my Key Holder shows her displeasure

A couple days ago, my key holder came over for my weekly inspection. I was strung up from hooks in the ceiling. My hands restrained above my head and my legs were spread wide. My key holder expressed her displeasure with me as she picked up a rather large ball gag and f***ed it deep in my mouth. Then she removed her blouse and bra which then w=exposed the key that was hanging between her luscious breasts.

She got down on her knees and unlocked and removed the chastity cage from my manhood.

At first I was shocked when on her knees, she opened her mouth and swallowed my cock. I looked down at her and sorta smiled. But my smile quickly turned to pain when she bared her teethe and bit down on the head of my cock.

She got up, verbally chastised me, before spitting in my face. Then she had my wife hand her a leather slapper before telling my wife to sit down and watch. My key holder scolded me, telling me I was a bad boy. Then she turned and asked my wife, what happens to bad boys. They get punished my wife replied.

Even your wife agrees my key holder told me. Then she chastised me as she began slapping my balls. At first I felt I was able to tolerate the ball slapping but it took only a few slaps to let me know this was not a good time for me. I’m glad I was gagged because it allowed me to scream and cry in the gag as she slapped my balls. I was being punished by my key holder and my wife sat back and watched it all happen.

When my key holder tired, my wife and her left the room and went into the kitchen. They left me hanging in the front room. I hung there with a tear stained face and very sore balls. Sorta like making a c***d stand in the corner and think about why they were being punished.

My wife returned to the room and sat on the couch. I looked at her and she looked at me. She raised a glass of wine, in the gesture of a toast and said “Enjoy”. Then she took a sip as my key holder returned to the room.

My key holder had changed her clothes and was now dressed in leather. She was looking more like a Dominatrix. And then as I looked her over, my eyes were directed to a rather large cock hanging between her legs. I’m not done with you. Not by a long shot. I watched as my wife handed her a tube of lube and my key holder lubed up her cock. Then, as I stood there, hanging naked from the ceiling. My key holder walked up behind me and positioned herself. I looked at my wife as my key holder pressed the head of her cock against my opening. My wife smiled as my eyes began to bug out. She knew what was happening. My opening was being filled by my key holder and it was more than I would enjoy.

My key holder wrapped her arm around my neck, putting a choke hold on me, as she began to roughly fuck my opening. She verbally and physically abused me as my wife showed her approval by sitting there and raising her wine glass in salute. My wife said out loud, you asked for this before I closed my eyes and just hung there and accepted the treatment.

After my fucking, my wife slapped another chastity cage back upon my manhood. This one did not have the metal sharp spikes wrapped around my cock like the last one had on. And this one was an average size she said. It took awhile for her to get the ring around my swollen balls and she seemed to savor my misery as she took her time, forcing my balls in this device.

Before my key holder left, both my wife and her made me lay on the floor, on my back. And they both took turns sitting on my face and grinding their pussy on my nose. I was their property. I was owned by both of them. They told me that. And as they had me kneel naked before them, I had to watch my wife hand my chastity key back to my key holder. Then the two of them raised their glasses and toasted a salute to their bitch. They sipped their wine in front f me and reminded me I was their bitch.

The life of a chaste husband has it challenges. And serving two Women is one of my many challenges. Too often I fail and this was one of those times I had to pay for my failure.
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