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She grabbed me by the ear and directed me to the bed.

She has done this many a time before, however, she has been quite tired lately so I figured it would be some heavy petting the just a quickie before sl**p.

Oh how I was wrong. I was not ready for what happened next.

On our way to the bed she took my shirt off, NO, she ripped my shirt off.

Lay me on my back on the bed and started to suck and chew at my neck and chest.

Before I knew what was happening I was blind folded and she was preparing the restraints for my wrists, my hand secured behind my head.

She was wrapping something around my chest, it was soft and frilly but it took me a moment to realize it was her bra that she was putting on me.

My bulging cock poking out of my pants, she kissed and bit my inner thighs as she removes them.

I could smell the her pussy was wet and excited, the felt warmth of body on me as she changed positions and now rubbing her wetness all over my stomach as she pressed her sweet ass towards my face.

Pawing at my ankles the abruptly grapping my knees I had no other choice but to draw my legs up to her. Once again feeling the soft frilly fabric I knew I would soon be wearing her damp moist panties.

She stopped to look at me, proud of what she had done and how I was dressed in her soft delicates. She started to rub her pussy feverishly on me, she was getting so hot and wet, the sweat from her back dripping down to her ass made such a beautiful smell. Pushing back just far enough for me to have a small taste when all of a sudden there came an explosion of hot golden nectar all over me. I was completely soaked and she was slipping and sliding all over.

I need release. I need to come right now.

She had other plans for me however. More restraints now on my ankles, she uses a tether to secure the ankle straps to the wrist straps so I was now hog tied. Kneeling down by my legs, my ass exposed and open, she starts stroking my hard leaking cock, her warm tongue encircling my ass. I flinch, not used to that. Feeling warm lube dripping onto my balls dripping down into the crack of my ass, both excitement and fear are setting in. What does she have in store for me?

Then the most awkward feeling ever, something hard yet smooth was entering my ass.

Still stroking my hard cock she was inserting a smooth thin dildo in my ass.

I no longer had to fight off my ejaculation, the awkward yet someone exciting dildo had distracted me from it.

I feel her stop. Oh god, is it over? Do I want it to be over? I do not know.

She is moving again, repositioning herself? What is she going to do now I wondering, some what worried yet excited all the same.

As she starts to stroke my cock again I feel the dildo moving in and out of me again, though, this time it feels different.

She has somehow strapped the dildo to herself. Holy shit, she is fucking me! Taking my ass hard right now! Stroking my cock and r****g my ass!

I am all bound up, I can't stop her if I wanted to, and do I want her to? I do not know.

As she thrusts inside of my, the dildo is shooting up, giving a slight burning sensation in my balls and my cock. This is an unknown feeling of slight discomfort and lust. There is no way I can ever cum like this though. She keeps stroking me and taking my ass, harder then harder, soon I feel something hot and wet squirting on my own stomach. Oh shit is that me cumming? I have never felt such a feeling. She keeps thrusting and I keep squirting all over myself.

Just as I thought I could not handle anymore, she stops and removes the dildo from my ass. Running her fingers through my cum as if she was finger painting, licks some up and says to me it is my time to finish. She straddles me again inserting my bulging erection inside he hot wet pussy riding me hard and fast till I spew what cum I have left inside her.

How could there have been any more?
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