Things happen. For a reason.

What can I say. Now that I’m no longer a chaste husband. Things have taken a turn in our household. I used to be locked in very painful chastity. I just spent 7 days. The longest time I spent with my manhood held captive. The chastity was even more painful because I had a Kali’s bracelet, a ring of sharp plastic spikes, wrapped around my cock. And every time I got hard, which happened many times a day. The spikes would bite down into my flesh. To top it off. My wife made me her 24/7 slave. Not just her slave but I became the slave and play toy to a few women. But now, I was free of that chastity and was about to take full advantage of my freedom.

My wife and I talked about it and decided to learn more about the kinky side of the lifestyle. She found a local female willing to help teach us more. In this relationship, my wife learned much more about the dominant side and I ended up learning first hand the more submissive side.

This fine morning I woke up with my wife, under the covers. With my cock in her mouth. That time she gave me a blow job like this, I was still locked in chastity. She was able to suck and nibble on my balls but her tongue could only brush up against the exposed parts of my cock. Most of my cock was off limits due to the walls of the chastity age, but she used her tongue to tease and torment me anyway. This time though my entire cock was exposed. My flesh was there for all to see. And this time, my wife had my entire cock in her mouth. Not only did she nibble and suck on my balls but she did the same to my cock. My manhood was exploring the back of my wife’s throat.

We did not discuss this but I decided to take charge of the situation. Assume control of our marriage. She had me as her slave. Let her feel how I felt I decided.

I came once in her mouth and she stopped. She began to crawl up from under the covers. Back to her pillow. What are you doing I asked her. I didn’t tell you to stop. Get your mouth back there and get me off one more time. Give me a blow job and make me cum in your mouth again. She looked at me from under the covers. I looked back in her face and said, I’m serious. You had me locked in chastity. You had me as your slave. You reminded me every day I had no balls in this relationship. Now that the chastity is gone.

My balls are back. I’ve decided it’s time you became my slave. Remember, we both wanted to experience this lifestyle. you asked for this. Now live with it I said.

So now she is suspended in bondage from a hook in the living room. The same hook she had me suspended from a few days ago. She is stark naked. Her hands are tied together and her arms are tied to a rope that hangs over her head. She has been warned not to say a word. Not to utter a sound. For now I let her hang there before me, without a gag. Let her have some comfort I feel. I’m not that much of a bad and evil Dominant. But I told her she were to say anything that she will find a gag in her mouth and it will not be a pretty sight. So if she has to suffer with a gag. If the gag impairs her breathing. If the gag causes her to drool. Than that will be her choosing. She behaves and does as told, I’ll be nice. If not, than the punishment is something she asks for.

I’m sitting on the couch. Watching her hang there while I sip wine. I could see she is in a very painful way. She has tied me up that way before. She has sat in the couch like I am now and she was sipping wine then too. The same indignity I experienced at that time she must be living now. I’ve been verbally taunting and teasing her. Showering her with all types of disrespectful verbal humiliation. I’m basically laughing in her face. She can do nothing but take it. I am in total and complete control. How long will she hang here? She has no idea. I can see it is starting to hurt. I want it to hurt. Her muscles are aching. Pain is intensifying in her body. I sit back and laugh at her. She is not a woman anymore. She is my slave. I want her to feel pain. Pain like she inflicted upon me. My wife was brutal to me. She spit in my face as I begged her for mercy. I may not be able to push her that far but I’m sure I can find others, like the ones she had push my buttons. I’m sure if asked, they would help me drag my wife through the mud. Slap my wife around. Kick her when she is down. Then kick her again and again and again. They showed me no mercy. I was cussing at them, under my breath of course as they abused me in so many ways. I was their playtoy to be used and abused. They reminded me of that at every chance they could. Now it is my wife’s turn to share in that love. I don’t want to see her hurt. I don’t want to see her on the floor, crawled up in a ball, crying her eyes out as her friends continue to kick the shit out of her. Let them grind their heels into her naked body just like she had them do to me. Let them stand on her face and shove their six inch spiked heel down her throat. It made me gag. Maybe she’ll take it better.

While she hung there I made a phone call. I called our teacher. Explained what I did and what I want. She asked me are you sure about this. There may be consequences she said.

My wife made me suffer. I want her to scream and cry my name. Not in a good way I told our teacher. In the next couple days I want my wife to endure so much. I want her body to be filled with so much pain that she hates me. I want her to fear me. If I snap my fingers I want her to fall to her knees and kiss my feet. Not out of love but out of fear of anymore pain. While I’m not in chastity I want to feel what it is like o be a very sadistic Dom. I don’t like the thought of slapping my wife around but she asked for it. She said I asked for it when she did it too me. And now it is my turn.

