strapon twins

It has been almost a week since my sunset encounter with my lover and I have been worried she might be so turned off by my strange fetish that she no longer wants to see me. Sex had been good before she used a strap-on to fuck me and we had seemed to hit it off outside of bed also, but the tone of our conversations since have been a bit weird.

Friday night she called me up and we chatted for an hour of how we might spend this weekend, but despite being happy she still wanted to call me and talk I still worried about an indefinable change in how she talked with me. She invited me to come by her town house on Saturday morning.

I woke up Saturday wondering what the day would hold in store. Did she plan to break up with me? Perhaps we would go back to the beach for a regular swim? Or my hope, that we would perhaps go out for lunch, have sex, and just generally have fun in the beautiful weather I could see out my windows.

Its not a far walk from my place to hers, she lives a bit closer to the university that provides all the sweet young women I check out during the walk. Its a warm day with the sun shining down to warm up my bl**d and get me lightly sweating. The previously mentioned sweet young women might have a lot to do with how I was feeling.

Walking up to the front door I see the two young who rent the basement from my lover coming out their private door and driving off in their car. I don't think they notice me and they don't really know me well enough to do more than nod if they had.

I barely have time to knock on the edge of the outer screen door before she has the inner door open. I start to open the screen door when she comes a foot forward from the shaded interior to stand in the sunlight doorway, in clear view of the street and opposing houses.

I am stopped in my tracks by what she wearing, actually its more what she is and is not wearing. She is not wearing any clothes and I can see almost all of her amazing body, the only exception being where a strap-on covers her crotch. This is a totally different one than the one we had used before and picked out at a local adult video store together. The other was about seven inches long, one and half inches wide and kind of flesh coloured. The bright red one hanging heavily from between her legs must be nine inches long if not longer but only an inch thick. My body is only shielding part of her from anyone who might look this way as I stand there amazed while my cock quickly goes from its stirred up state to an almost dizzyingly painful hardness.

She steps back to let me come in, all the while keeping those powerful eyes staring into mine. I reach behind myself and close the door, not bothering to set both of the locks, just the simple twist one by sheer f***e of habit. At the end of my step into her front hall she already has a hand up towards me and lightly pinches my shirt just below the collar and gives a tiny tug upwards before releasing me.

She hasn't said a word yet and neither do I as I follow her silent instructions by pulling my t-shirt from the waist of my shorts and pulling it up and over my head. Her eyes trail down away from mine, to my mouth, neck, they linger at my chest before continuing down to stare at my shorts. Before she needs to do anything to explain what she wants I have kicked off my shoes and my pants are sliding towards the floor, taking my underwear along in the avalanche. Standing nude before her I realize yet again how much she excites me and how little she needs to do for me to understand what she wants. I have no desire to be dominated or abused by her, but it suddenly seems that my deeply felt desire to please her might lead in those directions.

Both of us step forward as we lift our eyes from each others cocks, I kiss her deeply, sending my tongue into her mouth before withdrawing it and letting her send hers into mine. She slowly moves her tongue in and out of mine again and again, not fast but she flicks the tip of it against the top of my mouth which sends shudders down my nervous system.

Her hands reach up to the sides of my head and again with a light touch she directs my head downwards as she withdraws her tongue from my mouth. Sinking to my knees my eyes slowly travel down her body, drinking in this experience. I feel my knees gently hit the her hardwood floor and her cock hit the bottom of my chin almost simutaneously. My eyes travel back up to hers as I rock my torso back a bit to allow easier eye contact and for her cock to come up past my chin.

My hands come up to hold the dildo while I take a few tentative licks at this new cock of hers. It tastes a bit like strawberry jam which sets a part of my mind to amusement and horniness when the word jam pops into my mind. Feeling more turned on by the moment I put a small number of quick sloppy kisses on the head of it. I am too turned on by this variation of the strap-on fantasy we had discussed to kiss for long before slowly sliding two inches, then three into my mouth.

