A year or so ago I told my wife about my fantasy of her having sex

with another man. This caught her by surprise because our marriage

had been strictly monogamous up to this point. I acknowledged to her

that I was not a good performer in bed - I cum too soon and my cock

is too small. She didn't argue either point. I convinced her that

she can and should do better. My wife is really cute and could have

any man she wanted. She's 5' 2", 110 lbs, blue eyes, brown hair -

with a short sexy hairstyle.

Her peaches and cream complexion and

gorgeous set of legs are her best assets though. As we discussed the

possibilities, she admitted that she often wondered what a nice big

fat cock would feel like - as opposed to my dinky thing. (I should

point out that in our relationship she is the dominant one and I am

totally submissive.) She finally agreed to give it a try, but it

would be on her terms. She wanted to get laid without me lurking

around if she felt like it.

That next Thursday night she informed that I'd be watching the k**s

while she went out on a date! I couldn't believe this was actually

happening! She ask me if I really wanted to go through with this;

she said in all liklihood she would come home having been fucked

silly by some stranger. I told her to go for it! She then told me

how she had met a really cute guy while shopping at the mall that

afternoon and they agreed to meet later that night for drinks.

As I made dinner for the k**s my wife was in our bedroom bathing and

dressing for a date with another man. The mere thought of it made me

feel worthless and I loved it! I no sooner had the k**s fed and in

bed for the night when she emerged from our room to depart on her

date. She was absolutely stunning! She wore a tight red

nylon/lycra/spandex mini-dress with just a pair of sheer black

panties underneath. On her gorgeous legs she wore sheer black thigh

high nylon stockings and 4" black patent leather, pointed toe pumps.

Her makeup was head-turning and she wore large gold hoop earrings

which looked great with her short sexy hairstyle. As she glided past

me headed for the door she told me not to wait up, it might be a

late night. She also told me to make sure the dishes and laundry

were done before she returned. She added one more order before

leaving, she told me to sl**p upstairs in the guest room and to call

in sick to work in the morning; I would be bringing the k**s to


While she was on her date, I got my chores done, had a couple of

beers, and then went upstairs to the guest room to sl**p. Shortly

after 1:00 A.M. I heard voices downstairs. My wife was home and she

wasn't alone. She and her date were giggling and it sounded like

they had had a lot to drink. A few mintues later she came into the

guest room, turned on the light, and crooked her finger at me. She

still had her sexy outfit on, but now she looked somewhat rumpled

and her hair was out of place. She told me to get my sorry ass

downstairs because she was going to show me how worthless I really

was. I sl**p in the nude and asked her if I could put some clothes

on; her only reply was "don't bother".

As I followed my wife into the f****y room, I saw her date reclining

on our sofa. He was about 10 years younger than me and built like a

college football player. He had blonde wavy hair and looked like he

had just stepped off a Florida beach. He was naked and as you might

expect, hung like a horse.

His cock was semi-hard as he lightly

stroked its nine inches. My wife suddenly turned dominant and began

to verbally humiliate me in front of her new lover. She called me a

worthless piece of shit with a pencil dick. She told me her date was

a real man with a man's size cock. Her date was enjoying the show.

As my wife continued her verbal assault I started to get a hard-on.

Her lover joined in and called me a queer for getting so turned on

seeing another man naked. My wife continued to berate me and told me

how her lover had already fucked her three times tonight, but she

wanted a fourth screwing. Her date said he needed a little help

getting it up a fourth time. My wife just grinned, grabbed me by the

back of the head and f***ed my mouth down on his cock. She told me

to suck his cock and get him nice and hard for her. She was horny

and wanted to get fucked - right now!

I had never sucked a man's cock before, but must admit I had thought

about it often. As I kneeled between my wife's lovers legs sucking

him off, my own cock grew to its full five inches. My wife noticed

me getting excited. She went into the bedroom and quickly returned

with a nylon stocking. She tied the stocking around the base of my

cock so I couldn't cum. She then grabbed me by the hair and pulled

my mouth off her lover's cock. He was hard now and ready to fuck. My

wife ordered me over to a chair and told me to keep my mouth shut

and my hands off my prick. She told me to pay attention and watch

how a real man fucks a woman. With that she threw a pillow on the

floor, stripped off her lycra mini-dress and layed on her back on

the floor. She motioned for her stud to mount her. He didn't waste

much time and was thrusting his monster cock in and out of her in a

matter of seconds. Her stockinged clad legs were up in the air and I

fought the urge to crawl over, slip off her pumps, and suck her


I couldn't believe what I was seeing and feeling. Some stranger was

balling my wife on our f****y room floor while I was told to sit and

watch. I loved it! I was so turned on I couldn't stand it! His

stamina was amazing, again making me feel worthless. My wife was

starting to cum. Her stud sensed her impending orgasm and picked up

the rhythm. He was pounding her so hard he was lifting her ass up

off the floor with each stroke. She was screaming so loud I thought

for sure she'd wake the k**s. With a loud grunt he shot his load of

cum into my wife's cunt. He collapsed on top of her and left his

cock inserted in her now cum-drenched cunt.