I asked our teacher to come over and to help me. Bring paddles. Leather slappers. Floggers and whatever else you want that will inflict pain upon my wife. I look at my wife. She has a great set of breasts. I look in her face as she looks at me. I mention on the phone, making sure my wife can hear, that I want her breasts to feel the pain. I want her breasts to hurt. I want them to feel like they are on fire. Bring some rope to bind them and bring some heavy slappers to beat on them. I’ve knelt naked beside her bed. I’ve had men, men who had just fucked my wife or men that were about to fuck my wife, they would stand before me and tell me my wife’s breasts are one of her best assets. They love to suck on her nipples. It turns her on they say. Gets her all hot and bothered. They enjoy it when my wife tells them, as they are sucking her breasts. Tells them to fuck her now. They tell me this as I’m on my knees with their cocks in my mouth. It’s time my wife’s asset feel the other side of the pain and pleasure quotation. She has experienced the pleasure. Experienced it wit so many men. So many besides me. Now it is time for her to experience the pain aspect. I want to see tears rolling down her cheek as she hangs there. She told me she thought of me as a piece of meat hanging in a butchers locker. She loved me when she kissed me but when she beat on me, I was nothing to her. She would tell her friends show no mercy. The more he suffers, the better. A couple times she even put a bag over my head. I could see no one and no one could see my face. I was just a punching bag for their enjoyment. Get out your frustrations I heard my wife say. The harder you hit the happier you will be she told them. I would hang there, a bag over my head and a gag in my mouth. My arms tied over my head and my ankles secured together with duct tape. I would hang there and cry while I heard the ladies sit back and laugh. Now it’s my wife’s turn. I may not be as mean but I asked our teacher to not be nice. My teacher made me suffer. Now I want her to do it to my wife.

As we discussed this by phone, my wife hung there, with her eyes closed, listening to our conversation. After I hung up the phone I walked over and kissed my wife. You asked for this I told her then I pinched one of her nipples and twisted. She arched her chest forward and tilted her head back. I could tell she wanted to say something. Call me a pig. Call me a bastard. I know cause I have called her the same names and more as she did things to me. I let go of her nipple and then used her breasts as punching bags. I laughed in her face and said I bet it hurts. I punched her in the chest some more and asked who is the slave now.

Water she said water. These were the first words out of her mouth. I looked at her and told her to open her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and I spit in it. I closed her mouth and told her to swallow. You’ll get water when she comes here. For now. You just hang there. Your about to get your pussy fucked. Fucked by a few women. I’m going to sit back and watch as they do things to you I would never do. You made me suffer. Now it’s your turn. Then I picked up my wine glass and took a sip.

You asked for this I told her. Get over it. You said you wanted to learn about the kinky side. You had me tied up and you beat me down. You made me curse your name as you kicked me in the face. I knelt before you and cried my eyes out. You just stood there, spit on me and laughed. And you invited your friends and allowed them to do the same. You sat back with you glass of wine and allowed them. Not only allowed but encouraged them to do things to me no man should need to experience. And all the time you laughed and told them do it again. Now it’s my turn. Open your mouth. She opened her mouth and tilted her head back. I lifted my glass of wine and poured the remaining contents into her mouth. The wine came so fast that she could not swallow fast enough. She spilled some of the wine down her naked breasts and on the floor before her. She looked at me and I slapped her across the face. Your pain has just begun.

I walked away and sat back down on the couch. I poured myself another glass of wine and took a sip as I looked at her. Don’t move. She’ll be here sometime later today. Until then. Don’t go anywhere. You’re my slave. You will remain in bondage for at least the next 24 hours. You made me endure this. Now it’s your turn. Let’s see who tolerated pain better. You or me. All I can say is this hurts me more than it hurts you. You may not think so now but give it time. You’ll see what I mean.

I had time to eat breakfast, take a shower and change my clothes before our teacher finally arrived. My wife had fallen asl**p she had hung there so long. Our teacher brought two of her friends along with her. She introduced them to me and I thanked them for coming. Did she (the teacher) explain the situation I asked the two ladies. They said they understood. I offered each of them a glass of wine. Are we ready I asked. Allow us to get dress first the teacher said. The two ladies picked up their bags and asked where can they change. I directed them into the bedroom.

