30 days down..335 to go

About 30 days ago I agreed to be locked up in chastity. One month gone and only eleven months to go in my one year agreement.

My key holder dropped by to spend the afternoon with my wife and I. My key holder announced it was time for my inspection. She had me strip my clothes and go get the hand cuffs. Then when I returned she had me lock my hands behind my back. I heard the click of the hand cuff as it locked and looked up at my wife.

She had a devious smile on her face. Normally when she has this smile, someone is in for it. Soon I’ll learn that today, I was that someone.

My key holder produced the key and unlocked my chastity. She removed the device and began her inspection. After a short inspection, she produced some baby oil which she applied to her hands. Then she went back to her inspection. This time taking much longer and being more detailed as she applied the oil to my manhood.

She had me so hard that I wanted to cum. But knew better than to ask. I looked at my wife and she had removed her clothes and was playing with herself. My key holder saw where my eyes were and she began to jack me off as I watched my wife insert her fingers in her pussy.

Do you want to fuck her my key holder asked. I looked at my key holder and she asked me again. Do you want to fuck your wife? I looked over at my wife who had her legs in the air and her fingers darting in and out of her pussy and her other hand was playing with one of her exposed nipples. My wife was moaning as though she was on the verge of an orgasm. As my wife moaned, my key holder grabbed hold tightly of my cock and quickly pumped my cock in her well oiled hand.

I stood there and watched what looked like a powerful orgasm ravaging my wife’s naked body. The smell of sex was filing the air and I felt the need or desire to add my scent. My key holder saw me looking at my wife and I began to buck my hips as my key holder continued to stroke my cock.

Soon I was on the edge of an orgasm myself. Or so I thought. That was until my key holder let go of my cock and slapped it so hard that I stopped moving. Who told you, you could cum she screamed. I looked at her and she slapped my cock again. Who gave you permission she asked. I hung my head in shame and said no one.

She grabbed hold of my cock and began to stroke it again. Do you want to cum she asked. I looked up at her and said Please. On my terms. Do you understand she said.. Yes Mistress was all I could say. I was afraid to say anything else. She had me not only literally but physically by my cock and balls. She owned me both physically and emotionally in ways very few can imagine. And I bet she knew it all along.

I’m going to let you fuck your wife. But I have three rules. I looked at my wife and she had spread her legs in front of me and she was playing with herself again. Not knowing if she was doing this for her own pleasure or to tease the shit out of me. Either way, you can bet I wished I was the one helping bring her to another orgasm. 30 days locked in chastity. Watching my wife have sex with different men and women. Being offered to have sex with my wife and other women. Then as I stand naked before them, having to listen to them laughing as they point out my chastity and tell me what a pathetic excuse for a man I am. Being told I could not pleasure my wife with that thing and then watching others sexually satisfy my wife. I wanted to crawl in a corner and hide but they made me watch.

I asked my key holder what are your three rules.

She replied:

1) You will fuck your wife for 30 minutes and you will bring her to multiple orgasm.

2) You will not cum. Not unless I tell you to.

3) Your hands will remain locked in hand cuffs and behind your back the entire time.

Failure with any of these rules and I will lock you back up in chastity and this time I will attach a metal Kali’s bracelet around your cock for one week. You thought plastic spikes hurt. Just imagine sharp needle like metal spikes piercing the flesh of your cock. You’ll be on your knees crying before you know it. And I’ll love every minute of it.

Just then she began to stroke my cock again. Do you agree to these terms my key holder asked. I looked over at my wife and she was smiling as she was licking her fingers. The same fingers that were just inside her pussy.

All I could think about was having sex again with my wife. I was not thinking about what might happen afterwards. Yes, Yes. I want to make love with my wife. So be it my key holder said as she stopped stroking my cock but kept a tight grip on it.

She sent my wife into the bedroom and told her to get in bed and get ready. As my wife walked away, my key holder knelt before me and placed my cock inside her mouth.. You remember my rules. You cum without my permission and I will punish you. Is that understood she asked. Then she took the entire length of my hard cock until her chin pressed against my balls. I looked down her and said yes Mistress.

Then she slipped my cock out of her mouth as she stood up in front of me.

Good she said. Then she reached between my legs with one hand and grabbed hold of my balls. She squeezed them very hard,. Now that we understand each other. Remember. I hold the key. You do as I say. Otherwise I may just cut off your balls and hang them from my neck. She twisted the balls creating more pain. Who do your balls belong to she asked. You Mistress I replied. Eleven more months. I hold the key. You better be good. Or I’ll give away the key to someone else and you may never get out of chastity. I looked her in the face and wondered if she was serious. Then she squeezed my balls harder and the pain shooting through my body told me she was serious.

She loosened up n her grip but did not let go of my balls. Maybe next time, you can fuck me. But now, I’m going to watch you fuck your wife. She tugged on my balls as she turned to walk down the hallway. She led me by the balls, into the bedroom, where my wife was laying on the side of the bed.

As I stood between my wife’s out stretch legs I heard my key holder say, Thirty minutes starts now. My wife pulled my cock inside her pussy while the key holder pulled up a chair beside the bed and sat down to watch.

My wife had orgasm after orgasm and my hands remained locked behind my back. So I followed two of the three rules. But the last rule was tough. I wanted to cum. Or how bad I craved to cum. But I knew if I did, there would be hell to pay. I spoke up a few times and begged my Key holder to allow me to cum. I said no she told me.

Then at the thirty minute mark she slapped me on the ass and said I have thirty seconds to cum. If I did not, she will lock the metal Kali’s bracelet on me for one week. Well, I have been holding back for so long that I tuned my body to not cum. Now I had to cum or else. I tried and tried and as I was nearing the edge, she yelled time and pulled my cock out of my wife’ s pussy. I stood there. My cock was shaking. I wanted so hard to cum. Yet, I failed in my task.

My key holder produced the metal Kali’s bracelet and slipped it over my cock. Then she slipped my cock and balls back in chastity. She gave my wife the lock and told her she could do the honors. My wife took the lock, looked at me and just before she snapped the lock closed she said to me, you asked for this. I hope it hurts. Then she secured the lock and sealed the lock with a symbolic kiss.

My key holder asked my wife was she sexually satisfied. My wife replied no. then let me help you my key holder said as she bent down to kiss my wife.

I stood by and watched the two of them make out in the bed before me. Both of them were achieving orgasm yet I stood there, the chaste husband, having to listen and watch everything.

This morning, as I type this onto my computer, I’m sitting with a chastity cage once again locked upon my manhood. The metal Kali’s bracelet is doing it’s job. The metal needle like spikes are tearing into my flesh. All I have to do is to keep my cock flaccid. If it gets hard, it hurts. So if I stay soft, I should survive the week. In reality, I know more pain is coming. I cannot keep soft for one whole week. So these metal spikes will get to know me even more.

And as both the Ladies told me last night. I asked for this.
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1 year ago
Awesome story
1 year ago
i missed you im glad another chapter came out