After a while, he rolled off her and layed at her side. They kissed

and nuzzled one another like long-lost lovers. My cock was aching,

the stocking had turned the head a deep purple. As they layed there

cuddling, her stud's cum began to ooze from her well-worn pussy.

My wife obviously felt it running out.

She looked at me and said that

since I wasn't man enough to fuck her properly, maybe I should just

crawl over and clean her lover's cum out of her cunt. I did as I was

told. As I positioned my head between her legs, she told me to

remove the stocking from around my cock. I buried my face in her

cummy cunt and happily lapped away. As I did, my wife positioned her

nylon clad foot under my cock. As I licked her clean, I rubbed my

cock against her foot and shot off all over her stockings.

After I came, my wife stuck her cummed on foot into my mouth for me

to clean it. I greedily licked my own cum off her beautiful foot.

She then stepped out of her pumps and stripped off her stockings,

dropping them on the floor. She told me to clean everything up and

not to forget to get the k**s off to school in the morning. She took

lover by the hand and they went into our bedroom and closed and

locked the door. I cleaned everything up, savoring the smell of cum

on my wife's stockings and panties. I went up to the guest room

knowing that her my wife and her lover were sl**ping in our bed

right below me. I fell asl**p with her cum soaked stocking in my


The next morning when I returned from bringing the k**s to school my

wife and her lover were awake and lying in bed. My wife told me to

fix them breakfast while they showered together. When they came to

the breakfast table she was wearing a short black, sheer negligee

with matching panties. Her lover simply wore a bright blue lycra

thong, which did very little to conceal his massive cock. As I

served them breakfast, they spoke among themselves as if I wasn t

even there. They reviewed their date from the previous night in

vivid detail. I couldn't help but get hard again, apparently I

wasn't alone.

As I cleared away the dirty dishes from the table, my wife got down

on her knees in front of her lover. He calmly sat there at our

kitchen table, sipping coffee, while my lovely wife pulled his nine

inches out of his thong. He opened the morning paper and acted so

nonchalant as my wife started working on his cock with her pretty


This went on for 15-20 minutes while I busied myself in the

kitchen. Suddenly I heard him groan and looked over just in time to

see her stud deliberately pull out of her mouth and spray his cum

all over her face and hair. She was drenched, it ran down her face

in gobs.

She cleaned him up, tucked his cock back into his thong and

then came over to me. She stood in front of me and simply said clean

me . I did as I was told. I licked her lover's cum from her face

like a dog. When I finished cleaning her face, she pointed to a glob

of his cum that had dripped off her chin to the floor. I obediently

kneeled down and licked it off our kitchen floor.

Her lover had gone into the next room to make some business phone

calls. He apparently was preparing to leave as he had work to do. My

wife had followed him in to the other room. I could hear her begging

him to fuck her one more time before he left. I couldn't believe

what I was hearing! One taste of a huge cock and my sweet little

wife was pleading for more like a common whore. Her lover finally

relented, telling her to go take off her negligee and put on some

stockings and a garter belt. He told her to go wait on our bed while

he finished his phone calls. She excitedly scampered off to our

bedroom like a c***d on Christmas morning.

Apparently my humiliation wasn't quite over either. After donning

beautiful taupe stockings and a black garter belt, my wife called me

into the bedroom. She told me to strip and kneel at the foot of the

bed, telling me that I was about to be treated to one more show. As

she laid back on the bed with her legs spread, her lover entered the

room. He stripped off his thong and told my wife this would have to

be a quickie since he had to leave soon. For some odd reason, she

produced a rubber from the nightstand and asked him to put it on

before he fucked her. Her lover came over to me at the foot of the

bed and said put my rubber on so I can fuck your wife again . I did

as I was told, unrolling the condom down the length of his erect

shaft; I was thrilled at the touch of it! He turned, got on the bed,

and quickly mounted my beautiful wife. She had hung her stockinged

feet over the bottom edge of the bed. As she was being fucked she

told me to kiss her feet and suck her toes. With her pretty nylon

clad feet in my mouth, I had a birds-eye view of her lover's cock

ramming in and out her cunt.

