My descision to accept chastity or not

I’ve been standing in front of a full length mirror looking at myself. My naked flesh as it reflects in the mirror says male. Or man. All man.

I have a hairy chest. Hairy legs. I have muscles where my wife does not. I have a cock and balls hanging from between my legs which symbolizes my manhood. My masculinity. I can bench press over 400 pounds. I wear the pants in the f****y.

But then, I taped a copy of this picture to the mirror. As I look at the picture I see a set of male cock and balls locked in pink chastity. I say male cock and balls but in reality I should refer to them what my wife calls them. Former manhood of a now wimp of a human being.

I have been locked in chastity. I know the feeling when that lock clicks for the first time. At first it may not seem so bad. Rather something so simple. But then as time goes by, that chastity grows on you. And not in a good way I may add.

Consider standing naked before a Woman and her gripping your cock and balls. It may be exciting at the beginning but sooner or later you desire her to remove her hand. Give you back your cock and balls.

Now a Woman or any Female cannot use her hand to have a grip on your cock and balls all the time. There are times when you must be dressed. There are times when you need to use the bathroom. There are times when you need to sl**p. And there are times when you sit down at the table and have dinner with her mother and father.

That is some of where chastity comes in.

My wife and I have been married for many years. We are both secure in our relationship.
No cheating whatsoever by either party.

Recently though we both have been discussing aspects of the kinky side of BDSM. We have been reading books and looking at videos. We openly discuss what we feel might be benefits and detriments of some of the things we study.

One thing that seemed to excite my wife more than others was the aspect of a Femdom relationship. The way she explained it to me I could sense a tone of happiness in her voice. It was almost like she was a giggling schoolgirl as we sat on the couch together and watched various Femdom with male and female slaves. She asked me how I would feel being her slave. Her doing things to me that we watched other Females do to their male slaves. I told her I was open to the idea and suggested she look into it more. Talk with some of your friends I said. Maybe they have thought about this too. Find out what kind of married life they had. What makes them happy. What turns them on behind closed door. She assured me she loves me more than when we first met. She is happy in our relationship. Very happy. Happy and proud to be married to me. It’s just that she would like to spice up our sexual relationship a bit. I told her if it makes you happy, than I’m all for it. I told her I intend to spend the rest of my life with her as her husband. She says she will not have it any other way.

Well, she spoke with some of her friends. The ones she felt might have a kinky private life. She said she was surprised at some of what her friends do. Things some of them openly told her not only shocked her she said but made her wanting to know more. She expanded her search and in doing so, expanded her interests. She found some folks who live nearby that not only welcomed her into their inner circle but allowed her to watch first hand of things she had only read about in books or seen on videos.

I remember the first time my wife came home from one these get tog ether’s and she could not stop talking about it. She explained how she felt when all her five senses witnessed what she called sessions. One can only get so much by reading a book. More senses come into play as you watch and listen to a video. But to be there in person. Not only watch and listen but taste, touch and smell the activity. The first time she said she watched a Female lead a male around by a leash. The way his body reacted as she dug her finger nails into the flesh of his balls. How it looked to watch a male kneel naked before a female and watch as the male kissed and worshipped the feet of the Female. How it must look to others she said as this male subjected himself to so many degrees of humiliation. And she wondered how it must feel to be that Woman, sitting upon her throne, as males degrade themselves in hopes of her affection.

After a session she said she sat down with one the Females and asked her how it felt. How does it feel to have a male think so much of you that he offers his entire body to you for your pleasure. How did it feel when the male was on his hands and knees before you. His head was tilted to the side and you got up off your throne and dug your heel into the side of his face. Clearly you were hurting him. But he never moved. In fact afterwards he thanked you over and over again for the pain. Then you sat on his face and made him pleasure you with his tongue.

The Female I hear told my wife it is a feeling that is hard to explain. It is almost like you need to try it yourself. Well it was not long afterwards that my wife said she was offered her choice of three male slaves. She picked one and did to him what she saw the other Female do to her slave. She said the Female was right. It is hard to explain to someone who never experienced it. Doing it is so much better than just watching it she said. I went to a party with her and I watched her in a session with another male. I was introduced to the Female she had spoke highly of and her and I sat down together and watched as my wife enjoyed the company of her own male slave. I could see my wife was happy with her role as a Dominant Female. I sat beside this other Female who coaxed my wife to be more strict. Be firm she would say. She told the male slave to lay on his back and she told my wife to walk on him. I saw her I watched as my wife danced on this naked males chest. She took one foot between his legs and ground her heel into his manhood. He doubled up in pain but the Female beside me told my wife to not stop.

