strapon femdom tale

It took me a while to get my old bf into anal play, but once he tried it, he thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it to be a huge rush because I enjoy being in charge.

After we had gotten into strapon sex, I started to make it even kinkier. One day I called him while he was out and told him we were going to "get down" which was our code for me doing him in the ass. I said I wanted him to take his shower and get ready when he got home. As he was getting out of the shower, I walked in to the bathroom, and said we are going out to dinner, and to put on what I had laid out for him. At this point, I was in control, and it stayed that way the rest of the night.

I can only imagine what he thought when he went to the bedroom to get dressed. I had laid out pants, button down shirt, and a sexy pair of my panties and some thigh high stockings. I picked out panties that I knew would feel good rubbing against his package, I knew this would get him aroused. While he was in there, I walked back upstairs to the bedroom door, and said he better wear what I told him to, or else! When he came downstairs, I walked right up to him, unzipped his pants and checked. To my surprise he had put them on!! Then I said, ok, we can go now. I told him to go start the car and wait for me, and I would be right out.

We went to this restaurant I had selected due to the tables. The way they were positioned and the table cloths allowed be to take my shoe off, and slide my foot up to his crotch. When my foot reached its destination, I was surprised to find that he was already hard! This excited me to an unimaginable point. The whole meal all I kept thinking about was his big hard dick barely being contained by my undies. I continued to to play footsie and occasionally run my foot up his leg to feel my stockings on him. It was so erotic to know what he had on, and no one else knew.

I continued to play with him on the ride home, just teasing. When we got home, I told him to bring the trash out immediately. Once out of site, I stripped down to my sexy lingerie I had on under my clothes and slipped my strapon right on, which I had prepped when I made him start the car. I walked upstairs and waited for him to come up. Once he came up, I was in the bathroom waiting, and he went over to the bed, where i told him to take his shirt off. As he unbuttoned, I came out, walked over and grabbed him aggressively from behind. I told him that he was such a slut for wearing my panties, and to take his pants off. Once off, I could see his big member busting out of my undies, and I knew he was ready.

First I told him to get on his knees and suck my big cock, which he did. Then,I pulled the panties off him, and then stuck them in his mouth, so he could taste any pre cum he left on them. I made him put his hands against the wall, and proceeded to fuck his ass so hard from behind while standing up. I kept calling him a dirty whore, and a cock slut. I kept rubbing his legs. Feeling the stockings on him just kept getting me more turned on. I reached around, and started to stroke him off into my hand. He came all over my hand and fingers which I then stuck in his mouth, so he could taste his love juice.

Once he was done, I used a dildo on myself and came to a screaming orgasm. We both passed out in bed. About an hour later I woke up, and while he was sl**ping, I put my friend back on, lubed it up, and go up over top of him, luckily he sl**ps on stomach most of the time, and I plunged it into his ass. This woke him up, to which I said "shhhhhhh, I am going to take what I want, so you better just lay there and take it until I am finished." Needless to say, this was one of the hottest night we had.

Just thinking about this and writing this is turning me on so much!!
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7 months ago
Hot, well written, not too long! Thanks for sharing!
8 months ago
very nice :) is that a true story?
11 months ago
Lucky guy - would love to find out what it's like to take a strap on from a Domme
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
That's one hot night. Hope it was repeated
1 year ago
That sounds like an awesome night!
1 year ago
nice, hope it is true!!
1 year ago
The story really captures the woman's triumph in leading him on to the sex she wants to have and treating him as her sexy toy that can do no other than what she wants.
2 years ago
2 years ago
what a girl :)
2 years ago
Amazing story, well written and so hot. What a lucky man.
3 years ago
Love it, thank you so much. Love the ending.
3 years ago
:) me too
3 years ago
i like