He came quickly this time, but his

orgasm seemed to last a long time. As I continued to nuzzle her

instep, he pulled out and rolled off of her.

I was amazed at the amount of cum in the tip of his rubber!

This guy

had just cum on wife's face 30 minutes ago! Now he had inflated the

tip of his rubber with so much cum it was almost the size of a golf

ball. As he stood at the side of the bed, my wife sat up and

carefully peeled the rubber from his rapidly deflating cock. Once

she had it removed, she tied a knot close to the cum filled tip of

the rubber so she wouldn't spill a drop.

The knot f***ed the cum

into a bulb at the end, stretching the walls of the rubber to the

near bursting point. She looked over at me with a mischievous grin

and crooked her finger. I crawled over to her. She said, I don't

think you got enough breakfast, open up! I opened my mouth and she

stuffed her lover's cum filled rubber in. She told me to bite down,

as I did, the bulbous end burst in my mouth.

Cum oozed from both corners of my mouth. My cock was rigidly

extended with excitement as I knelt there with his cum running out

of my mouth. My wife asked her lover for his phone number so she

could call him again. As he recited his number, she pulled a

permanent marker from the nightstand and wrote his phone number on

my rigid cock. She was laughing and said anytime she looked at my

puny thing she'd see his number and think of a real cock. They were

both laughing hysterically as she walked him to the door and kissed

him good-bye. I listened to them laughing from the bedroom, sucking

the used rubber for every drop of his cum I could get ............

A few weeks had passed since my wife s first encounter with another

man. Since she had only made a passing reference to that occasion, I

was beginning to think she had changed her mind about fucking other

men. I soon discovered just how wrong I was.

I suspected something was brewing when I came home from work on

Friday and she told me her Mother had taken the k**s for the

weekend. My wife explained that it was going to be a special weekend

for me. She said that as much as she enjoyed fucking other men with

big cocks, she enjoyed degrading and humiliating me even more. And

that was exactly what she had planned for the weekend!

She said "Pull your cock out, I need to call a real man." She had

written her lover's (David) phone number on my cock a few weeks

earlier with a fine point permanent marker - she obviously needed

his number now. She slapped my cock a few times so it would grow and

she could read his number better. As I stood there with my five inch

prick sticking out of my pants, she dialed David's number as she had

me read it off my cock to her. As I listened to the conversation, I

was surprised to learn that David was married. My wife was making

plans to go out partying with David and his wife Karen. Apparently,

they had fixed my wife up with a friend of David's and the four of

them were going out bar hopping. When she hung up she told me the

four of them were going out in David's luxury conversion van and I

was their designated driver. She told me to go to the bedroom and

put on my chauffeurs uniform that she had laid out on the bed.

I did as I was told. After showering I proceeded to put on the

outfit my wife had laid on the bed. We had played around with

full-fledged cross-dressing in the past and I enjoyed it immensely.

This outfit wasn't quite cross-dressing however. It consisted of

sheer-to-the-waist black pantyhose, black female stretch stirrup

pants with a back zipper, a black leotard, a black leather biker

jacket, a black leather cap, and black female loafers. All that

nylon and lycra felt great on my legs and especially my cock. I

might get a few strange looks, but what the heck! My wife's outfit

for the evening however would surely generate plenty of looks! She

also wore sheer-to-the-waist black pantyhose, but hers were light

support with just a touch of shiny lycra. She wore them without

panties, telling me that's why they make them with a sheer panty -

so I can show off my cunt. She wore a black leather mini skirt,

white silk button down blouse with a black push-up bra underneath.

On her gorgeous feet she wore her four inch black patent leather

pumps that I love so much.

A little after 7:00 p.m. the door bell rang and her friends came in.

As the four of them stood in our front hall, David hugged and kissed

my wife as if no one else was there - especially me.

As he hugged

her, he pulled her mini skirt up in back and ran his hands all over

her nylon covered ass. I meekly stood in the background and watched

as he groped my wife. David and Karen then introduced my wife to her

date for the night, Jason. He was every bit as broad as David and

even a little taller. He swept my petite wife up in his arms and

kissed her like they were already lovers! While this was going on,

Karen came over to me, roughly grabbed my crotch and whispered in my

ear that she had plans for me tonight. She said that the boys were

going to give my wife a night she'd always remember and she was

going to keep me occupied while they did her. Karen said David and

Jason were actually both taking my wife out tonight and she was

along for the ride. Karen said they were going to fuck my wife hard,

real hard.