As they left the teacher came up to me and asked are you sure you want to go through with this. You know it’s going to hurt. I looked at my wife and her water filled eyes. She hung there looking so pitiful. I turned back to our teacher and said yes. When I asked for it my wife beat me down. And you helped. Now, I say she asked for it. You helped her. Now I want you and your friends to help me. You made me suffer. You humiliated me and utterly destroyed my me. I was on my hands and knees, pleading with you for mercy. You spit at me. Kicked me when I was down. Then you beat me some more. I want you to do the same to her. Let her feel things I felt. Violate her body like you did mine. Did you bring any cocks with you I asked. She reached into her bag and pulled out a massive cock. One the size I have never seen. Will that hurt her I asked the teacher. That’s the idea.

Then I saw the other two ladies. They came out of the bedroom and had changed into some very hot black leather. Are you two dressed to inflict pain I asked. More than you know one of them replied.

Then the teacher handed me her massive cock. Help me get this on she said. I got down on my knees and helped her step into her harness. Then I adjusted and secured the straps of the harness. Then the teacher held out her cock with both hands. Why don’t you kiss it she told me. Kiss my cock before I fuck your wife with it. I went down on my knees. Lifted the massive sausage up to my lips and kissed the head. Open your mouth the teacher said. I opened my mouth and she placed the head inside my lips. It could not go far. It was so big. The biggest thing I have ever had in my mouth. I looked up at the teacher. I was on my knees with the head of her cock at the entrance of my mouth. She looked down at me. I watched as her facial expressions changed from a loving and caring friend to a more Dominant personality. Maybe next time you can swallow my entire cock. Or instead I may just want to fuck you in your ass with it. It’s so big I said. That’s the idea she said. Your wife today. Next time, I’ll fuck you with it. I’ll slap you around and make you gag. We both know you like it rough. I have not forgotten. I’m sure you remember too. You used to call me Mistress. You’re my slave. You gave your life to me. I never gave it back. I still own you. And trust me. For what I’m doing today. You will be punished. Now kiss it and thank me she said. I kissed the head of her cock and said thank you Mistress. Next time, I’ll have you crying before me. But now, I have another slave to deal with. You said hurt her. Make her cry. Just remember you asked for this too. There are consequences for your actions. Just hope your ready to live with them. I looked at her, still on my knees. Thank you Mistress. Then I leaned forward. Bent my head down and kissed her feet.

She walked away and the two other ladies stood on either side of me and lifted me up. Sit down here with us we want to talk with you. So the three of us sat down on the couch and picked up our wine. A toast, to better things to come one of the women said. I sipped my wine and watched as a gag was inserted into my wife’s mouth. You need this the teacher said. This will hurt. I’ve been fucked with this before she told my wife. The first time I screamed. I screamed so loud they gagged me. I know it hurts and that is the idea. After I fuck you I’ll untie you and let you kneel down and suck my cock. Until then, get ready for the pain. I watched as the teacher clipped the duct tape from my wife’s ankles. She did not remove the tape from the skin. Only cut the tape so my wife’s legs could be separated. Then I watched as she parted my wife’s legs and had my wife wrap her legs around the waist of her teacher. Keep them there she told my wife and the head of the massive cock slowly entered my wife’s pussy.

My wife tilted her head back and arched her chest upward as the cock slowly invaded her insides. Clearly my wife was in pain but the teacher was not stopping.

Then one of the ladies sitting beside me asked me if I was having fun. I looked at her. I know you’re a slave. I was one of those who kicked your balls at the football party. While some took pity on you I laughed as I watched you crumble to the floor. I enjoyed it so much I’ve been hoping we would meet again and you might give me another shot at your balls. She reached out and grabbed my balls. I kicked your balls so hard that you screamed. I made you kneel in front of everyone and kiss my feet as you thanked me for busting your balls. Do you remember that she asked. I’m afraid not I replied. Well then. That leaves me no choice. We will just have to do it again. Next time though. I think you should be tied up like your wife here. That way when I kick you in the balls, you can hang there and cry. You want that don’t you she asked. I looked at her not knowing what to say. She backhanded me across the face. Almost causing me to spill my wine. You want that you want me to kick your balls again. Make you cry just like your wife is crying now. I looked at my wife and for a few seconds did not say a word. I looked at this lady beside me and asked how did you know. The other lady then pulled my head towards hers. She began conversation about other things and asked me how it felt to be locked in chastity. How was it to be chaste an to watch men, real men fuck my wife. Knowing they were doing things I used to do but could not do at that time. I do not know what happened. I spilled my guts out to both women. Was it the way they were dressed in all leather. Was it their smell. Was it their personality or their body language. Or did they just find my submissive button and were pushing it for all it was worth.
The conversation turned to how did I enjoy being fucked by other women. I expressed my shame as I explained how sometimes I would beg other women to take me. Use me as their fuck toy. Make me scream their name as they brutally fucked my ass. You like it rough we hear. Is that true they asked. I turned a few shades of red and answered them truthfully.

