The strip club and later

My wife took me out on a road trip. She would not tell me where. Just kept saying I’ll enjoy it.

We ended up at an adult strip club. I was last in one of these places long before I met my wife. Now that I’m married, I have no need and no desire to come to a club and see half naked or totally nude women dancing up on stage.

Walking to the door, the big bouncer greeted my wife by her first name. Said welcome back. See you brought the stud this time. My face turned red and I try to hide my face by lowering my head. This man knew something about me. I wondered what it was yet was too ashamed to ask any questions.

Once inside I saw a mixture of men, from college frat boys, blue collar workers, professional white collar business types and older lonely men. There were many eyes watching the naked woman gyrating up on stage. She played with that pole and turned her body in so many ways. I stood there for a minute and watched. Soon I realized what happens to many males when they visit these places. My cock began to grow.

My mind flashbacked to many years ago when I visited these clubs. My cock grew so big and hard that I had to go in the bathroom and play with myself, to relieve the sexual pressure, just so I could walk out to the parking lot without my pants sticking so far out in front. In other words I had to masturbate just so I could walk straight without a hard bone standing before anyone.

My wife got us a booth off to the side. She ordered a bottle of champagne and we watched the action on stage. I was squirming in my seat. You see I’m locked in chastity. And one thing a chastity cage does to a male is it prevents his manhood from growing. If a male gets a hard on, while licked in chastity. The walls of the chastity cage clamp down on his cock and apply pressure. Often very painful pressure. The more the cock tries to get hard, the more painful it becomes for the wearer of the chastity cage.

My wife saw my discomfort and my figidity and asked if everything was okay. I said no. It hurts.

Too bad that cage is on. If you were not in chastity, I would say, you could have sex with any women here. Just think, I would pay to sit here and watch you have sex with two or three of these fine naked women. But instead you asked for this chastity. You locked up your manhood. You took away my cock. So instead of me sitting here, watching you fuck other women, I’m going to sit here, drink my champagne, and buy you lap dance after lap dance.

That’s cruel I told her. She laughed and said yes it is. But you don’t know the half of it. You see I’ve been here before. I have plans you don’t know about. You think your cock hurts now? Just wait. We have all day here.

My wife bought me lap dance after lap dance. I tried to ignore the naked lady as she gyrated on my crotch. If my mind was somewhere else, I thought my cock would not suffer and get hard. When there are naked breasts being pressed into your face and a naked woman has her hand down your pants and fondling your balls. Let’s just say your attention is drawn to her and the consequences become, her actions bring a hard on to any male.

As my nose was pressed between the cleavage of her naked breasts my wife asked if I would like to fuck this woman. My cock was struggling to break out of the chastity cage as this woman was fondling my balls. Yes dear I replied. Yes what she said. Yes dear. I want to fuck her. I want my cock in her pussy. I want to cum I want to cum inside her.

Then the woman squeezed and twisted my balls. The pain in my ever growing cock was soon shadowed by the pain now in my balls. Then the woman said too bad little man. I hear you asked for this chastity. Know what it is to want and not have. Now what it is too kneel before a Women and have her control your pathetic manhood.

The lap dances continued. While most men getting lap dances had smiles on their faces, I had a grimace on mine. I had women kissing me, fondling me. Trying to get me off. One women even said whip it out and jack off for me. I looked at my wife and she said do as your told.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my caged cock. The lady looked at it. Grabbed hold and examined it. Poor baby she said. Pull your pants down to your ankles. I’ll take care of you. I looked at my wife and she said do it. This is what you want.

I stood up and lowered my pants and underwear down to my ankles. The naked lady pushed me back in my seat. Sit back and relax. This next dance is on me she said. She straddled my waist and was grinding her pussy on my chastity cage. She held me tight and buried my face between her ample breasts. Then she got down on her knees and gave me a blow job. Or as much as she could with my chastity cage on. My cage had some small openings around the cock and those were licked with her tongue. But my balls were more exposed and both of my balls made it inside her mouth. I was squirming in pain and agony. I so badly wanted to cum. I looked over at my wife and she had a wicked smile on her face. Then she slapped me and asked was I having fun yet. After my wife slapped me the woman on her knees began to nibble on my balls causing me to squirm even more.

Then my wife back handed me across my ace. I said, are you having fun she said loudly enough for many others in the room to hear. The other woman then bit down so hard it caused me to rise my hips forward. I wanted to get away but this naked woman, kneeling before me, had my ball sac in her mouth and she was biting down real hard.

I replied to my wife with my clenched teeth, Yes Maam. Then my wife slapped me across the face again. Good she said. You wanted this. You wanted pain. You’re going to get it. Then she slapped me again as the other woman bit down, this time only biting one ball.