I fixed the four of them a round of drinks while they chatted. They

were soon ready to go and piled into the back of the van. I took my

chauffeur's position in the front and was told to head downtown to

the restored historic section where all the hot bars are. I had a

great view of the back of the van through the rear view mirror. My

wife was sitting in the middle of the rear bench seat with Jason and

David sitting on either side of her. Karen sat in one of the middle

captain chairs and had turned her seat around to watch the show

just starting on the back seat. I had a great view of Karen's sexy

crossed legs in addition to my wife and her pair of studs.

They had packed a cooler of beer in the van and the four of them

were already on their second round. I was barely out of our driveway

when I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Jason's hands down my

wife's blouse while he french kissed her. David had spread her legs,

hiked her skirt up, and was rubbing her cunt through her sheer

pantyhose. My wife was rubbing both of their cocks through their

pants and starting to get very aroused. Karen told me to skip the

bar and head for the city park - she didn t want this show

interrupted; neither did I!

The action on the back seat paused briefly while they all got

another beer. My wife is not a big drinker and this was her third

beer in an hour. I pulled the van into a dark desolate part of the

park and shut the engine off. Karen turned on the interior lights -

she didn't want me to miss seeing my wife get fucked and sucked by

David and Jason. Karen then pulled a joint out of her purse and

fired it up. They were really going to get my wife messed up! We

hadn't smoked dope since college 15 years ago, she was really going

to feel the effects. The four of them polished off two joints and

were starting to get real loose. Jason pulled a pocket knife out,

pushed my wife's legs apart, and cut a hole in the crotch of her

pantyhose. He got down on his knees and started eating her cunt like

a wild a****l. David had stood up on the back seat, facing my wife,

and was straddling her face. He pulled his huge cock out and shoved

it in her mouth. He rammed her mouth so hard and fast I could hear

her gagging in the front seat!

David was calling her names like

cock-sucking whore, bitch, slut, etc. All the while Jason lapped at

her cunt.

While this was going on, Karen caught me staring at her high-heeled

pump dangling from her foot. She called me to her and had me kneel

at her feet. She let her pump drop off her toes to the floor and

stuck her nylon-clad foot up to my lips. I made love to her pretty

foot while watching my wife get worked over by her two studs just a

few feet away. A second later, David pulled out of my wife's mouth

and dumped his load on her tits, soaking her blouse with his cum so

you could clearly see her bra underneath.

After spraying my wife,

David stepped aside so Jason could mount her. Karen was stroking my

hair as if I were her pet. I was close to coming but held off,

enjoying the show. As I continued to suck Karen s foot, Jason

pounded his cock into my petite wife, literally rocking the van as

he did.

I had my cock out of my pantyhose and was stroking it like crazy.

Karen picked up her high-heel, handed it to me and said "Shoot your

measly load in here." Just then, Jason groaned, my wife screamed,

and I came! I filled the heel of Karen's pump with my cum just as

Jason filled my wife's pussy with his cum.

After what seemed like an

eternity, Jason pulled his cock out of my wife's cunt - making a

loud slurping sound as he did. I looked over at wife with cum on her

chest and her pussy hanging wide open.

She called me to her and told

me to hold Karen's pump under her cunt. She squatted over the

high-heel and deposited Jason's load into Karen's shoe so it mixed

with my cum. She then straddled the top of my head as I kneeled

there and ground her cunt into my hair to dry off any excess cum of


The four of them decided they were hungry and had to have a

hamburger. I guess the munchies had set in! They told me to drive to

the closest hamburger place and go through the drive thru lane. As I

drove, my wife climbed into the front seat next to me. She was

holding Karen's cum filled pump. When we got to the speaker to place

our order, my wife told me to order just a straw. The girl in the

hamburger joint thought we were nuts, only ordering one straw and no

food! When we got to the pickup window, the girl handed me the

straw. At the same time, my wife handed me Karen's cummed-in pump

and told me to drink up. I did as I was told - unwrapping the straw

and sticking it into the cum-filled heel of Karen's pump. My wife

then casually leaned over me and said to the girl "He loves to eat

cum out of high-heels; doesn't matter who's cum is it either!" At

that the girl slammed her window shut and my wife and her friends

were all laughing uproariously. And me, I sucked every bit of cum I

could through that straw, then licked the interior of Karen's shoe

with my tongue so as not to miss a drop. I then held the pump out to

my wife and said "More please? ..........."

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very hot I'd love to be that cuckold
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Grat story
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Fantastic story, only wish it was me being treated like that by my wife and a couple of friends! Xxx
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