating for her to have you there for her first time during her training when she's allowed to use the toilet like a big girl."

Emily quickly nodded her assent and in their nightgowns, the two women went to the "nursery" where Linda was caged in a large-sized crib. She was awake as they turned the light on and cringed when she saw Emily with her tormentress Karen. "We're going to let you start acting like a big girl and use the toilet, Linda," Karen said in a light-voiced way.

She opened the side of the crib and Linda shamefacedly emerged wearing only a large white cloth diaper and a white little-girl vest that clearly did not accommodate her buxom front. She followed the two to the bathroom where she saw the ignominious changing table that Karen pointed her to mount. She climbed up and assumed the shameful diaper position with her legs up in the air as Karen carefully opened the diaper.

"Oh, goody, Linda, you didn't go in the diaper," Karen said. "I think you are ready to put on panties after we watch you do your business on the toilet. Now don't disappoint me, or else you will have to go back to using the wooden potty over there," she added, pointing to the c***d's potty that made Linda cringe when she was made to sit on it and feel her pee and p*o emerge from her body and come to rest only an inch or so beneath her bottom cheeks in the potty.

Linda knew that they wanted to see everything so she sat on the toilet with her back facing front and hovered over it as she had done when away from home over so many toilets in her life. This way the women could watch her pee and poop and see her openings pooch out as she prepared to do her business.

Linda was conscious that they were staring at her large bottom as she finally released her pee, sending a strong stream into the toilet. Finally it diminished and Emily and Karen were treated to her pooching anal sphincter pushing out a large wide firm darkish brown log. Linda relaxed but knew that she would now be wiped between her cheeks by Karen as if she were a baby incapable of using the toilet paper to clean her bottom.

Karen duly came over and wiped between Linda's commodious cheeks. She humiliated Emily's eldest s****r even more by showing Emily the soiled toilet paper from the first wipe, the sheets with the big brown smudges and pieces of p*o from Linda's messy anal area. Then Karen wiped some more, quite firmly, and dropped the tissue into the toilet.

Linda turned round, hoping to receive permission to put panties back on and her face fell when she saw that Karen had selected a pair of little girl panties, complete with bunnies as a pattern and a plastic covered crotch for her to wear. She gritted her teeth, smilingly thanked her mistress Karen, and pulled up the shameful panties. At least these were better than that awful diaper, she thought.

Karen had indicated to Emily that she wanted to impose some added discipline and thought it might be best if Emily left the two of them alone in the bathroom, so Emily quietly absented herself while Linda managed to pull up the tight pair of little-girl panties. Then Karen flipped up her skirt, lowered her own panties, and sat on the toilet.

Linda realized at once that this was a signal for her to get down on her knees in front of her Mistress Karen and be ready to serve as instructed. She lost no time in getting down and facing her Mistress as Karen exposed her cute little vulval area and her mons with its dark black hair. She pointed to her quim and Linda immediately moved her head between Karen's small legs and began to lick at Karen's tight labia.

Karen told her to move in closer which meant that Linda had to insert her nose in the small opening Karen's labia left her and continue to lick her Mistress's inner area, poking her tongue past her urethral opening and into her vagina. Karen knew that her thin tight labia meant that Linda would have trouble getting enough air to breathe when she was ordered to insert her nose inside the little woman's pint-sized quim.

Once Linda's nose and tongue were inside, Karen took advantage of their presence to release a sharp hot jet of pee. Linda let it coat her throat, knowing it was more important to keep her breathing apparatus working because she would be severely punished if she passed out while serving her Mistress.

Suddenly, Linda realized something else was happening. The real purpose of this particular direction to service her Mistress was disclosed as she began to experience the unmistakable taste of Karen's menstrual fluid entering her open mouth. The Mistress must've just started her period, she thought.

For a small woman, Karen had fairly heavy periods and normally used super tampons for most of each period. Linda managed to make her request heard through Karen's quim: "Mistress, do you wish for me to put in a tampon for you?"

Karen quietly said that Linda should do that and the subservient Linda reached back on the shelf to take out a tampax from the box helpfully left there. She unwrapped the super and taking the applicator in her hand, most efficiently but rather bluntly inserted it into Karen's bleeding vagina.