Then another naked dancer walked over to us. Pull up your pants and follow me. I started to move as instructed but was swiftly stopped by the naked woman between my legs who was now biting my other ball. The other dancer standing slapped my face hard and said I told you to come. Then she looked at my wife and remarked he really does like this. Hope he likes the paddle as much she said to my wife

My wife led me in the back dressing room where she introduced me to the dancers. They in turn introduced me to some of their vibrating dildoes.

It was bad enough being naked in front of all these strangers, being bent over a table, getting dildos shoved up my ass. Then it got worse when one of the ladies pulled my head up, by the back of my hair and ordered me to look at the camera. They were taking pictures as they fucked my ass.

One of the dancers said it seems he enjoys it way too much. When is the last time he was really punished with a good hard spanking. My wife said she does not remember. Then it was too long.

Then the lady says to me. I hear you have hooks in your ceiling. Where you have been strung up by your wrists and had your ass paddled. Is that true, I looked at her and answered yes Maam as someone continued to probe the inside of my ass with a vibrating dildo.

When is the last time you had someone like me over to paddle your ass. I looked at her and someone behind me pulled out the dildo, the lady talking to me hit me across the face. You never had anyone like me she said. But you will.

Your wife knows about my love to make people cry. I like to string up both males and females. Strip them of all their clothes. Take away their dignity by taking pictures of them naked. Then I grab hold of a paddle and spank their ass until they cry. Crying gets me off. I told your wife that and she invited me over. She offered me your body as my play toy and I agreed to supply her with a female slave she can do the same with.

Now don’t you think that will be fun? Just then someone shoved a dildo back up my ass. They shoved it in so fast and so far that it caused me to lurch forward and yelp.

See, he just asked for it the lady told my wife. Hope you have plenty of pillows she told me. You will be sitting on them after I’m through with you. The lady walked away as someone continues to fuck my ass with another dildo.

The lady who was talking to me was getting dressed for her next dance. She walked up to me and stuck her ass in my face. Kiss it and thank me for agreeing to this. I looked at her ass but did not move fast enough I guess because someone who was fucking my ass, shoved the dildo all the way up inside me. The pain in my ass caused me to lurch forward and I kissed her ass. Said thank you Mistress. Please be gentle. Gentle she laughed. Your wife knows I love to hurt people. Tie them up and beat them down. Everything about me is rough and hard. Even sex. And your wife knows all about that. I looked at the lady. That’s right she said. I tied your wife down and fucked her brains out. I told your wife I would hurt her. She said go ahead. She knows I love pain. She agreed to offer you to me. I’ll give her one of my female sex slaves your wife will blister her ass while I blister yours.

Then she slapped my face and said that’s my music. I’ll see you later. Get ready to get hurt. Then she slapped my face real hard as she turned and walked out on stage.

As I watched her part the curtain, another woman walked into my field of vision. I looked at her and what I saw was a cock hanging between her legs. She lifted her cocked. Pressed it against my lips and ordered me to suck it. As I sucked her cock, I heard the familiar sounds of a camera clicking away. I decided to let my mind go and concentrate on the matter at hand. Sucking someone’s cock as another cock was fucking my ass.

As the story continues, it is two days later. That dancer works the night shift tonight and has agreed to drop by later today and spend a few hours before her shift. My wife has left me with a long honey doo list for this morning. I am to get out restraints, both leather and metal. Clean them up and lay them on the coffee table. Then I am to clean up the paddles and straps she has chosen and lay those on the coffee table too.

In a few hours, I’ll be strung up by my wrists and suspended in the middle of the room. In front of me, will be a naked woman who I have never met before. She will also be suspended from the hooks in the ceiling. My key holder knows about this and has said she will be by after breakfast to relieve me of my chastity cage. She said it would be better to have both slaves, naked bodies pressed up against each other. She wants to see just how hard my cock can get when someone else is paddling my bare ass.

My wife has about another hour to relax in her bubble bath before I have to dry her off. She has laid out a real hot looking dominatrix outfit she will wear later today. I can tell she is getting into the mind set for an intense session later today. My wife has picked out a razor strap she intends to use on this women. The same razor strap she has used on me before. I can attest, that strap leaves nothing to the imagination. It hurts, plain and simple.

As I was writing this, my key holder dropped by. She had me kneel before her and kiss her feet. Then she made me sit in front of the computer chair, with my back to the chair and my head laid back. My key holder sat on my face and read this story. As she was reading, I had to use my tongue to bring her to orgasm.

Now that she has approved of what I wrote, I have less than 15 minutes to clean up and lay out the restraints, paddles and straps, before I am to enter the bathroom and towel dry off my wife from her bubble bath.

So I’ll post this and finish my chores. I hear the chastity cage will be off in a few minutes. My key holder said she wants to get laid by me. She wants me to fuck her pussy and cum inside her, before she watches me get my ass beat. Is that a good day or a bad day for me? My mind wonders. 10 minutes to go. Off to work and then maybe sex with my key holder?
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