Mother in Law's Strap-on Love

My name is Paul and I love my mother in law, we have always got on well together ever since I married her daughter 20 years earlier, we had even progressed to a little titillation and on more than one occasion she had caught me looking at her legs when she sat cross legged on the sofa and a couple of times when I tried to peer down her top to see what color bra she had or if she even wore one or as much of her breasts as possible, she would always give me one of those sexy knowing smiles.

Carol my Mother in Law had divorced her husband Bob 8 years ago and she now lived alone but only an hours drive away.

She had called me one during the week and asked if I would come over on Saturday to give the garage a bit of a clean out, as my wife Jane was working all day I quickly agreed.

I couldn't wait for Saturday to come around, so I could spend time with Carol and who knows what I may get to see...

She came out to greet me as I pulled into the driveway, she was wearing a low V neck jumper and a loose skirt that came to just above her knees, My mother in law was still in pretty good shape for her 68 years of age, brown hair that came to her shoulders, and nice ample bosom but not too large and though she carried a few extra pounds she still had a nice figure, she wasn't a bubble or a barrel, you could see she had a waistline and low heel shoes, she greeted me with a hug and a quick kiss on the lips , I could feel her breasts on my chest through the jumper and started to get hard thinking about what she may or not be wearing under that top. I followed her inside enjoying the look from the rear, watching that nice firm looking ass sway under the skirt, we made idle chat for a few minutes and I couldn't stop my eyes from wondering down to the V in the top catching sight of a little cleavage, my curiosity was aroused not to mention other things. We then walked out to the garage, she had the old trailer all ready for me to load up and told me anything I wanted I could have, and the rest was for the rubbish tip.

She then left me to work indoors and I tackled the garage with gusto, a lot of the stuff was rubbish, old books, bits of wood etc, there were a few things I scored for myself, an electric drill, saw and a few hand tools that would come in handy, I then opened the old wardrobe in the corner and started to empty it, when I noticed a box on the top shelf at the back, carefully taking it down I set it on the bench top and opened it...

What I saw took my breath away, in the box was a collection of garter belts, stockings, an assorted collection of thongs and G strings, ¼ cup, ½ cup and see thru bras, but the biggest surprise of all under all the clothing were a couple of different sized vibrators, lubricant, wrist and ankle shackles and a couple of different styles of Strap-on harnesses and the rubber "cocks" that fit into them, averaging about 7 to 8 inches in length and a nice size diameter so to speak, I was stunned but starting to get very aroused at the thought that Carol would have dressed up in these clothes and would use the Strap-on on Bob, I had to find out more so closing the box I carried it into the house.

I called out to Carol to come to the kitchen where I had put the box on the table, when she walked in she gasped at the sight of the box on the table and started to go red realizing that I knew what was in the box...

"Are you sure you want to tip this stuff?" I asked her looking her in the eyes. She didn't answer straight away and wouldn't look me in the eyes, I then asked her, "Did you use this stuff when you were married to Bob?"

I watched her fidget a little I took her chin in my hand lifting her head up to look me in the eyes and told her "Carol you can tell me anything we are f****y and I would understand."

She nodded and said "ok."

She opened the box started to finger some of the items, I saw her look down at my crotch she must have noticed that it was bulging, she took a deep breath gave a small smile and told me to sit,

" Oh yes Paul." she said excitedly "I used to use all this stuff, Bob loved me to dress up and use the vibrators and strap-on's on him, as well as on myself while he watched, sometimes I would tie him up, on the odd occasion he would dress a little in some of this stuff and I would make him suck me like a tart and then fuck him in the ass, we did it all over the house, in the garden even in the garage, I loved doing it and he loved it as well, and I sort of miss it now."

When she stopped talking I could see she was breathing a little heavier than usual and she has a flushness about her, I was stunned at the admittance as well as little shocked at the language and also incredibly turned on,,

She asked me "Are you alright Paul?"

I nodded weakly and said "Sorry to have bought up painful memories and sort of wished you hadn't told me now"

"No need to be sorry Paul, I am glad to have told you about it, it makes me feel better, but why do you now wish I hadn't told you?"

"Nothing," I replied "It's ok," but with no real conviction in my voice.

"Oh no," she replied, "Don't tell me that this is something you want and my daughter won't come across?"