I sat there and cringed as I watched and listened to this male wither in pain. His balls were being crushed and it was my wife doing the crushing. I looked towards her face as she turned her foot and dug deeper into his balls. I heard him scream and saw my wife smile ever more.

Than the Female beside me asked me how would I like that. How would I like to submit to another. How would I like it if a Female would crush my balls. Strip away my manhood. Make me their slave. Who would you have in mind I asked her.

We both know you have never done this before. If your willing. I think I can teach you. Then we heard the cries and then groans of the male slave before us as my wife stood on his chest and ground the heel of her shoe into his face.

Your wife looks happy. Just think of it. You to can have a Femdom relationship. Instead of that slave on the floor before us. What if that was your wife standing on you. Think about it. Your wife grinding her heel into your face. You spreading your legs and your wife kicking your balls. Look at her she said. Look at how happy your wife is. She how she crams the toe of her shoe into that slaves mouth. That could be you. I could teach her. Think about it. I can teach both of you. Not only will you be the slave to your wife but I would consider making you my slave too. How would you like to worship at my feet. How would you like if I led you around by a dog leash. I can tie you down and use my boots on your cock and balls. I’ll take your manhood and not only destroy it but you will thank me for it. Before I’m done, you will be begging for more.

I pondered what I just heard. Then I looked up and saw my wife sitting on her throne. The male slave. The one she was just kicking around, was on his knees and his face was buried in her pussy. I listened as my wife told him to slow down and take your time. Make me happy or I’ll kick you in the face again she said. I watched and listened as this slave was eating out my wife.

Then the Female beside me asked do I want to please my wife. Do I want to see her happy. I looked up at my wife and saw her fondling her chest. She tilted her head back and I could see she was on the verge of an orgasm.

I looked at the Female beside me and said yes. I want my wife to be happy. Then prove it she told me. Stand up. Take off all your clothes. Get on your hands and knees and bury your face in my crotch like that slave is doing with your wife. Take your time and bring me to…..let’s think about this. Bring me to five orgasms. Take your time and do it right. Otherwise I’ll make you do it again. Then I’ll let you polish my boots with your tongue just before you beg me to use those boots and to crush your balls too.

I looked at her and froze. My slaves do as their told. When there told. If not they get punished. You just earned your first of what looks like many punishment sessions with me. Later tonight I’ll have you hanging by your wrists. I’ll invite your wife and others to watch as I use my whip on you. I looked at her. Yes my whip she said. I’m serious. And if you’re my slave. You will learn that. One thing you will learn is I love to whip my slaves. I like it when they cry for me. I love to see the skin turn red as I hit them over and over again. I’ve decided if you become my slave, you will learn this over and over again.

You’re a big man. I think you can take it. As a matter of fact, I consider you a challenge. I know I can break you. Just wonder how far I can push you after that. Now get out of those clothes and on your knees. Show your wife what a slave you are.

As I knelt naked before her. My face in between her legs and my tongue lapping inside her pussy. Tomorrow I might let you do this to your wife. But tonight, you will learn, my slaves think about my pleasure and nothing else. Keep bringing me to orgasms until I say stop. Make me happy and I will not whip you so hard. Thank you I said.

Don’t worry my slave. You will be whipped. Just how hard. Well that is up to you. I then nibbled on her clit and brought her over the edge. After she caught her breath she told me don’t stop. Don’t stop. Whatever you do, don’t stop. My teeth found her clit again and it was not too long after that where she had another orgasm.

I soon found out this female was a Woman of her word. She had some female slaves lead me into another room. I was strung up by my wrists. Guests, both men and women brought their chairs into the room. Soon after this Female walked in and my wife followed. I was introduced to everyone there as her new slave. She was taking me only on a probationary period. At anytime she could either kick me out to the street or she could hand ownership over to anyone here she sees fit.

