Strap-On Sunset

We have meet a few times and have gotten to know each other fairly well and have had sex a few times and decide to take a trip to a small, fairly private beach. Its not 100% safe to do anything there but no one we know is likely to come by since its almost sunset.

After a relaxing walk down the beach to a nice spot we lay out our blankets, drop our stuff and run out into the waves. We swim a few meters and play around with a Frisbee for a while before a bit of kissing and stroking in the water.

A bit aroused and anticipating what is to come we leave the water a short while before the sun sets. Lying down on a large beach towel I slowly caress you and remove your swim suit. By this time I don't much care if anyone is around though I hope its just the two of us. After stripping you and kissing and licking my way from your forehead to your inner thighs I begin to lick and poke with my tongue and fingers until you cum. We lie there a bit as you recover from your orgasm.

Its my turn to lie down while you rub me down for a while before taking my cock out and nibbling on it to keep it at the edge of explosion. Reaching over into your bag you pull out a strap-on dildo, with a outward cock just slightly bigger than mine and an inward facing cock to help transmit the motions of you fucking me deep into your body.

You hand it to me as you rise up and let me buckle it onto you. Looking up into your eyes I slowly take a few quick kisses as I work up my courage to try this for the first time. Short kisses turn to long licks while our eyes continue to meet. I start to take it into my mouth, as much as I can, while you begin to do short thrusts because the dildo inside you is being moved by all this and has stroked nearly to a second orgasm.

Pulling back I drop from my kneeling position to lying on my back. You mount me in a 69 and we share our cocks with each other. Quickly you orgasm, while I cum shortly afterwards.

Despite the large amount of saliva on your strap-on you pull out some jelly to lubricate it while I roll over onto my stomach and lift myself to a doggie position. Pouring some of the jelly onto my ass you place the tip at my asshole and rub it up and down. After a few rubs though you begin to push it slowly into me, an inch pops in and you slowly pull it out, then push in again. After a few minutes I am taking all of your new cock inside me. Past my head you can see the lake and the reflection of the sun setting all spectacular variations of red, orange and the blue of the water and sky.

The pace begins to change then and I adjust to you and you feel more comfortable in the motion. Slow strokes become faster, and the dildo inside you responds. You reach down to feel my cock and it slowly hardens again in your hand again from the feeling of you touching my prostrate and innermost places.

Soon you are slamming forward and back while I buck to meet you and then away. Our bodies come closer and closer to reaching their peak and finally after minutes we reach that peak and explode over it. The shivers of your orgasm transmit through your body as you collapse and lay your breasts on my back, only stopped from total collapse by one of your hands on my back. The other hand is still busy stroking me as I cum into it.

We stay like that for a few seconds before we simply have to collapse. Slowly helping each other up we caress as I remove your strap-on from your body as we walk naked the few steps to the water and begin to wash the sweat from each other with our hands as brushes. The strap-on floats beside us until we wash it off.

After washing off we head to our towels and dress. You pick up the strap-on to place it in its bag to keep until we might try it again if this day hasn't exhausted all need of it.

Walking hand in hand to the car, I am happy to have finally fulfilled my fantasy and perhaps will no longer need to dream so often of it, provided you are there to fulfill this strange need of mine.

You are happy that you tried something new that few women will ever have a chance to do with a man. You are also perhaps happy that no one came along to watch us, except perhaps your best friend who from the trees invisibly watched us for your comfort and to let you show her how you fucked a man hard with your strap-on.
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3 years ago
great story added to my favs