My only experience has been a bit of fumbling around at home and the last time we were together but I quickly adjust to the three inches and get more ambitious to show what I can do. I move my jaw and throat to the same angle my friends once used for shoot beer and take a fourth, and fifth inch quickly into me. Despite the flexibility of the dildo my new inclined position makes it harder to keep eye contact so I close my eyes to concentrate as I slowly try for a sixth inch. Her hands move to the top and back of my head and I can feel the pressure of her eyes on me as I find it hard not to gag on that inch. Another inch begins to go by but there is no way that I can manage that seventh, perhaps someday with lots of practice I might manage it.

Seeing my lack of progress she slowly withdrawns it from me but she makes a few small motions deeper to make me hopeful that she might fuck me face. She takes it totally out of me and draws me up to a standing position before turning and walking deeper into her house. Its been only two minutes and already I have given her a short blowjob at the entrance to her front hall. Watching her ass wiggle, I quickly follow her.

She leads me into her living room, walking toward the television that I can see past her is playing a porn with a lesbian scene. Its only when she turns around that I look around the room and see her best friend sitting naked on the couch. I have a feeling that her friend is now my friend as the friend stands up with a strap-on in her hand. Stepping forward, she hands the strap-on to me, it is deep black but otherwise the exactly the same as my lovers. My lover walks up behind me, her strap-on sliding up the checks of my ass to poke my lower and then middle back before she rests her hands on my shoulders and sends my happily to our knees before our friend. I swiftly lay out the strap-on for her to put her feet in the holes and let me slide it up her body. Both my lover and I help her adjust it to her body.

The two women step back and I turn my head to watch them walk to the couch and sit perched on the edge with their legs spread wide. Swiftly getting up and bounding over to them and dropping down, I take my friends long black cock into my mouth and swallow half it with one move. A faint taste to this one puzzles me for the moment. Reaching out to my head she moves it grabs my ears hard and begins to rock my head forth. Lacking any real love for me she is a bit too harsh before I resist her and happily she realises quickly that her excitement has made her too rough. All of that takes a few minutes, which allows me to clean most of the flavour off the dildo. The taste is familiar and suddenly I realise its the taste of my lovers juices that I had tasted last weekend and many times before that.

My lover lets me service our friend for a while before reaching over and pulling back slightly on my hair to get me to let that black dildo out of my mouth and go over to her red one. This was much more enjoyable than with our friend, she knew what I could take and just how much I loved servicing her cock. A few minutes of this removed the slight annoyance over how our friend hadn't used her new cock right. But I definitely missed the flavour of her juices that were on the black dildo.

A touch on my face caused me to open my eyes, which had drifted closed, so that I could see the black dildo standing out from the strap-on belt beside me. I switched back again and soon found that our friend had learned rapidly in watching my lover and I. It was much more enjoyable to be taking her cock in my mouth now and she seemed to enjoy how it rubbed her when I was moving it around. The taste on it was almost gone but I will remember it forever.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed my lover stand and walk away from the couch, so I shifted slightly to follow her with my eyes. She walked over to the sliding glass doors leading to the back patio that overlooked the pool area. Distracted by this I almost did not notice when my friend pulled her dildo out of my mouth and began to get up. She reached down a hand to me as she stood and helped me up and then walked towards my lover. Both of them walked out into the sunlight of the patio. It was incredible to see them standing out their with only strap-ons covering their body. The long, thin cocks glistening in the sun with my saliva lent a fantastic aura to the whole scene. Memories of that moment stay with me and turn me on no matter where I am when I remember it.

Following them into the light I see them walk to the side of the pool. The whole outside area is screened by fencing so that the neighbours can not see into it. A few layers of beach towels have been placed beside the pool in a spot about halfway between the house and back fence. I watch as my friend lies down on them and reaches into a jar beside it for some jelly which she slowly puts on the dildo, almost masturbating it.

Soon I am standing over her, while my lover takes some jelly and rubs it into my ass. Her red dildo slaps my ass checks and legs as she walks around me to get more. Taking my shoulder in her one dry hand she directs me to squat over our friend's legs. I know what is coming and reach for the black dildo. I move up a bit so I am over her upper thighs and lower stomach and slowly feed inches of it into my ass which is more than ready and relaxed by my mood and previous experience.