"That's about it Carol," I replied "Jane is a little bit conservative in regards to that or any anal play, don't get me wrong our sex life is good, but you know, I would like a little more."

"Hmm yes" she replied I know what you mean", but she said in a certain way I couldn't put my finger on it just the way she said it.

"Look" she said, I'll put this box away, you go lock up the garage and tie the trailer down ready for the trip to the tip then we'll have a drink." she turned left the room, I went outside tied the trailer locked the garage and was just walking in the back door when I heard Carol call me to give her a hand in the bedroom.

What I saw stopped me in my tracks, she had put on a negligee, a see thru bra which clipped at the front, it showed her nipples exposed and hard, black suspender belt with stockings and, exposing her neatly trimmed bush she had on a crotch less Strap-on harness with one of the 8 inch dildo's sticking out front. I just stood there with my mouth agape, my cock getting harder by the second, Carol looked down and could see the bulge swelling in my jeans, "hmm" she said " this looks like what you want" I just nodded dumbly taking in the vision in front of me.

"Strip," she commanded, without hesitation I got naked in front of my 68 year old mother in law, my breath catching in my throat as I lowered my boxers finally exposing myself to Carol's gaze. She walked up to me and putting her arms around my neck she kissed me deeply, her tongue working its way into my mouth, it was a weird sensation, feeling my 1/2 naked mother in law against my body, she worked her tongue into my mouth and I felt her right hand work its way down to my cock where she slowly started to stroke it, I reached up and rolled one of her nipples thru the bra between my fingers, I felt her shudder as I gently squeezed and played with the bud.

She stepped back and placing her hands on my shoulders gently f***ed me onto my knees I knew what she wanted and I found myself getting excited at the thought of sucking my Mother in laws "cock". I put the cock in my mouth and looking up I could see her looking down at me and running her fingers over her breasts and circling her nipples, I started bobbing my head up and down on the cock then reached up and slide my fingers along her pussy lips,

"Oh yes," she gasped,"Touch me up Paul, play with my cunt as you suck my cock."

Listening to her talking dirty really turned me on and I slid my finger into her dripping pussy and started to finger fuck her in time with my sucking. I could feel her breathing heavy and she was starting to build towards an orgasm when she pulled away from me and,

"No," she panted "Not yet I want you first, stand up hon."

I stood up in front of her, with a hard on that could have lifted a truck

"Oh Carol" I gasped "Please do with me what you want." all I could think about was having my mother in law in me and later returning the favor.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and turned me around so my back was to her, giving my ass a light slap she told me "Go have a quick shower hon I want all of you nice and clean."

I walked away to the shower feeling her eyes on my ass as I left her, climbing into the shower I soaped myself all over lingering a little longer than normal on my hard cock, slowly giving it a few strokes thinking about what was about to happen but stopping after a couple of strokes not wanting to cum too soon. I stepped out of the shower, quickly dried myself and walked back to the main bedroom.

When I entered the bedroom I noticed that she had laid a bath towel on the bed, and a tube of lube on the nightstand next to the bed, I walked up to her.

"Kiss me Paul, kiss your Mother in Law who is going to fuck you,"

I walked up to her and put my arms around her and kissed her with all the passion and lust of a new lover. I reached up and caressed her breasts through the bra, she moaned into my mouth, and started to rub her body against me I could feel the "cock" rubbing up against my cock and stomach knowing that soon it would be in my ass.

"Turn around," she commanded "Walk to the bed till your knees are touching it.

" I stopped at the bed as she commanded, she moved up behind me and I could feel the Strap-on cock work its way between my legs, she put her arms around me and grasped my cock, slowly stroked it as she whispered in my ear.

"Paul I am going to fuck that virgin ass of yours, like the tart that you are, you want this don't you?"

I hesitated, too caught up in the emotions of the moment,

"Tell me Paul, beg me to fuck you,"

"Oh yes Carol." I almost shouted "Please Carol fuck me, fuck my ass make me a tart, make me your tart."

"Good Hon," she whispered and she pushed me on the bed, "Get on all fours Paul, put your head on the bed open your legs and reach back and open that virgin ass for me."

I did as commanded, my breath coming in gasps, I couldn't believe after all these years one of my fantasies was about to come true...