"Ow!" Karen exclaimed, as she felt the super tampon rub her vaginal walls a bit roughly when Linda pushed the applicator in. "You're going to pay for that, Missy," she snapped to Linda, curling her lips in a sneer that came quite naturally to her.

Having failed to serve her Mistress properly, Linda cringed, knowing that the punishment that would ensue would be humiliating and painful. "Take down your panties," Karen snapped at her. "I knew it was a mistake not keeping you in didees," she said, nastily.

"Oh Mistress, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, I was trying to make sure your tampon went in all right," Linda pleaded. "Please don't take my panties away, I will do anything..." Her voice trailed off in a pleading tone.

Karen loved hearing the older woman plead for mercy. She loved administering punishment, especially on Linda's commodious bottom, and it made her feel even better when she realized that Linda had pushed two births out from between those wide thighs. Karen felt a need growing in her back channel for relief and turned round on the toilet so that her anus was facing Linda.

"Get your mouth on my shithole, sweetie," she said very sternly, "and be prepared to swallow whatever comes out now because I need to shit." Totally humiliated, Linda prepared to swallow whatever horrible-tasting p*o Karen was about to excrete. She had no time to wonder whether it would be hard or soft, only that she had had to swallow her Mistress's anal products before and the taste was invariably bitter and horribly smelly.

Karen released her sphincter and a flow of very soft p*o slid out of her anus and went right into Linda's open mouth. Linda began to gag from both the smell and the horrible taste and consistency of the shit. Karen recalled that her tummy had been bothering her and felt relieved that she had managed to empty her bowels into her slave's open mouth.

Now Linda had to lick the tiny anal rosette clean with her tongue, making certain to curl her tongue so it penetrated the anal ring and made her Mistress squeaky clean inside and out. "That's a good girl," Karen murmured warmly to Linda, now that her pressing need for relief from her achy tummy and consequently soft p*o was over.

She patted Linda on the head and said, "I'm very pleased with your training and how you just served me, sweetie. I'm going to put a merit in your Conduct book." She reached for the Conduct book, which Linda always had with her, and taking her little fountain pen from her handbag, carefully wrote in a merit mark. Linda always worried when asked to produce the Conduct book, because Karen might write in cutting comments about Linda's failings, including remarks about Linda's panties being dirty or finding shit in her anal area, which made the older woman cringe.

That done, Karen handed her back the Conduct book and patted her lap, which was of course the signal for Linda to place herself across her Mistress's lap for discipline. "I'm afraid that I will have to spank you, sweetie, but you know it's for your own good." Linda tried to hold back her tears, because the range of emotions she had been going through was incredible. Then she felt Karen's fingers in the waistband of her little-girl panties and then the movement of the panties down just below her bottom.

Karen began spanking her, alternating the cheeks until Linda's bottom became nice and rosy-colored. Then, in a very humiliating way for Linda, Karen inserted her index finger into Linda's little puckered anal rosette, which had a bit of hair around it. "Does my little girl have to make any more doody?" Karen asked in a somewhat mocking but actually sincere for her tone.

"No, mommy," Linda answered, in the c***dish humiliating exchange she was required to observe. "Linda's botty is all done making doody, I think." Karen chuckled and to Linda's dismay, inserted a glycerin suppository in Linda's asshole. If there was any shit in there, Linda knew, she soon would feel to need to excrete and then Karen would punish her for not asking to go now.

Linda was now ordered to stand and pull up her panties. "You may get dressed and go about your work," Karen said, as she prepared to leave for the day herself. Linda hoped that the suppository would not cause her to need to use the toilet because now she would have to make a special request by phone to Karen, and this would earn her bad marks in the little Conduct book. She could also ask Emily or even Leslie for permission if Karen wasn't there but both of them were likely to take advantage of her urgent need and enter several bad marks and comments in the Conduct book.

A few hours passed, and Linda sat contentedly in the apartment alone, now that Emily, Karen, and Leslie had all gone to work. She began her cleaning chores and started thinking about how she obviously needed this treatment because she felt herself falling in love with her diminutive Mistress. She was already looking forward to serving Karen later, when Mistress would need to have her tampon changed. She also loved helping Karen undress after a hot date with Rod, when Mistress would have her clean her quim. Linda decided that she clearly was benefiting from the humiliation she received from both Emily and Karen.
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