Soon I have almost eight of the inches in me, its easy compared to the thicker eight inches I had last weekend but still not too easy. There is some bad pain which settles into good pain as she does half inch strokes into my ass. Before I know it she has the full nine inches buried in me and I am doing the strokes up and down now on her. My lover has been standing behind my head with her red dildo lying over my right shoulder and I give it a quick kiss which is not easy since the movement of my strokes is bouncing it up and down.

My lover pushes me forward onto our friend which confuses me a fair amount. I expected her to come around and feed her bright red dildo to me. Instead I slowly feel it slide across the base of my neck and down my spine. Looking back I can see her kneeling behind me.

The confusion is cleared but the surprise is doubled as she pokes at my ass with her dildo. I feel the black one coming out in one long stroke that almost leaves me empty, but not quite. An inch or two of my friends cock is still inside me when my lover gets her first inch into my ass. The two of them make it two inches wide and one across as they slap more jelly on and slowly feed them into me. The one used last week was about two inches in diameter so this feels smaller across but just as wide as two then three inches of their cocks invade my ass. I had once seen a porno with two men fitting their dicks into one woman's vagina then ass but I had never imagined two women with strap-ons doing it to me. The sheer horniness I felt swiftly overcome any feeling of discomfort and the bl**d was rushing in my ears as they pulled out and put a bit more jelly on their cocks.

They paused a moment and then in almost perfect unison they slowly fed me five inches of their cocks. Pulling out then repeated the process and managed six or seven this time. So engrossed in the feeling and the dizziness this was causing as my cock was growing and my bl**d was rushing I didn't hear the car doors slam. My lover began to kiss and bite my neck and shoulders in small nips.

Seven inches seemed to be about the most I could take this time but when they realised it they set about showing me what they could do with those combined f******n inches. Over a foot of them was in me even though it didn't penetrate much more than half that deep. I started moaning as they began to serious fuck me. One would pull out and slam forward, then the other would do the same. Then they would both pull out in a move that felt like my guts were being sucked out of me and slam forward together. My cock was leaking and pulsing from all stroking my prostate was getting. They repeated those three moves until I was moaning and begging them to finish me off. Both my handds were needed to hold myself from dropping completely on our friend so I could not give myself the few strokes I felt I needed to come and they were teasing me by not touching my cock no matter how badly I needed it.

All of this continued until I started to feel my cock pulse with the feel that told me I would soon have relief. That's when my lover reached her jelly coated hand up around my body to take my chin lightly and turn it to the side. Standing at the patio gate were the two women boarders and a third woman who must have been a friend of theirs watching us. I was being fucked hard by two women wearing strap-ons like I had dreamed about and being watched by three young women. I came almost instantly, shooting past my friends face to land on the towel in one spurt. The next spurt hit her cheek and the right side of her mouth, the third hit her mouth which she had opened when she realised what was happening. The next two hit her chin and neck with a few last ones hitting randomly across her breasts. After about seven or so spurts I just dribbled onto the smooth flesh above her belly button.

My orgasm and the continuous rubbing their clits has received from their harnesses and the excitement of being watched caused them to come almost simultaneously. I learned later they both had had a few smaller orgasms earlier on from the stimulators built into the strap-on belts but I had not noticed during the massive stimulation they had given me.

Collapsing onto my friend was about all I could do right then. I barely noticed the cum being rubbed into my skin from hers as I slowly relaxed from the orgasm. The three women watching were barely in my mind as I turned my head to kiss my lover who had give me such an experience. Then I turned around to kiss my friend who had been licking at the jism on the side of her mouth just before I kissed her. Deciding what to do about the watchers would wait for a while, for now I just enjoyed the company and the twin strap-ons still deep inside me.
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5 months ago
Great story, Some day hope to find a sexy young lady to share my fantasy with!!
3 years ago
thats a dream of mine to get pounded by 2 woman with strapons