Somehow they talked me into allowing them to tie me across the table. My legs were spread and tied to the table legs. My arms were tied to the other two table legs. My face and head hung over one side of the table while my cock and balls hung over the other side. My ass was sticking up in the air as these two women stroked my bound body. They talked to me in a very caring and loving tone. It was as though they really and truly cared about me.

Then one of them lifted my head and showed me a gag. A gag I have had in my mouth a few times before. The gag was leather with a wide rectangle piece of leather were the mouth would go. On one side was a 3 inch small cock. This end would go in my mouth. On the other side was a 8 inch or so black rubber cock. This would extend from the outside of my mouth. The lady who gagged me removed her panties and rubbed the cock, that was hanging from my mouth, against her pussy. I could smell her juices already. And she told me what she wanted. I want you to fuck me. Shove your cock in my pussy and make me cum. Think you can do that she asked me. I could not say yes but I did mumble. We’ll see she said.

Then the other lady stepped into my field of vision. I want sex too. I want your cock in my pussy. Make me cum. Fuck me good and hard. But alas. Your mouth is busy. Your cock is pointing down. So that only leaves me with your ass. She directs my attention to her crotch as she lifts up the cock she now has hanging from her crotch. I hope you don’t mind. I brought you a gift. I kicked you in the balls before. Now I’ll make you my bitch. I hope you still like it good and hard cause that’s the way I fuck all my bitches. I’ll have you screaming my name before the day is out. Then she directs my gaze to a pink ribbon, tied in a bow, around the shaft of her cock. Time to unwrap your present. Use your teeth to untie the bow. I bought this cock just for you. You’re the first to feel it inside. I’ve decided to take you as my bitch. Your wife said she don’t mind. In fact she said hurt you good. I saw a shadow and looked over and there was my wife and the teacher. My wife had a blanket wrapped around her. Hope you’re happy. Now it’s my turn. Ladies. You know what to do. Make him scream even more than he made me. She bent over. Got in my face and said you asked for this. Then she spit on my face. My wife stepped back and the teacher bent down and got in my face. I told you there would be consequences. Don’t expect to sit down the rest of the day. Your wife made me agree to blister your ass. I promised her your be crying through the ordeal.

So I laid on the table and had one lady ride my face while another rode my ass. I will say they did allow me to cum. I remained restrained on the table and they each took turns jacking me off. They laughed as they made me hump in the wind. Then they slapped my ass and jacked me off again. I felt so violated before they were done.

Before they left they said they would be back. They departed leaving me tied to the table. My wife came over to me. Asked me how it felt. I could not talk because the gag was still in my mouth. She picked up one of the cocks and shoved it in my ass. I’m going to take a nap know. You just stay they and think about what you did. Think about the consequences. Think about what I may just do to you. Then she placed one of those folding TV tables in front of me. On that table I watched as she placed that small chastity cage she showed me before. 12 months in this. 12 months as my slave. Real Men will fuck me while Women, Real women will fuck you. Are you ready to be my bitch. You think you can handle being fucked by so many women. I know how it feels to be fucked by real men. To spread my legs and invite their cocks into my pussy. You’ve been fucked today by a couple of your friends. You have more friends than you know about. They have seen pictures of you. I have talked with them about you. I have a list, a long list of friends ready to make you their bitch. And the more strangers that see your pictures, the more friends we get.

In a few days I’m going to ask you. Yes or no? Will you become my chaste husband again. How far are you willing to go. Do you love me. Are you willing to please me. Will you give up your life for me. How much do you really love your wife. Think about it. And when I ask, be ready to give me your answer.

Now stay there and think about it. And if you are still here when I wake up, I’ll get out my purple cock. The one you like to suck on. And I’ll lube it up and plow into your ass. She kissed me and said get some sl**p. Then she walked away and left me bound and gagged. Before she turned off the lights I looked at the chastity cage before me. Then the lights went dark. Sort of symbolic I might say. For if I accept the chastity cage. My manhood will be going dark.

I have to remind myself over and over again that I asked for this. I have no one to blame but myself.
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1 year ago
Is this true? Run run like hell boy. A D/s relationship is about trust. Sounds like for you it's about fear.
1 year ago
1 year ago
I love how the tables turned as the story progressed. Well done.
1 year ago