Her strapon

For six months I had been going out with just one woman, Jeanine, and I managed to keep my fun time with other boys a secret. One day, that all changed.

It was a normal Friday night. I was kneeling on the porno booth floor, stripped to just my pantyhose and a smile. My mouth was full of a nice, long, slender cock that was tickling a couple inches down into my throat and back out again.

He pulled until just the very tip was in my mouth let loose a load of thick cum that would drown a horse. Needless to say I choked a little, and cum gushed from the sides of my mouth and onto the floor and on my pantyhose. When I was done downing gulp after gulp and he was gone, I scooped the prize off my pantyhose and sucked my finger clean.

"Last one tonight" I thought, and got dressed and walked out.

"Missed some" she said, pointing at my mouth.

A quick scoop and slurp and I was about to keep going, when I noticed the mystery woman was also wearing pantyhose.

Why is a woman here at the porno store? Why would she wear pantyhose here? All thoughts for later.

I get back to my apartment to fine Jeanine there. Not unusual, but she looked pissed. VERY pissed.

"What the fuck were you doing? What is that?" She growled.

Before I could stop her, she had taken some of the cum I missed on my chin.

"You son of a bitch! You never told me you were a cocksucker!" Her words cut, but also gave me a thrill at being called a cocksucker.

"Baby listen..." I stammered out, but the slam of the door cut my sentence short. She was gone.

Wow, I was feeling kinda low. There's only one thing that will cheer me up now. I went and changed my pantyhose and got ready for some cheering up.

This time, the load of cum being fed to me was small and I swallowed it down like a pro. Mmmmm I love when a man puts his load all over my tongue for me to savor before sending it down. Now THIS is therapy!

After he was done and gone, another semi-flacid cock was ready for my services. I was about to add another cock to my list when WHAM!

The door flew open, and mystery pantyhose woman was there.

"This is my room, go find another or wait in line" I said, turning back to the cock.

"I'm in the right place asshole. Someone outside said you're the best cocksucker this shithole has." she said in a firm but sultry tone. My cock twitched again at being called a cocksucker.

"You heard wrong. I'm the best cocksucker in the city." I said matter-of-factly.

"Well let's see what this done for you" she said, letting a twelve inch strapon cock flop from under her coat. I stared at it, mezmerized. My stare went from her cock to her patyhose clad legs.

"You want me to suck on that, lady?" I said sarcastically, finally breaking my stare.

"The name is Tara, and I suggest you do a good job!" She said even firmer than before.

I opened my mouth, and she shoved seven inches of that twelve inch monster into my mouth in one shot.

"You don't choke. That's good. What if it's more than that?" she said, sliding another three inches into my mouth. There was some resistance until I opened my throat, and it passed on down where so many other cocks had been before.

"Mmmmm a cocksucking whore" she murmured.

Suddenly my throat was being attacked by her big cock. I kept my throat open and didn't let out as much as a whimper. Once in a she would pause, and I saw an eye watching my throat get assaulted. That made me even harder than before, her throat assault making me pretty stiff anyway.

She saw what I was looking at. She pulled her cock out of my throat and mouth with a 'fplop' sound.

"I think this guy needs service. Go do your thing cocksucker, and stand up while you do it!"

By then his hard cock was through the hole, and my throat engulfed it with greed. I sucked fast and hard to show Tara I really was a great cocksucker.

Just as suddenly as my throat got assaulted, I felt her press the tip to my hney hole, and push.

I pulled my mouth off my play thing to let out an airy 'Oh fuck yes!' in response to the sudden five inches of cock inside me.

"Did I say to take your whore mouth off that cock? Suck it!"

I turned back, and it was almost gone. I saw it shaking, and I knew the guy was jacking off watching me get bitchfucked right in front of him. I got back to the hole and was about to open my mouth, when a hot jet of man fluid streamed across my face. The next shot left a big gooey glob on my cheek. I managed to get my mouth on his rod in time to get the last four or five shots and swallow it down.

I looked back to show Tara my cummy face, and she smiled, all the while driving that fat monster inside me.

My cock screamed for release, and she knew it. She slowed her thrusts into me just a little to make it ache that much more for release.

In a heavy breathing voice she said "Stroke it. Stroke it for me! Cum in your hand so I can watch my cocksucker eat his prize!"

As soon as I grabbed my cock, it exploded into a big cummy mess into my left hand. Some spilled over and onto the floor, and Tara started to shake, almost convulse.

She shoved me so hard I hit the floor with a thud, and the emptiness where her cock was caused one last spurt from my relieved cock.

She was still shaking and grabbed my head and f***ed her pussy onto my face and ground into my eager tongue. The hole in her pantyhose just big enough for her cock and my tongue.

I had to balance on my right hand and keep my cum in the left while I licked and lapped at her drenched pussy, but something was off.

I couldn't place it until my tongue got to the lower half of her pussy lips. Cum was coming out of her!

"Eat that cum bitch!" she managed to gasp out.

So I ate the cum out of her like a greedy dog. I kept eating... There must've been five different loads inside her! When her orgasm had subsided, she collapsed on the floor with me, and I made sure she saw me clean my hand off.

She stood, washed her cock with a hand-wipe she produced from her pocket, tucked it away, buttoned her coat, and came over to me.

She kissed me, and I could tell she could taste her juices mixed with spunk on my tongue. She grabbed a pen and wrote her number down on my hand.

"The next time you want to get fucked in both ends, call me"

"I'd love to" I said as she walked out.

I cleaned myself up and went home, and slept very well, dreaming of Tara.

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