Then she introduced my wife. Expressed my wife’s desire to experience more of the lifestyle. Explained how my wife was interested in the Femdom side and having me as her slave. Anyone want to help her in he quest the female asked the group. A few spoke. One Male and a few females. One Female, with a naked female slave at her feet seemed a bit overly anxious to help in my eyes. The Female with me remarked, in front of the others, to the somewhat overly anxious Female. You do know you will have to hurt him. He’s a big man. It’s going to take a lot of pain to break him. Are you sure your up to the challenge. The other female replied.

Give me a few days alone with him. I’ll have him crying for his mommy. If I don’t break him, I’ll agree to his slave and I’ll agree to be your slave to she told the female that just introduced me.

I accept your offer the Female told the other Female. If you don’t break him. You will be my slave for one night at a party her. I’ll give you five days she said.

I’ll have him broken in three she replied. Oh I know you can the first female said. I’ve seen your handiwork. And we all know how you love to inflict pain and suffering in your slaves.

The first Female then turned her attention back to me. This is your first time. As a slave, you have so much to learn. You already know how to get me off with your tongue. You do that good but we need to practice many more times on that.

Hand me the whip she tells my wife. The Female stands before me and said. As a slave, you will learn there is pleasure but there also is pain. If you please me. I’ll take good care of you. But if you displease me, which you did earlier today. There are penalties for which you must pay. This is just one of those penalties.

And before we begin. Just to let you know. I like begging. I like it when my slaves beg. But tonight is not one of those times. This is punishment. You can beg me to stop but I’ll only stop when I feel you have learned your lesson. Now I have told you. Being my slave is not always fun. There is pain involved. This is one of those times. Your wife is here to watch and learn. Soon, she will be the one holding the whip. Then I’ll sit back and watch as she rips into your skin. For now. Be good. Be quiet and take your punishment like a slave. Otherwise, there are others in the room who I can hand the whip too. And I know of one that will like to try and break you tonight.

But know I’m standing naked in front of the floor length mirror. Less than two months ago I got my first taste of the whip. My first taste of what my life might be like to be a slave. In a few hours I was to have an intimate lunch with my wife and the first Female I mentioned. The one who took me as her slave that first night and since then agreed to be a teacher for my wife and I. At lunch, I’ll tell them both of my decision. And my decision will be to accept the chastity cage and become a chaste husband for my wife. And as to our teacher. I want her to take the key and in turn I’ll turn over ownership of my manhood to her.

For 12 months. One long year, I will belong to these two fine Women. What they do is up to them. My only goal and desire should be the happiness of them both

So now, I’ll lock myself in chastity for a term f one year or more. I’ll agree to become a very obedient chaste husband to my Wife. And thirdly I’ll hand over the only key to another and sign away complete ownership of my manhood to another. I take this step very seriously. I understand and agree once that lock clicks. Once that third party takes possession of the key, that there is no turning back. I can beg and grovel for release all I want, which most men locked in chastity end up doing at one time or another. When that third party, the Female I have chosen, accepts my key, my life as I know it, will not only change for the next 12 months but maybe longer. Chastity is not for everyone. I have experience a brief taste of the torment a locked chastity cage on my manhood may cause. I suffered through 7 days of captivity. There was not a day that went by that I did not find myself begging my wife to let me out.

This time though, if I beg my wife for release, word will be spread and the one holding my key will have the option to extend my time in captivity. In other words, how long I remain in chastity. How long I am a chaste husband to my wife. How long a third party Female has me literally and physically by the balls will be a decision I ill make.

I have decided to be a long term slave to at two Women. I told them, if I agree to this, I prefer they not be nice to me. Let me live with my decision. If I agree to be there slave. Then treat me as such.

So today, at lunch, I have a copy of the contract in my hand. I have read it over and over again. When it is time for desert, I’ll lay a copy of the contract on the table and announce I’m willing to sign. I’ll tell both women, if you are serious, I’m willing to take that next step.

Then I’ll ask them if they accept me as one, your slave and two, as your chaste husband. If they both say yes, than I know my manhood is gone. For 12 months or more I’ll live my life with no balls of my own. That chastity cage hanging between my legs will be a constant reminder of the life I have chosen.

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1 year ago
1 year ago
I'm glad so many enjoy the stories. i only wish i could enjoy living 24/7 in chastity as i write these stories. But as many have read, i accepted 12 months in chastity and the circomstances that come along with it.
1 year ago
1 year ago
I love these stories. Love them.
1 year ago
luv it thank you totally awsome