I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart exposing myself to my lover, suddenly I felt her hands also on my ass cheeks pulling them apart even more, next I felt her hot breath softly blowing on my puckered ring, I couldn't believe it, my wife's mother. My elderly mother in law was about to lick my ass to kiss me in a place I never believed would happen. I groaned as I felt her tongue run up my ass crack from just about my balls, through the crack over my ass hole, where she lingered and circled the hole then up to the top of my ass, slowly sliding her tongue back down again but this time stopping at my ass hole but starting to put some pressure there, she was going to tongue fuck my ass I was gasping now pushing my self back against her tongue, her hands came round to the front of my thighs and she started pulling me back against her forcing her tongue against my ass until the tip worked its way in.

I reached for my cock, I needed relief the pleasure was so intense I was so turned on I needed to cum.

She pulled away "No Paul" she shouted "Not yet I told you."

I reluctantly let go of my raging cock, Looking back I saw her drop the negligee and reach to the tube of lube, taking the cap of she squirted some onto the artificial cock and started to rub it all over, watching my elderly mother in law wanking that cock just like I would do was almost too much for me, I thought I was going to blow my load all over the bed at the sight.

I jumped when I felt something cool pour on top of my ass, then I felt her hand caressing the oil all over my ass cheeks and sliding her fingers up and down my crack making it all slippery and available, I winced a little when I felt one of her fingers slide in to my ass, the pain was exquisite at this point I didn't care what happened she could have done anything she wanted to me, I gasped when she started to slide it back and forth the pain wasn't too bad now and quickly went away as the sensation of pure lust took over, I was moving back against her finger encouraging her to keep going, then she slid another finger in and really started to work on my asshole, getting it ready for her fuck toy.

Then her fingers were gone, I was starting to feel empty and disappointed when suddenly I felt the tip of the "cock" touch my puckered ring, I tensed waiting for the pain of pleasure that was about to invade my body, Slowly she pushed the head against my ass, I could feel my ass ring slowly stretching as the "cock" slowly entered me, suddenly it slipped in, I moaned as I felt my asshole release as the "cock" slipped all the way in,

"Oh god," I yelled," it's in, you are fucking your son in law Carol."

She began thrusting in and out slowly at first then quicker and she sensed my ass accommodate her, she put her hands on my hips and pulled me back onto her as she thrust forward, the feeling was sensational, I could feel myself getting close to cumming and I hadn't even touched myself yet...she changed pace and technique, slowly pulling the "cock" all the way out and pushing it back in, it was like being entered for the first time over and over again, I was now her slut.

I was pushing myself back against her telling her to "Fuck me, make me yours."

It was almost too much for me and I told her I was getting close to cumming,

"Get on your back I want to see you I want to watch you cum." She said quickly as she pulled out of me

I flipped over and for the first time since I had got on the bed I could look at my sexy mother in law, standing there, her breast exposed through the see thru bra, the "cock" all slick with lube jutting out in front of her, she was panting, her body was coated with a light sheen of the exertions, Reaching down she pulled my legs apart and put the head of the strap-on against my ass hole , smiling she looked into my eyes as she slid the "cock" into my ass in one swift motion. She started to fuck me in earnest now.

"Paul you are my slut now, I will have you whenever I want and you can have me when you want but right now I want to see you cum, jerk off for me hon squirt your cum all over your self for me."

I grasped my cock and started to jerk off

"Slowly." she said,

then, Carol reached up and unclipped her bra finally I was looking at those breast I had been trying to look at for so many years, she slid the bra off her arms and threw it across the room, she started to fuck me harder and faster. She then reached up and began playing with her breasts rolling the nipples between her fingers.

This sight was too much for me

"Carol," I screamed, "I about to cum." stroking my cock faster and faster,

"Cum Paul, cum for me let me see your cum on your belly."

I shuddered as my cock exploded, the first squirt hit me on the chest, the second a bit lower, slowly the squirts decreased as my orgasm slowly subsided Carol had stopped pumping me and watched as I coated myself in my own cum.

She pulled out and laid down next to me leaning over and kissing me on the lips sliding her tongue into my mouth, pulling away she looked down at the jism on my chest and stomach reaching out Carol started to rub the cum all over my body.

Looking at me she smiled and said "I don't think I'll throw that stuff away now, in fact I will even dig out the shackles and ropes."

Then winked at me.

I can't wait till the next visit...
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