Delivery man came a knocking

Delivery man came to our door today and had me sign for a package. Inside it was a stack of DVD’s. A leather mask. A note with instructions. And this picture I was told to post here.

The package came from anonymous. The letter said this mask is for all chaste husbands to wear. No one wants to see your face. Your worthless as a man the letter said. Chastity is a punishment it said. Learn to live with it.

Your wife has been getting it on the side. She wants more. You can’t fill her sexual needs. You need to be locked up. You have no choice in the matter. Allow your wife to bed down all the men she wants. You learn to live the life of a cocksucker we all know you are.

Your cock is worthless. As a man you are pathetic. The only thing going for you is your ass and your mouth. I plan to take full advantage of both.

Next time we meet, be prepared to kneel before me. Use your tongue to clean my boots. Learn to cherish the taste of my heel in your mouth.

And don’t think I forgot about your ass. I’ll fuck you too. I heard you’re a good bitch. We’ll see when I take that ass of your and make it my pussy.

Enjoy the DVD’s. This is your life as a chaste husband. Get used to it. Spoke with your wife. She looks forward to some wild times. Maybe one year is not long enough. Give me the key and I’ll make your chastity PERMANENT. Think about it.

My wife and I sat down together and watched the first of the 6 DVD’s together. In the movie, a chaste husband was wearing a hood like in the box. His hands were restrained behind his back with leather cuffs. He had a chastity cage secured on his manhood. The bull as my wife called him was sitting naked on the couch. The chaste husband was on his knees, between the legs of the bull. The husband was licking the other mans balls has the wife rode the bulls cock..

My wife looked at me, smiled and said I can see you doing that. My slave. Sucking on another mans balls. I turned red as she talked.

We both know you’re a cock sucker. You may not agree but I know what’s best. I want my husband locked in chastity. I want my husband sucking cock. My husband will learn to not only love but crave the salty taste of other men’s juices. I want real men who will fuck my pussy. And I want a husband who will clean up after them.

Are you my husband. Do you want to see me happy. You know I love you I told her. Then prove it she said. Put that chastity cage on now. Get the feel of it as it grabs your cock and balls. Wear that cage all night tonight and in the morning I’ll let you take it off.

I stood naked before her and struggled to put my cock in that thimble sized chastity cage. It took awhile but I finally got it in. then my wife handed me the lock. Finish it. Become the husband I know you are. I took the lock. Placed it into the hole in the pin and closed the lock shut. Then I removed the key and offered it to my wife.

Is that how you show you love me. Is that showing respect to your wife. Get down on your knees and beg forgiveness. Than offer me the key the right way. Don’t make me have to tell you again.

I knelt before her and did as I was told. She made me humiliate myself before her. I had to beg my wife to allow me to give up control of my manhood. I felt so little as I knelt before her.

I felt she was about to take the key. But then she told me to get the hood. The one that came in the box. Kneel before her again and put it on. Let her see how I look in it.

I walked to the table. Picked up and hood and fell back to my knees. I slipped the hood over my head and adjusted it so my eyes, nose and mouth lined up with the openings. I knelt there still while she leaned forward and inspected how it fit.

She then sat back in the couch. Where were we. Oh yeah. Continue….SLAVE she said.

I offered her the key again. I promised my love and devotion to her. I admitted she was right. I am a cocksucker I told her. I’m not worthy to be your husband I told her. A real husband can fill his wife’s sexual desires. A real man can give his wife sex anytime, anywhere and anyway she wants it. I apologized to her. On paper I may be legally her husband. But in bed, I’m failed as her husband. Chastity is the only life for a worthless man like me.

After a long time of groveling she took the key and said prove yourself. How may I do that she said.

I have a bull coming over. He will spend the night. Just like in the movie we watched together. I want to on your knees. Sucking his balls. While I ride his cock. Are you ready to prove yourself to me she asked. Yes dear I replied. What she asked. I looked at her and thought for a moment and said yes mistress.

That’s better. While you are in chastity you will refer to me a Mistress. While we are at home or out in public. I am not your wife. I am your Mistress. When we are around friends, you will introduce me as your Mistress. When they ask why, you tell them because you are a worthless excuse for a husband and you have locked yourself in chastity. And if they ask to see, you have my permission to show them.

So tonight your test begins. Not only will you be sucking another man’s cock and balls but you will sit back and watch a real man satisfy your wife. And before I forget. The one who sent you that package today. They want pictures of you, wearing that mask and sucking cock. I already took the liberty and said you will do as they want.

Then she patted me on the cheek and said now isn’t that what a good wife does. Do bad her husband does not deserve to be treated so nice.

Then my wife instructed me to clean up the bedroom and change the sheets. I want clean sheets tonight. I got up and began to remove the mask. What are you doing she screamed. Taking off the hood I told her. You leave that on. You leave that on all night. From now on you do only as your told. A chaste husband has no say so what so ever in this household. You belong to serve me. As long as I allow it. You may be in chastity tonight. But in the morning, when you crawl to me and beg for the key.

Just remember I can always decide to keep you locked up longer. You are wearing a long term chastity. Males have gone for years in chastity. I spoke with the manufacture. They told me how to make the chastity permanent. Think about it. As a symbol of love, honor and obedience, to the public, you wear a ring on your finger. But to our friends, that chastity cage you wear is also a symbol of your love, honor and obedience. I may just allow you to wear both symbols for the rest of your life. Think about it. Just how much control are you willing to give up. Your friends at the gym may say your pussy whipped now. Just wait until they see you in the shower with this chastity on. How will you explain that to your buddies she asked me?

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