a New toy to be Used

Some people on here have expressed concern about me. Saying that my key holder might be on a power trip. A power trip that may cause me harm and go over the bounds of my marriage.

My wife, my key holder and I sat down last night and talked about that. We went into very intimate and personal details as to what she is doing and what the lessons she hoped will teach. She said it is sometimes called f***ed chastity. After a long discussion, I have to admit I agree with her and welcome her choices. I, as she pointed out, seem to get off being f***ed to do things. Getting knocked down and trampled. Not just kissing her feet out of the goodness of my heart but having her stick her foot, into my mouth, and commanding me to worship her feet. I prefer it when, she has me on the ground, that she emphasize her authority and control over me by pressing the sole of her boot on the side of my face and grinding her heel into my flesh.

I have given her that power and she asked me if I want her to continue. She asked if she is being to hard on me. She asked if I would be okay if she push the envelope even further. My wife and I both openly discussed our parameters and we agreed that not only will the f***ed chastity continue but that aggressiveness will be ramped up a bit more.

Then my key holder gave me a gift. She said she knows how badly I would like to be the one fucking my wife. Watching her orgasm under me as I ram my cock in her pussy. So last night she said will be the first of 7 nights that she wants me to fuck my wife.

But there is a catch. My chastity will remain locked secure so it will not be my warm fleshy cock that will be fucking my wife. Instead it will be a new strap on my key holder bought for me. My key holder showed my wife my new cock and asked her if she was game. My wife looked at me, smiled and agreed.

My key holder had me step in the large harness and helped me adjust and secure the straps. As I looked down, this white male had a 12 inch black cock hanging between his legs.

I had to stand there in front of both ladies. I was naked and exposed as they chatted and examined my new device. They talked about me like I did not matter. I was a third or fourth person. They were fixated on that black cock that hung between my legs. I was just a sex object to both of them. Something to be used for their sexual pleasures and desires.

Then it was time to put me to work. My wife went in the bedroom and got ready. My key holder made me kneel before her and she laid down the ground rules. Explained her expectations and informed me the punishment sessions will continue. Am I willing to except what she has told me she asked. I agreed and as she raised her foot towards me, I bent down and kissed her foot without her verbally telling me.

Then after a few minutes of foot worship she said it’s time. She marched me into the bedroom where we found my wife, laying naked on the side of the bed. As I looked at her, she spread her legs and said cum here big boy. Fuck your mama. I hesitated for a second, taking all this in. Then the key holder slapped my bare ass and ordered me to do as I was told.

I entered my wife’s pussy with my new long black cock and fucked her like instructed. It felt good to do my husbandly duties again by fucking and sexually pleasuring my wife. While at the same time I did not like it at all because my actions were causing my cock to grow. At the same time the locked chastity cage was saying no, no.

I fucked my wife as both Women ordered. I was going through the motions. My hips were gyrating. My body was sweating. The smell of sex was filing my nostrils as my wife’s naked body shivered and shacked under the spell of orgasm after orgasm. Before she was done with me, my wife had at least 5 orgasms. The ordeal left her sexually filled while I was more sexually frustrated than ever before.

Than my key holder told my wife she wants my wife to do her next. My wife was catching her breath as she agreed. My key holder brought in a strap on for my wife and made me help her into it. Then I was made to kneel beside the bed and watch my wife fucking my key holder. This I admit sexually turned me on as well and as my excitement grew, my cock grew. And as my cock grew, the chastity cage went into overdrive griping my cock and balls. Visually my big head was getting excited while my little head was getting kicked in the nuts by the chastity cage.

Last night my key holder slept in the bed with my wife last night while my hands were locked behind my back and I had to sl**p on the floor, at the foot of the bed.

Before my key holder left this morning, she decided I was so good last night that I deserved a treat. So they laid me on my back on the edge of the bed. My key holder raised my legs in the air while my wife fucked my ass with the same cock she used to fuck my key holder last night.

Then my key holder said she wants to ride my cock so they pushed me on the bed so I was laying with my head hanging over the foot of the bed with my hands still bound behind my back. Then my key holder climbed on the bed, straddled my body and sat her pussy onto my 12 inch black cock. She rode me like a wild woman. Her hair flying as her tits bounced in the air. It was something to see. That is until my wife grabbed hold of my head, opened my mouth and as my head hung backward, over the edge of the bed, she placed her cock in my mouth and ordered me to clean it.

One lady riding my cock while another fucking my face. I was a fuck toy to them and this was another example.

At breakfast we three all talked and they had me agree that from now on there will be more control, more dominance and more discipline in my life. That if I agreed, I had to crawl under the table and stick my face between their legs and eat out their pussy until each of them achieved two more orgasms.

Like a good puppy, I did as they told. And now I’m sitting here, while my wife soaks in her bubble bath, as I’m typing out my experiences, with this 12 inch cock still sticking up from between my legs.

We are going out to dinner tonight. My wife, my key holder and myself. Then we will return here and I’ll get to fuck both my wife and my key holder and bring them each to 10 orgasms a piece. If I’m good, I’ll be allowed to sl**p in the same bed with them both. But if not, I can expect to be gagged, hog tied and made to sl**p on the floor again.

Last night and this morning I was given a choice. To continue with the f***ed chastity. Lighten up or increase their demand. I agreed to see how far I could go. I know it may very well hurt but do it anyway. My wife and my key holder both agreed to my wishes and reminded me I was asking for this. I knelt on the floor and kissing their feet thanked them both and welcomed their training and control.

As I said, f***ed chastity is not for everyone. But at this time, I am exploring as to how much f***ed chastity is for me. And my training continues.

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