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Finally I was on my way home from work and couldn't wait to get in, I had received a call from my wife to say she had got rid of the k**s for the night to her parents and she had a surprise for me when I got home.
It had been a while since we had spent some quality time together and I was looking forward to finding out what my treat would be. I pulled into the driveway and parked the car before making my way to the door. I turned the handle and pushed the front door open to be greeted by my wife stood in the hallway, my mouth fell open when I saw what she was wearing for me.

Now my wife is a big girl which I love, great tits and nice round arse and I loved to see her dressed in lingerie, she knew I had a fetish for pvc and latexwear but had never really shown much interest in it herself.

To my surprise there she was stood in front of me dressed in a black pvc skating style dress and knee length boots with 4 inch stiletto heel, the outfit was accompanied by black elbow length latex gloves and her long hair was pulled back into a pony tail.

Before I had chance to speak she asked if I liked what I saw.

"Of course" I replied,"you look fantastic".

The pvc dress clung to her curves and her cleavage bulged over the pvc.

"Get your clothes off", she barked.

Quickly I undressed and stood naked in front of her.

"Now thats not very good is it?" she said, as she pointed at my limp cock, " you will have to do better than that otherwise I wont be very pleased with you".

She walked toward me and grabbed at my cock with her latex covered fingers, the latex felt slick and cool as it rubbed against my shaft, she grabbed the back of my head with her other hand and pulled my face towards hers and started to kiss me hard, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

I felt my cock start to stiffen in her hand, and put my hands on her pvc covered body and started to caress her curves.
she pulled away and released my cock.

"On your knees" she ordere.

I fell to my knees and wondered what she had planned for me.

"Do you like my boots?", I looked at her new black patent boots and felt a tingle in my penis, "yes I do they look great" I replied.

"Good get down and show me how much you like them" she ordered.

I bent forward and started to kiss her boots, working my way from the toe and up the inside of her leg the the top of the boot.

"Don't forget the heel" she said.

I licked at the stiletto heel working my tongue up into the arch of the boot.

"Very good" she said, "i hope you are going to lick this as good?".

I looked up to see she had lifted the dress to reveal a life like strap-on cock and balls which she was slowly wanking.

I knelt at her feet for a while watching as she rubbed her new cock.

"Now its your turn" she said as she smiled at me.

I opened my mouth and moved toward her, slowly taking the fake cock in my mouth and sucking on the head of it.

she grabbed my head and pushed the cock deeper into my face, in and out then suddenly all the way in and held it in deep.

I started to gag and cough as she pulled it out.

"Now you know how it feels" she laughed, "take it in again" she ordered.

I cautiously opened my mouth again and took her cock in as she started to face fuck me, again I gagged as she pushed it in deep, much to her amusement.

"Now I want you to kneel on the stairs", she said, I did as requested and knelt facing up the staircase, my arse sticking out toward her, I felt something cold and wet run down between my butt cheeks and then her rubber covered finger start to rub over my arse hole.

My cock twitched as she pushed her finger inside me.

"How does that feel" she enquired.

"Thats really nice" I answered, gasping in air as she pushed in deeper, then I gasped again as another finger entered into me.

slowly she fingered my arse and played with my balls until I felt like I could explode, then she stopped and put some lubrication on the strap-on and pushed that inside me, slowly pushing in deeper until the balls were hitting me, my cock was rock hard and wanted to release hot cum everywhere.

Eventually my arse pleasuring came to an end and I was e****ted to the bedroom, my wife straddled me as I lay on my back on the bed, she rode me hard like a female rodeo rider her cleavage bouncing out over the top of the pvc dress, her stiletto heels digging into my legs.

She climaxed several times before allowing me to do the same inside her hot dripping pussy, she then moved herself up my body and squatted over my face.

Hot cum and pussy juice dripped into my mouth and over my face.

She lowered herself onto my face and started to grind her pussy on me.

I gasped for air as she smothered me with her big round arse and pussy.

She got off the bed and removed the boots and dress.

"Time to clean up" she said, and pointed to the bathroom.

We went to the bathroom together.

"Get in the bath" she ordered.

I lay naked in the bath and watched as she stood over me with legs apart and holding her pussy open, a small trickle to begin with then a long stream of warm pee started to splash over my body.

she pissed over my cock and then up my body and splashed some over my face. when she had finished I was ordered to clean the last drops of pee from her pussy with my tongue.

We then took a long hot shower together and after drying
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3 years ago
Epic story! very nice ;)
3 years ago
3 years ago
Loved your story wish mine could do that